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Must Have Home Features 2018

What are buyers looking for in 2018?  Past trends have included, stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and open concept kitchen/living room.  While these styles are still popular, what do buyers want to see in their new home in 2018?

Here are some important must haves for today’s buyers.

Good exterior lighting.   Buyers are looking for good exterior lighting whether solar or traditional as well as lighting up the backyard for entertaining.

Spacious and designated laundry room.  First floor and second floor efficient laundry rooms with plenty of space for sorting, folding and even a sink for soaking.  Basement laundry rooms are losing popularity especially for the older buyers.

Open concept kitchens with islands and bars are still a must have for many buyers.  They prefer eat-in kitchens as opposed to formal dining rooms.

Energy efficient homes are also a great feature to attract buyers including solar and other ways to save on utilities.

Hardwood flooring is always more desired than wall to wall carpeting.

Updated bathrooms are always a plus as well as well as a home office and smart home technology.  Being able to control many features of the home with a smart phone is a big plus.

Garages are always popular with lots of storage  as well as good storage in the house such as mudrooms and walk-in closets.

And lastly, people are looking for good outside entertainment areas but also a low maintenance exterior.  Miles and miles of grass to maintain could be a deterrent.

Trends always change but these features could make a difference in how quickly a home sells.

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This blog was posted on www.agentrising.com on May 4, 2018.