Nor’easter Riley Causes Havoc on the Southcoast

The weekend was a particularly trying time for the Southcoast and Cape Cod as Nor’easter Riley slammed into the area on Friday.  The rain was constant and the winds were howling all day long as well as on Saturday.  By Friday night, power outages were through the roof and trees and wires were blocking many of the roads throughout the area towns.  Just trying to get home on Friday night was a challenge.  Most of the roads were blocked and trying to get anywhere involved huge detours and driving by scary looking downed trees and wires.

With the saturated ground, trees went over by their roots landing on vehicles, houses, and buildings.  The police and fire departments in area towns worked overtime putting out fires, cutting up trees to make roads passable, moving wires, pumping out flooded basements and a myriad of other emergencies.

Facebook was full of frustration for  days without power, updates on the storm and outages, as well as people helping each other to cut up trees, check on elderly neighbors, pumping out basements, lending out generators, offering food, shelter, showers, and heat to those without.  

All this truly shows the special BOLDTowns we live in and our special communities where people care about their neighbors and town.  The site of the Eversource, Verizon, and various company trucks, (who came out to help) were a welcome site and power is still being restored as we speak.  To towns that had almost 100% power outages and the number continues to drop.  Eversource is hoping to have everyone restored by Wednesday or hopefully sooner.  We all gave a cheer as the bucket trucks approached our homes, knowing we would finally have power on.  Huge shout out to all the dedicated, police, fire, and energy workers working 24/7 to keep everyone safe and back on the grid.  People helping people is what it is all about!  Makes you truly appreciate your lifestyle and that morning cup of coffee.

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