Fourth Annual Mattapoisett Tour de Creme

The Fourth Annual Mattapoisett Tour de Creme was held on Sunday, May 19th.  It was a great day!

Bonne DeSousa the brainchileld of Tour de Creme!

Posted by Kate Lanagan MacGregor on Sunday, May 19, 2019

The Tour de Creme had a great turnout on Sunday.  BOLD Moves Real Estate was there to help out and volunteer! Watch this great video as Broker/owner Kate Lanagan MacGregor talks to Tour de Creme leader Bonne deSousa.

The 25 mile bike tour and local ice cream stops raises money for the Mattapoisett Land Trust and Friends of the Mattapoisett Bike Path.  Around 350 two-wheeled creamery tourists from 9 states rode nearly 10,000 miles Sunday, ate about 1,200 scoops of ice cream and had only a handful of flat tires. When the final checks are counted, they  will have raised over $12,000 for outdoor recreation in Mattapoisett.

BOLD Moves Real Estate is proud to be a part of local events in our BOLDTowns.  We are your community experts! Let us take the anxiety out of your real estate move.


ORR Restore Passes in Marion and Mattapoisett

Marion, Mattapoisett approve ORR renovation project

May 15, 2019

As of May 14 both Marion and Mattapoisett Town Meetings have approved a $2 million high school renovation project to go to town votes on May 17 and May 21. Rochester Town Meeting on will also need to approve the measure on May 20 and vote on it in a special town election before the project is fully approved. 

Against the Finance Committee’s and Board of Selectmen’s wishes, Mattapoisett voters approved the Old Rochester Regional field and auditorium renovation project for the ballot at 190 to 80 on May 13. Marion voters also approved the measure against their Finance Committee’s recommendation on April 14. The positive vote was met with cheers from the Marion audience. 

The debt-excluded project involves resurfacing the track and rebuilding the grass infield with turf. Lights for the main stadium field, as well as auditorium fixes such as a digital LED light system, audio system and wiring upgrades and the addition of auditorium monitors are also included.

School Committee Chair Cary Humphrey said the renovations would cost Mattapoisett taxpayers $19.57 a year. In Marion the cost would be $25.11 per year for the average taxpayer. The debt would be funded by a Proposition 2-1/2 override, which would temporarily raise the town’s permitted tax rate above the norm to pay for the renovation project.  

Mattapoisett Finance Committee Chair Pat Donoghue said she was doubtful of that number.

Donoghue said through her research she found the artificial turf will last at best 10 to 12 years and the manufacturer guaranteed it would last 8 years.

“I’m sure you can find a salesman that will tell you it will last forever but until I see something in writing from the company or the manufacturer that says it’s really gonna last at least 20 years, I’m not going to be comfortable financing over 15,” said Donoghue, “We don’t do debt on assets that are going to deteriorate over time.”

Some Marion residents supported the project overall but were concerned about maintaining the new facilities.

However the project’s proponents pointed out that renting the fields out to youth sports leagues and other community could help cover the costs of maintenance. 

Marion’s Stephen Health said that the “maintenance that has been done or not been done [on the current field] is not going to fix that field. That field is going to be dangerous as long as it is grass. The field that is proposed is going to be safer, less maintenance costs.” Though some were concerned about the wear on the turf field and the cost of replacing components, Heath said, “I wouldn’t worry about it going away in 15 years.”

ORRHS senior and Lacrosse Captain Gates Tenerowicz responded to Donoghue at Mattapoisett’s meeting.

Tenerowicz said she witnessed a player from another team roll her ankle while walking up from the net on the field, and had a teammate slip and tear her ACL. 

“I understand the financial concerns with this project but to me what is the cost of my safety and my peers’ safety and the pride of my community?” said Tenerowicz, “Frankly it’s terrifying to see your friends, and your peers and even your competitors put at risk.”

In response, Donoghue said while there are valid safety concerns, she said there are many throughout the town, with some that take higher priority.

“I don’t philosophically disagree with providing our students with the best that we can,” said Donoghue, “However, they are not the only people in town, they are not the only ones that I’m concerned about. It’s everybody.”

Heath pointed out that “Mattapoisett approved field and renovation, despite the fire station [approval at a high cost]. I think I would be ashamed if we here in Marion valued our kids less.”

Anthony Mattson felt it was unfair to hold maintenance costs against the school, given Marion’s record with maintenance costs.

“How dare anyone talk about the lack of maintenance at the school when we’re dealing with the septic system” issues, he said.

Voters in Marion and Mattapoisett also approved a separate warrant article to fund one-third of the cost of making the press box at Old Rochester Regional’s football field handicap-accessible. The Old Rochester Regional Athletic Booster Club has raised $50,000 to cover the cost of the box itself. However the handicap ramp and elevator will cost $60,000. The booster club proposed that each town will be asked to contribute $20,000 to fund a ramp and lift that would allow wheelchair access to the box.

Rochester must approve this proposal for it to go through as well.

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National Association of Realtors Conference and Expo in Washington D.C.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) Convention, Trade Show, Legislative Meetings and Education Opportunities is being held this week in Washington D.C.

Kate Lanagan MacGregor, broker-owner at BOLD Moves Real Estate and Educator at Agent Rising Real Estate School in in attendance.  Kate is always ready to learn and grow to become a better educator and professional.

The week also includes meetings and advocating for the American home owners.  It’s a busy, exciting week with lots of learning, realtor connections and home buyer support.

BOLD Moves Real Estate cares about their home buyers and sellers and is always learning new ways to serve you better and advocate for your rights.  We are your community experts and can help take the anxiety out of your real estate transaction.  Are you ready to make a move?  Visit and meet our team.

This blog was posted on on May 14, 2019.

13th Annual Women’s Fund Mother’s Day Tiara 5 K Run/Walk

The 13th Annual Women’s Fund Mother’s Day Tiara 5K Run/Walk was held yesterday.  The weather was not very cooperative, but there was a good turnout.  Over 300 people were at the starting point at the Oxford Creamery in Mattapoisett.

It’s become a great Mother’s Day tradition for people of all ages and a great family event.  All of the race proceedings go to the Women’s Fund, set aside as grants for  organizations focused on supporting and helping women and girls.

BOLD Moves Real Estate is excited to be part of this event every year.  Coach Jim Lanagan came out to participate in the run despite the cold rainy weather.  BOLD Moves also had Tracey Lee, Troy Durr, and Heather McKay volunteering at the water stop.  It was a fun day despite the dreary weather.

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Group Donation To TURF Project-Restore ORR

Tri-town employees make group donation to TURF project

May 1, 2019

Old Rochester Regional High School’s field renovation project received a donation from Eastern Bank employee fundraising efforts.

Employees from the bank voted to give $2,500 to the Tri-Town Unified Recreational Foundation, Inc, (T.U.R.F.).

The project is looking to renovate ORR’s dilapidated track and main field and the auditorium sound and lights. The proposed renovation project will come before voters at Town Meetings in Marion and Mattapoisett on May 13 and in Rochester on May 20.

Eastern Bank’s Assistant Vice President Kathy TIbbetts said employees found it important to fund the project because of the number of children who use the fields.

“I think at some time in these kids’ lives they are going to touch these fields,” said Tibbetts, “So every child in those three towns is somehow going to benefit from these new fields.”

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What a great boost for the Restore ORR project!  BOLD Moves Real Estate is behind the Project 100%.  We are your BOLDTown realtors and your community experts.  Let  us help you with your real estate move.  We can help take the anxiety out of your real estate journey. Visit

Events in the Tri-town This Week

There are lots of spring things to do in the tri-town this week. For more information and events, visit:

Friday, April 26

Celebrate Arbor Day

There will be a 6 p.m. celebration of Arbor Day at the Dexter Lane Ballfield in Rochester.

Saturday, April 27 

Visit a vernal pool. 

The Mattapoisett Land Trust will host a visit to a vernal pool to complete certification of the pool. The group will meet at 1 p.m. at the property on Prospect Road, about half a mile from Route 6.

Hear a poet. 

The Mattapoisett Library will host poet and teacher Dzivinia Orlowsky at 3 p.m.

Work with glass. 

The Rochester Senior Center will host a sea glass crafts fundraiser at 1 p.m. at 67 Dexter Road. The fundraiser is $40, with all materials included.

Go to dinner. 

The Mattapoisett Lions Club is holding a Senior Dinner at noon at the Mattapoisett Congregational Church (27 Church Street).

Sunday, April 28 

Hear candidates speak. 

The League of Women voters will host a 1 p.m. event to allow Mattapoisett candidates and the Fire Station renovation committee to speak to Mattapoisett voters.

Hear music. 

In the mood for some music? The Sippican Choral Society will present a concert of music from the 40s at 4 p.m. at Saint Gabriel’s Episcopal Church in Marion.

Eat dinner, learn about local birds.

Enjoy quahog chowder supper at the Alewives Anonymous annual meeting about alewives Sunday, April 28 at 5 p.m. at the Rochester Senior Center, 67 Dexter Lane. The dinner will cost $5 for non-members and will be free for members who have paid their dues.

Monday, April 29

Listen to “Cedar Beach”.

The MAC New Plays Program will open with a free staged reading of Cedar Beach by Mark Howland from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Marion Art Center. A feedback session between the audience and playwright will follow the reading.

Tuesday, April 30

Learn about famous artists.

Learn how to see art in new way by observing and learning about the work of famous artists such as Picasso and Monet. The lecture is at the Marion Art Center from 7 to 8 p.m.

Thursday, May 2

Meet Marion candidates.

Come meet the candidates for Town Offices at the Marion Music Hall, 164 Front Street onThursday May 2nd at 7 p.m.

A lot of fun activities happening in the tri-town this week.  Visit for all your local news.

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Spring Housing Market

What’s going on in the Spring Market for first time home buyers?  Home price increases are slowing down and home prices are expected to rise only 2% in the next 12 months.

While inventory is growing, the bad news is the rising inventory is with higher priced luxury homes which have been slow to sell.  Inventory of lower priced homes- $250,000 and under is still slow to rise.  Many first-time home buyers have been priced out of the market.

There is some good news.  Interest rates have dipped and many buyers are getting out of the rental market and looking to buy.  The lower interest rates can make a difference in their buying power.

Interest rates are low, unemployment is low and there has been an increase in wage growth.   This is making many first-time home buyers take a chance at getting back into the buying market.  They may find that the market is less competitive than in the past.  There is still a trend to find the “perfect house” rather than one that is “good enough.”

Many lenders are trying to make it easier for buyers to become prequalified and be ready when the “perfect house” comes along.  With all the new technology, this makes it easier than ever for buyers.

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Rochester Man Wins $50,000

Rochester man wins $50,000 with Publisher’s Clearing House

Apr 15, 2019

ROCHESTER — John Hall learned two important things when he opened the door on April 15. One: he had just won $50,000 with Publishers Clearing House and two, that it’s best to put on shoes before answering the door, because there just may be a camera crew filming.

“I don’t even have any shoes on!” was one of Hall’s first comments after he realized what was happening.

The Rochester resident is a retired member of the Air Force, who also served as the last elected Treasurer in town for 10 years. He said that there are lot of good people in Rochester’s government. Hall plans to use the money to pay off some debts.

“That will take most of it,” he explained.

Publisher’s Clearing House sells magazine subscriptions and other merchandise to participants that enter its drawings for prizes between $1,000 and $1,000,000. The hugely popular company has around 10 million visitors to its online network monthly and also offers participants the chance to win by promotional mailings, apps, emails, or mail.

Its representatives travel around North America, from Canada to California, delivering prizes to winners each week.

Hall frequently enters the sweepstakes by mail because, as he says “this stuff just costs me a stamp.”

Though Hall was taken by surprise at first, he also had some fun with the camera crew. When asked if he had anything else to say, he simply said, “hi camera!”

The Hall family owns the Camp Snipatuit area along Snipatuit Road. Hall said that he was selected to look after his family’s property, and hopes to eventually start a non-profit around the land, to “have it go on to someone to use.

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BOLD Sales Meeting

BOLD Moves Real Estate  regularly holds their sales meeting on Monday morning at 9am.  It’s a great time to share new listings, price breaks, needs for our buyers and learning moments.

This week we were excited to have Meagan Arone of Brick Road Mortgage join us and offer her expertise on the money side of the real estate transaction.  She offered insight into the mortgage process and how we can better help our clients navigate and keep them on track for their home closing.  It’s always great to get a fresh perspective.

We also had one of our leaders at BOLD Moves, Patricia McArdle, go through the Purchase and Sales Agreement and all the legal issues which are important to the real estate transaction.  Sharing stories and issues that have come up for the agents is always a great teaching moment moving forward. Staying current and informed is a great outcome of our Monday morning meeting and also touching base with our “tribe”.  It’s always great to see everyone!

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The Realtors Association of Southeastern Massachusetts (RASEM) held their annual RASEM RED Expo yesterday at White’s of Westport.  The turnout was great! A great day of learning and friendship.

The day started with a great continental breakfast.  The morning provided a great CEU class with Kate Lanagan MacGregor- CMA List Your Way to Success!  Kate, broker, owner of BOLD Moves Real Estate, led an interesting, funny class on everything to consider when working on a CMA and listing a home for a client.  It included practical advice and great CMA (Comparative Markety Analysis) war stories.

The morning also included a great Property Assessments Valuation & Taxation class with Richard Conti.

Keynote speaker was Cami Baker, author of Mingle to Millions. She had a great talk about networking and your business.

A great hot lunch was served and there were many vendors on hand including Agent Rising Real Estate School, many mortgage companies and tech companies also.

The day finished with the afternoon CEU class of Selling the Sun with Robin Brodsky.  A subject of great importance today especially for realtors and their clients.

It was a great day of learning, fun, and connecting with fellow realtors and affiliates.

BOLD Moves Real Estate was happy to be represented and a part of the day.  Are you in the market to buy or sell a home? Let BOLD Moves take the worry and stress out of your move.  We are your community experts in your BOLDTown and can help guide you through the process.  Visit or call 508-999-9800