snowy weather

Snowy Day in the Tri-Town

snowy day

Today was another snowy day in the Tri-town.  It started out pretty snowy but the buses still came and the kids were off to school.  By 10:00, the snow had ended and changed to a light rain.  With temperatures rising above freezing, the roads are pretty passable and black ice is not an issue, as it was for the last couple of days causing numerous accidents locally.

Snowy days are always particularly pretty in the Tri-town of Marion, Mattapoisett and Rochester, whether it is the lighthouse at Ned’s Point, or the beach in Mattapoisett or a snowy field in Rochester.

They are all part of our BOLDtown!  We are the community experts in the tri-town and surrounding communities.  We are excited every day to share the beauty of our communities and our BOLDtown.

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