susanSusan is 25+ year veteran leader and change agent with a track record for instilling customer service excellence, delivering value-added solutions, facilitating sales, and championing transformational thinking to meet the needs of her customers given the dynamic nature of the marketplace.  She has a collaborative and facilitative leadership style combined with a compassion for helping others.
Susan’s experience is grounded in a progressive career at one of world’s leading financial services institutions.  After graduating from the University of New Hampshire, she embarked on her professional endeavor through jumping into a role as an international full service account controller.  With a passion for ensuring process accuracy and absolute integrity, she soon moved into roles that allowed her analyze, streamline, and improve organizational processes across the globe including England, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Canada as well as the Asia Pacific region.  Her meticulous diligence resulted in advancements to facilitate the establishment of global operating training, workforce engagement, community outreach, risk management, and sales enablement practices.  The driving premise was always based on understanding the needs of the client and aligning those needs with the capabilities of the corporation.
Prior to retiring from corporate life, Susan’s role included training and developing a highly skilled team of executives, collectively dedicated to the greater good of servicing our clients.  She ran a team of over 15 professionals and managed an internal network of more that 300 unique subject matter product experts. This are key competences for navigating the intricacies associated with navigating real estate transactions.
Susan is a mother, daughter, sister, friend, professional, horsewoman, and an intermittent amateur plumber, landscaper, taxi driver, bank, veterinarian, voice of reason, among various other capabilities.  She lives in Mattapoisett with her family which includes several both two-legged and four-legged inhabitants.  Susan was brought up on shores of Mattapoisett, and both of her two boys were raised going through the Old Rochester Regional school system, with her oldest now a freshman at UCONN and her youngest an aspiring pianist (albeit somewhat begrudgingly at times).
Susan can be reached at: