ORR Bulldogs are Heading to Gillette Stadium

Bulldogs hoist trophy after rocking Ashland

Nov 9, 2018

MATTAPOISETT — Facing heavy rain and slick mud, the Old Rochester Bulldogs combined hard-nosed defense and an unstoppable running game to take home the Division 6 South Championship trophy after punishing the Ashland Clockers 28-6. 

The Bulldogs had David Hagen Field rocking on Friday night after they put up four scores and gutted the Ashland offensive attack. The Clockers could not find the end zone until the final minute of play due to the driving rain and an impenetrable defense which crushed any hopes for a comeback. 

The Clockers (9-2) received the opening kickoff as rain began to fall and fans cheered at each side of the field.

The Bulldogs’ offense can score in an instant, so it was important for Ashland to score right out of the gate. Unfortunately for them, the Bulldogs defense came ready to play and forced a quick punt on the opening drive.

After a turnover from the Bulldogs, however, it looked as if the Clockers had a chance to shutdown their undefeated opponent. 

Despite the takeaway, Ashland came up short on offense as well. 

With a well-placed punt pinning them at the one-yard line, the Bulldogs put together one of their most impressive drives of the entire season. On the back of a strong rushing attack, the Bulldogs marched the length of the field and pounded the football into the end zone on an eight-yard Desmond Dias rush at the end of the first quarter. 

On the next drive, the Bulldog defense came up with a big third down sack to force yet another Ashland punt. Without missing a beat, the Bulldogs hit pay dirt on a 39-yard touchdown pass to Tyler Noe, putting them up 14-0. 

The stingy defense quickly halted the Clockers on their next drive. On the attempted punt, the snap was fumbled by the punter and the Bulldogs went to work on offense at the goal line. Dias wasted little time finding the end zone again and did so on a hand off at the two-yard line. 

At the end of the half, the Bulldogs were up 21-0 and poised to continue their dominance in the second half. 

Though the offense did not score again until fourth quarter, the Bulldogs’ defense refused to give Ashland any breathing room on offense. 

The Clockers started the second half by moving the ball well and picked up a few first downs. When it seemed like Ashland was starting to click on offense, a fumble quickly put a damper on any momentum they were starting to build. 

By the end of the third quarter, the steady rain had turned into a complete downpour and converted the field into a muddy soup. 

If there were any questions about the Bulldogs’ defensive effort heading into the second half, they were all put to bed following an impressive eight-play goal line stand. With Ashland knocking on the door of the end zone, the Bulldogs came up with back-to-back fourth down stops after a pass interference call gave Ashland a new set of downs. 

On the eighth attempt to get into the end zone, the Bulldogs swarmed an Ashland runner and forced a timely fumble at the two-yard line. The defensive stand effectively ended any shot for Ashland to rebound from its poor start to the game. 

Before the final seconds ticked off of the clock, Dias found the end zone on a 28-yard rush and Ashland managed to toss a touchdown pass with  55 seconds left on the clock, but it was not enough to overcome the deficit. 

When the clock hit zero, the Old Rochester student section stormed the field and Bulldog players celebrated the victory by turning the muddy field into their own slip’n slide. 

After playing 12 games this season, and winning them all, the Old Rochester Bulldogs finally hoisted their Division 6 trophy in front of a crowd of peers and family members. 

“It’s been a great year and the kids earned it, I’m very happy for them and all my coaches,” said Coach Justin Kogler. “I’m extremely proud of them, their work in the offseason is the reason why we’re here right now and they’re just a great group of kids.”

With Friday’s win, the Bulldogs will move on to play at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough for the Division 6 Super Bowl. 

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We are so proud of the Bulldogs!  Good Luck at Gillette Stadium!!

Bulldogs Football Remains Undefeated

Bulldogs block Dedham, remain undefeated

Nov 4, 2018

In Saturday night’s semifinal game the Bulldogs held off the Maurauders 34-14 to continue their undefeated streak.

The team built up a 20 point lead in the first half, and as halftime approached it seemed like Dedham might remain scoreless, but Old Rochester let up two touchdowns before thwarting a final drive that might have evened the score.

Both sides started off the game with strong defensive play, and neither team scored in the first quarter.

The Bulldogs started off the second quarter much stronger on offense, as Desmond Dias scored just 46 seconds in to the quarter. Cole McIntire scored on a five-yard pass following a 51-yard run which set up the play.

Will Garcia also managed to score in the first half, while ORR’s defense held off the Marauders from scoring at all.

But as the final minutes of second quarter ticked away, Dedham inched toward the end zone and scored just before halftime.

The third quarter opened with Dedham possessing the ball, but the Bulldog’s Camden Brezinski forced a fumble and ran it to the 20 yard line, quickly giving the bulldogs a first and 10.

A pass to Noah Maxwell brought the ball just four yards from the end zone, setting up another McIntire touchdown. An incomplete conversion set the score at 26-7 midway through the third quarter.

Though the Bulldogs recovered a fumble and gained possession of the ball at 2:13, the the Marauders defense kept them from moving past the 40 yard line for the rest of the quarter.

About midway through the fourth quarter, Dedham scored again. A failed onside kick, however, handed the ball back to the bulldogs.

ORR moved the ball down the field incrementally before Desmond Dias ran the ball into the end zone for his second score of the night. The Bulldogs succeeded in a two-point conversion, putting the scoreboard at 34-14, where it stayed as the clock ran down the final few minutes.  

“The kids did a great job, and I’m very proud of their work and effort. We executed what we were supposed to do,” said Head Coach Justin Kogler.

The win advances the team to another championship game against Ashland (8-1) next week.

It’s an exciting time for the Bulldogs.  Stay tuned and come out and watch the next game.

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Local High School Games for November 10th thru November 16th

The fall sports are still going strong. There’s plenty of time to get out and watch a game and see how your favorite teams fare.  It’s time for playoffs and tournaments.  Check out these local games in the Southcoast Conference for the coming week.

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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Time                           Event                                      Location

TBD                              Cross Country: Boys                Seekonk vs. TBA @Wrentham Development Center                                                                                                  Varsity Invitational

TBD                              Cross Country: Girls                Seekonk vs. TBA @Wrentham Development Center                                                                                                   Varsity Invitational

TBD                              Cross Country: Girls                Dighton-Rehoboth vs. TBA @ Wrentham Development Center                                                                              Varsity Meet

TBD                              Cross Country: Boys                Dighton-Rehoboth vs. TBD @Wrentham Development Center                                                                                 Varsity Meet

9:30am                         Cross Country: Girls               Apponequet vs. TBA @Wrentham Development Center    MIAA State Division Meet                                         Varsity State Tournament 

9:30am                         Cross Country: Boys               Apponequet vs. TBA @Wrentham Development Center   MIAA State Division Meet                                         Varsity State Tournament

Monday, November 12th  2018   

Time                              Event                                      Location     

10:00am                         Football: JV                              Greater NB Voke vs. Dighton-Rehoboth @ Dighton-Rehoboth

3:45pm                           Football: JV                               TBA vs. TBA

Wednesday, November 14th 2018   

Time                               Event                                           Location   

TBD                                  Unified Basketball                         Dartmouth, Dighton-Rehoboth, Durfee,Joseph Case, Middleboro,Seekonk vs.                                               Varsity Jamboree                           Somerset Berkley @ Somerset Berkley

Thursday, November 15th 2018    

Time                                  Event                                         Location     

3:45pm                               Football: Freshman                    Somerset Berkley vs. Dighton-Rehoboth @ Dighton-Rehoboth

Friday, November 16th 2018   

Time                                     Event                                         Location     

3:45pm                                 Football: JV                                   Dartmouth vs. Fairhaven @ Fairhaven High School

7:00pm                                 Football: Freshman                      Diman Reg. Voke vs. Greater NB Voke @ Greater NB Voke                                                                                                                   

BOLD Move’s Kate Lanagan MacGregor MA Realtor of the Year

The National Association of Realtors® held their annual conference in Boston this year.  It was held last Thursday through Monday and was a great celebration of Realtors® across the country.  It was a special honor to have the city of Boston as the host.

BOLD Moves Real Estate was excited to attend and be a part of the events.  Broker/owner Kate Lanagan MacGregor was honored as the Massachusetts Realtor of the Year on Saturday night along with all the Realtors of the Year across the country.  She also presented “CODE BLUE-Help for Real Estate Emergencies” at the Boston Convention Center on Monday along with Linda Kody.

It was a great 5 days filled with information, friendships, knowledge and celebrating all Realtors.

Visit for all your real estate needs.  We are truly your community experts in your BOLDTowns.  We can take all the anxiety out of your real estate move. 

Kate Lanagan MacGregor







Kate Lanagan MacGregor

Selling or Buying a Home During the Holidays

How do you sell or buy a home in the last two months of the year?   The holidays are  the time of year when we think of getting together with family and friends and hunkering down at home by a cozy fire.  Typically, the last two months of the year show less listings coming on the market and less buyers out there looking.  

Sellers do not want to worry about showings during the busy holiday season and may think to wait until the New Year to put their home on the market.  Buyers are busy with the holidays and do not want to worry about moving during the holiday season.

All that being said, this time of year can also be a great time of year to buy or sell a home!  For sellers, homes always look cozy and warm dressed up for the holidays.  Less is more so the home looks cozy but not cluttered.  There may be less homes on the market so competition is up.  Holiday buyers are generally more serious.  There may be a specific situation that requires a move and they may have a time frame to find a house.

Buyers can also be reassured that sellers are also excited to sell their home.  If they weren’t serious, they would be waiting until the first of the year to start the selling process.  There may be some reason, they need to sell as soon as they can.

So, don’t worry about the end of the year market.  This can be a great time for buying and selling!

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Local High School Games for the Week of November 5th

The fall season is winding down but there are still some games left to watch.  Here is the schedule for the upcoming week of November 5th.  There are plenty of games in the Southcoast Conference to watch and the weather is still seasonable.

Visit for all the sports schedules and last minute changes and cancellations.

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Monday, November 5th

Time                              Event                                     Location

3:45pm                            Football: JV                              Joseph Case vs. Greater NB Voke @ Greater NB Voke

3:45pm                            Football: JV                              Dighton-Rehoboth vs. Apponequet @ Apponequet

3;45pm                            Football:JV                               Dighton-Rehoboth vs. Apponequet @ Apponequet

3:45pm                            Football: JV                              Joseph Case vs. Greater NB Voke @ Greater NB Voke

3:45pm                            Football: JV                              Bishop Stang vs. Old Rochester @ Old Rochester

3:45pm                            Football: JV                              Seekonk vs. Somerset Berkley @ Somerset Berkley

3:45pm                            Football: JV                              Seekonk vs. Somerset Berkley @ Somerset Berkley

6:00pm                           Volleyball: Varsity                   Pembroke vs. Greater NB Voke @ Greater NB Voke                                                                    State Tournament

Tuesday, November 6th

Time                             Event                                       Location

3:00pm                          Unified Basketball:                   Bourne vs. Falmouth @ Falmouth High School                                                                           Varsity Game

Wednesday, November 7th

Time                                Event                                      Locations   

3:30pm                             Unified Basketball:                   Joseph Case vs. Dighton-Rehoboth @ Dighton-Rehoboth                                                        Varsity Game

Thursday, November 8th 

Time                                    Event                                       Location     

3:30pm                                  Football: Freshman                Somerset Berkley vs. Bristol-Plymouth Voke @ Bristol-                                                                                                                 Plymouth   

3:30pm                                  Football: Freshman                 Dighton-Rehoboth vs. Greater NB Voke @ Greater NB Voke

3:45pm                                  Football: Freshman                 Old Rochester vs. Bishop Stang @ Bishop Stang

3:45pm                                  Football: Freshman                  Dighton-Rehoboth vs. Greater NB Voke @ Dighton-                                                                                                                      Rehoboth

3:45pm                                  Football: Freshman                   Dartmouth vs. Wareham @ Wareham High School

Friday, November 9th

Time                                        Event                                            Location

TBD                                             Football: Varsity                             TBA vs. Greater NB Voke @ Greater NB Voke

TBD                                              Football: Varsity                             TBA vs. TBA @ TBA

7:00pm                                        Football: Varsity                             TBD vs. TBD @ TBA

7:00pm                                         Football: Varsity                             TBD vs. Seekonk @ TBA






New Halloween Celebrations in the Tri-Town

 It was a nice comfortable, quiet night for Halloween this year.  There were two new events in the Tri-Towns for Halloween night this year.

The Rochester Woman’s Club held a new event on Halloween night at the Clubhouse on Marion Rd.  Since the Plumb Corner trick-or-treat event was discontinued this year,  the Woman’s Club decided to host their own Trick-or-treat night.  The women decorated the clubhouse and sat outside with a bonfire and bags of candy for the trick-or-treaters.  It was a great community event!

Another new event was held at Ned’s Point Lighthouse in Mattapoisett!  The ground floor of the lighthouse was opened up to visitors by the Onset/Marion US  Coast Guard Auxiliary flotilla on Halloween night.  For the first time, the lighthouse was opened up for tours this summer.  Many visitors have never been inside the lighthouse and the tours were very popular.  Only the bottom of the lighthouse was open last night but there were pirates and plenty of candy added to the event!  They are hoping to repeat this at Christmas time.

BOLD Moves Real Estate is always interested and involved in our community events in our BOLDTowns.  Visit for all your real estate needs.  We can help you with your real estate move and take all the anxiety out of your transaction.

Halloween is Here! Your Move Doesn’t Have to be “Scary”

Time flies and it’s hard to believe that Halloween is here!  The day is filled with lots of fun events for kids and Trick-or-Treating at night.

It’s also a great time to buy or sell real estate.  Don’t be “scared” to make the move!  The BOLDIES at BOLD Moves Real Estate are your community experts.  We live and work in the BOLDTowns we serve.  We know about the school systems and communities of the towns you are looking at.  We can tell you about all the local events that are happening now and in the future.

We can also advise you on local experts involved in the real estate process.  Let us help you on your journey and take the “fright” out of your real estate transaction.

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Local High School Sports Schedules This Week

As the fall season winds down for the local high schools in the Southcoast Conference, here are this week’s schedule for Wednesday, October 31st to Saturday, November 3rd.  

The weather is a little warmer this week and it’s a great time to watch our local athletes play some spectacular games.

Visit for all the games this season.

Visit  for all the local news.  We are your local community experts and we are here to take the anxiety out of your real estate move in your BOLDTown.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Time                                 Event                                   Location

2:30pm                               Field Hockey: Varsity          Joseph Case vs. Carver @ Carver High School                                                                                  Sectional Tournament


Thursday, November 1, 2018

Time                                   Event                                      Location   

3:30pm                                 Football: Freshman                 Greater NB Voke vs. Bishop Stang vs. Bishop Stang

3:45pm                                 Football: Freshman                 Dighton-Rehoboth vs. Old Rochester @ Old Rochester


Friday, November 2, 2018       

Time                                      Event                                     Location       

TBD                                         Football: Varsity                      TBA vs. Greater NB Voke @ Greater NB Voke

6:00pm                                   Football: Varsity                       Apponequet vs. Cardinal Spellman @ Cardinal Spellman                                                                                                               High School 738 Court St. Brockton, MA   02032 

6:00pm                                   Football: Varsity Playoffs        Seekonk vs. Martha’s Vineyard @ Martha’s Vineyard

7:00pm                                   Football: Varsity                         Somerset Berkley vs. Dartmouth @ Dartmouth High 

7:00pm                                   Football: Varsity                         Bourne vs. Diman Regional Voke @ Diman Regional

7:00pm                                    Football: Varsity                         Mills vs. Joseph Case @ Case High School

7:00pm                                    Football: Varsity                         TBD vs. TBD @ TBA


Saturday, November 3, 2018

Time                                          Event                                       Location         

9:00am                                       Cross-Country: Boys                 Seekonk vs. TBA @ Wrentham Development Center                                                                Varsity Invitational

9:00am                                        Cross-Country: Girls                Seekonk vs. TBA @ Wrentham Development Center                                                                 Varsity Invitational

9:30am                                         Cross-Country: Girls                 Dighton-Rehoboth vs. TBD @ Wrentham Development                                                           Varsity Invitational                   Center

9:30am                                         Cross-Country: Boys                  Dighton-Rehoboth vs. TBD @ Wrentham Development                                                           Varsity Invitational                    Center

9:30am                                          Cross-Country: Boys                  Apponequet vs. TBA @ Wrentham Development                                                                       Varsity Invitational                    Center,  MSTCA  Coaches Invitational-Wrentham               

10:00am                                        Football: Freshman                     Falmouth vs. Somerset Berkley @ Somerset Berkley

9:30pm                                          Cross-Country: Girls                    Apponequet vs. TBA @ Wrentham Development                                                                   Varsity Invitational                       Center, MSTCA Coaches Invitational

5 Tips to Launch Your Real Estate Career

You’ve just passed your real estate exam and are ready to start your new career.  Here are 5 tips to help you launch.

1. Treat it like a Job. Go to work at 9 am (or whatever your designated “working hours” are) and start your day. Offer to help with what is needed. Dress and act professionally. Act “AS IF”.  Sign up for uptime and be available when the phone rings.  Start your marketing strategy with daily prospecting calls.  Send out your postcards announcing your new profession to the neighborhood.  Start handing out your business calls.

2. Follow a training Plan. Whatever your sales training is, do it the way it is laid out for you. Don’t get creative or skip corners. If your company does not provide a training program, use other resources to follow one. Make your car a traveling classroom. Shadow one of the more experienced realtors in the company.  Offer to help them at an Open House or showing appointment.  It is a great learning experience.

3. Join a Committee at the Board of Realtors. Become embedded in your professional board. Take advantage of what State and National Associations of Realtors has to offer. Treat other Realtors as your A+ customers. Go to events!


4. Volunteer on a Local Level. Become an integral part of your community. Southcoast- Serves ( has many volunteer opportunities if you don’t have any favorites. There are many opportunities to help out in your community.  Volunteer at school or sporting events.  It will help you get noticed.  Wear your company swag so people will be aware of your new profession.


5. Become Dedicated and Informed. Work toward certifications, Follow Real Estate News through sources like Inman News, Bloomsberg, and MAR and NAR. Get on their email news flashes.


Please contact us at Agent Rising with any questions you may have. We can help you jump start your career and get you noticed.

www.agentrising .com 508-997-8844

Are you looking at a real estate move? Visit We are your community experts and can help take the anxiety out of your real estate move in your BOLDTown.

This blog was posted on on October 26, 2018.