Summertime Landscaping and Watering

landscaping and wateringSummer is an especially important time to save water. Outdoor water use increases residential consumption from 10% to 50% in June, July and August.  This summer has been a particularly difficult year with significantly less than average rainfall and the need to water more frequently.  Every drop counts to keep your landscaping alive and flourishing.


Watering your lawn mid-day will result in a high rate of evaporation and sunburned grass. Roots can maintain plenty of moisture even after several days without rain. Before watering, look for signs that it’s needed: patchy areas, a general change in color or footprints that remain in the grass long after being made.

Frequent light watering can actually weaken your lawn by encouraging shallow roots that are less tolerant of dry periods and more susceptible to insect damage. Wet grass can also burn in the hot sun and is vulnerable to disease from mildew and fungus. Test your soil for dryness by digging your finger below the surface of the soil. Water only when the soil is dry to a depth of 1 1/2 inches. When watering, check to see that water soaks down 3-4 inches. This encourages deep root growth.


If your lawn “fades” in the summer, don’t panic. Grass becomes naturally dormant during hot, dry periods. It will revive quickly after a good rainfall or when the weather turns cooler.

  • Water very early in the morning.
  • Never water when it’s windy, rainy or very hot.
  • Raise the blade level of your mower to 2 -3 inches or more. Longer grass retains more moisture because it shades the roots. It encourages deeper rooting, requires less fertilizer and competes better against weeds.
  • Never water faster than the soil can absorb it. Avoid puddling and run-off.
  • Be sure your hose has a shut-off nozzle. Hoses without a nozzle can spout 10 gallons or more per minute.
  • If you have an automatic sprinkler system, make sure the timer or “controller” is set to water each landscape zone efficiently. Program the controller to operate according to the watering needs of your lawn or garden. Better still, install a rain sensor or soil moisture sensor that turns the system off if it’s raining or if moisture is present in the soil.
  • Do not apply fertilizer in the summer – new growth requires more water. Apply in early spring and or fall.
  • Aerate your soil in April, September or October to aid water absorption and retention.


Be aware of the various zones in your yard (hot/sunny, cool/shady, moist, dry, etc.) and plan your gardens and plantings accordingly. For example, if your have a hot, dry zone, carefully select plants that can endure hot, dry conditions.


If you choose shrubs, flowers or vegetables that need lots of sun and moisture, place them near each other. You’ll save time and water by watering just one area of your yard.


Mulch can serve as a ground cover that reduces water evaporation from the soil and reduces the number of weeds that would otherwise compete with the plant for available soil moisture.

Mulch flowers, shrub beds and trees with pine bark mulch. In your vegetable beds, use salt marsh hay, newspaper (no color pages), black plastic, or better yet, landscape fabric – that allows water to penetrate the fabric but keeps down weed growth. On a sweltering 100° day, a 3-inch mulch can keep the soil underneath up to 25° cooler! Avoid white marble chips that can damage acid-loving plants like rhododendrons. Stones or pebbles are good on shady areas. They shouldn’t be used near the house because they give off too much heat. Ground covers, such as ivy or pachysandra, also prevent evaporation around established shrubs and ornamental trees

.You can’t control the weather but you can do  your part to make the most of the water available to help keep your  landscaping alive.

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Rochester Country Fair Opens Thursday

19th Annual Rochester Country Fair opens Aug 16, for weekend of downhome fun

Aug 13, 2018



Photo by: Chris Reagle
Rochester Country Fair runs Thursday, Aug. 16-Sunday, Aug. 19, at the 65 Pine St. fairgrounds

ROCHESTER — The 19th Annual Rochester Country Fair will kick off Thursday, Aug 16, and continue  through Sunday, Aug. 19, at the 65 Pine St. fairgrounds with the return of some old favorites and a few new additions.

“We are excited to welcome back 4-H demonstrations and live stock,” Rochester Country Fair Chairman Kelly Morgado said. “There will be various musicians for you to relax to while you enjoy a bit to eat from many of our food vendors.  Once your belly is full, you can take browse through our amazing craft vendor area for some specialty items.”

Fair hours are from 4 to 10 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 16 and Friday, Aug. 17, and from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 18, and Sunday, Aug. 19. Admission is $5 per person. Children under age 5 get in for free.

Morgado said the most exciting addition to the fair this year is the beer and wine garden, which will be open Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from 5 to 9 p.m.. The wine and beer garden is hosted the Acushnet Lions Club.

Some popular events and activities have made a come back, she noted.

“We have decided to bring Thursday night back with a ’50s sock-hop with DJ Howie and we’re welcoming New England Truck Pulling Association,” Morgado said.

She said the fair committee has also brought back the Woodsman Show. The popular axe and sawing event will be held from 5 to 10 p.m. Friday, Aug. 17, in the main arena. The Antique Transfer Tractor pulls are also coming back this year, she said.

The fair will offer many options for entertainment on Saturday, Aug. 18, with plenty of fun activities for all ages, including a fiddling contest from 1 to 4 p.m., a pie-eating contest at 3 p.m., and the return of the professional wrestling matches from 7 to 9 p.m., and musical performances through the day. The the popular track pull events will include Connecticut State Tractor Pulleres, who are new to the fair, she said.

Morgado said they would also be adding some  new activities in the children’s arena, including the Princesses of New Bedford.

On Sunday, Aug. 19, the popular Slab & Garden Tractors pulls and Mass Mini Tractor Pullers in the tractor area and a few surprises up top.

Meanwhile in the main tent, there will be line dancing lessons from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in A live auction will take place from 1 to 3:30 p.m. in th main tent.

For more information, go online to:

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This blog was posted on on August 1, 2018.

Rochester Country Fair 2018

The Rochester Country Fair is ready to open its doors once again on Thursday, August 16th thru Sunday,  August 19th.  The event will be held on the fairgrounds at 65 Pine Street.

They are excited to welcome back 4-H demonstrations and Live Stock. There will be various musicians for you to relax to while you enjoy a bit to eat from many of the food vendors.  You can take browse through the amazing craft vendor area for some specialty items.

The most exciting addition is a beer & wine garden, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from 5 – 9pm, being hosted by the Acushnet Lions Club.

The Fair has decided to bring Thursday night back with a 50’s sock-hop with DJ Howie and are welcoming New England Truck Pulling Association!

The Woodsman Show will be coming back on Friday evening in the main arena & Antique Transfer Tractor pulls down in the back.

Saturday will provide many options for entertainment with plenty of fun activities for all ages and the return of the Wrestling and AntiqueTractor Pulls and joining them this year is Connecticut State Tractor Pulleres.   They will also be adding some exciting new activities in the children’s arena. Just a sneak peak….come and see the Princesses of New Bedford!

On Sunday, they will be hosting the popular Slab & Garden Tractors pulls and Mass Mini Tractor Pulleres in the tractor area and a few surprises up top. The Live Action will take place under the Main Tent. Grab your cowboy boots and hats and join us for Line Dancing lessons and open dancing!

Saturday and Sunday, we are featuring miniature golf to entertain the youngsters. They have expanded Children’s Play Area up top and a volley Ball & corn hole area for the teenagers down below. They will be posting new events on their website as they finalize our plans.

They still have a few Food and Craft Vendor spots available. If you are interested,  give them a shout at:

They will continue to update you as they finalize the remaining events.

See you all in August!

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Rochester Country Fair

143 Market in Mattapoisett

Meat’ the new deli in tri-town: 143 Market

By Tyler A. McNeil | Jul 16, 2018



Photo by: Tyler A. McNeilMeats fresh out of Rochester on display in the market’s deli.

MATTAPOISETT — Matt Schaefer, 19, bit into a chicken sandwich at the 143 Market on Route 6. He called it “fire,” a slang term which means good.

“Fire” isn’t how the restaurant’s co-owner Mike Dahill described the deli, but “smoked”  fits the bill. Smoking meats has been Dahill’s passion for years. Now, after a long wait, it’s part of his profession.

After years of tossing around the idea of running a deli, in May, friends Dahill and Matt Gurney, owner of Matt’s Blackboard in Plumb Corner in Rochester finally got what they wanted – an old school style market with locally-raised organic livestock.

The business venture began with a conversation. Dahill doesn’t recall when it started, but he remembers bouncing around the idea of owning a deli with Gurney lightly. Over time, the idea began to formulate into a concrete business goal.

“For a while it was just kind of something we were talking about it, joking around, and we just kind of got a little more serious, and a little more serious,” he said. “And then we decided maybe we should really do it.”

Both owners started eyeing properties around the area around 2014. They were especially interested in the former site of Tokyo Restaurant on Route 6, which closed in 2011. However,  the property was already sold by the time they considered making a purchase.

Once the property was put up for sale years later, Gurney and Dahill jumped on it.

It wasn’t a cheery sight at first. Buying the property in 2017, it took another year to get the business operational. They had the building gutted, sanded down, and remodeled.

While the renovation is finished, the market’s selection is not entirely complete. Dahill is interested in possibly making beef jerky and featuring more local produce.

For now, the focus is centered around preservative-free meat: brisket, pastrami, ham, roast beef, and corned beef. Livestock products come from Rochester and are butchered, smoked, and prepared onsite, Dahill said.

“We get it from the guy at the farm who takes it to the slaughterhouse and picks it up, brings it to us,” he said.

Carnivores aren’t the only ones being served, Dahill noted. There are some vegetarian favorites, too. He said the macaroni salad has been surprisingly popular, and the veggie burgers have been pleasantly-received as well.

Whether stopping by for meat or something else, Dahill has seen strangers become regulars. From them, he’s only heard positive reviews.

“That’s kind of what we’ve been hoping for,” Dahill said.

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What’s New in Real Estate

What’s new and trendy in real estate this year?

Generation X- those 33-37 are making up the biggest chunk of home buyers this year, followed by Generation Y- 32 and younger, followed by younger baby boomers and finishing it up with older baby boomers.

Clients are using their mobile devices to search for real estate more than ever.  They are comfortable using their smartphones and tablets for their real estate searches and information.  This way they are always connected and able to check on current real estate no matter where they are.

Paperless is the way to go! Transactions are staying online,  freeing up time and resources and apps such as Docusign make long distance signing quick and easy, saving travel time.

Inventory has been critically low but that could be changing.  As home prices rise, more sellers may be ready to put their homes on the market and know they will sell quickly if priced right.

Drones are the newest technology to add to the real estate scene.  While their popularity is rising, there are still laws governing their use and until these are ironed out, it may be better to err on the side of caution.

Micro apartments are popping up in large cities.  These are apartments that are less than 200 square feet.  These are particularly popular with younger consumers and college students and those with a lower income.

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Mattapoisett Harbor Days 2018

Harbor Days was held on Saturday,  July 21st this year from 9am to 8pm at the Mattapoisett harbor.  It  should have continued on Sunday but was unfortunately  rained out.  The pancake breakfast was still held on Sunday morning but the rest of the days activities was cancelled due to the rain.

There was lots of vendors and lots of different foods, including a  lobster dinner to satisfy any customer.  Vendors included: For the Birds, Mermaid Tears, Logz’N’Dogz, and H. Hottel Art to name a few.

There was lots of fresh seafood available such as fish and chips and all kinds of local food and treats.

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Live Forum

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Live Forum

Mattapoisett Road Race 2018

It was a sweltering, hot day but that didn’t stop the racers at the Mattapoisett Road Race.  Joe Farrand of Mattapoisett was this year’s winner in almost 27 minutes.   Kim Bolick of Marion was this years winner for the women with a time of just under 30 minutes.

The Mattapoisett Road Race is a great Fourth of July tradition through the village of Mattapoisett.  There were many spectators cheering them on and offering water and even donuts.

Kate Lanagan MacGregor of BOLD Moves Real Estate was there cheering on family members and friends.  It is a tradition she never misses in her BOLDTown.

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Fourth of July Events on the Southcoast

Fourth of July is the unofficial beginning of summer and local towns are planning many festivities.  Here is a list of local events.

Fairhaven–  Fourth of July Car Cruise and Parade.  Classic and antique cars and vehicles gather at Fairhaven High School for the raising of the Big Flag at 8:30 am. They will then depart to cruise through town at 9 am, ending with a ride south on Green Street to Fort Phoenix. At Cushman Park, a parade of floats and marchers will step off to follow the car cruise to the fort for the annual Independence Day Ceremony. Free.

The Fort Phoenix Independence Day Ceremony and Cannon Salute will take place on Wednesday, July 4 at 10 am.

Fall River:  Fireworks at Battleship Cove on Wednesday, July 4th from 7:30 to 10:00 pm.

Freetown:  Fireworks Festival at Hathaway Park, Water Street, Assonet beginning at 6 pm on Tuesday, July 3rd, fireworks begin at 9:30 pm.

Parade is on July 4th stepping off at 10 am.

Marion:  Parade will kick off on July 4th at 9am at the corner of Spring and Main Streets.  Marion will not be having fireworks this year.

New Bedford:  Fourth of July with Frederick Douglas on July 4th from 10am to 2pm at Custom House Square, Barkers Lane.

Fireworks will go off on July 4th at 9pm over New Bedford Harbor.  Fireworks will be set off on a barge off of State Pier.

Onset/Wareham:  Blessing of the Fleet will kick off at 10:30 am with the vessel parade at 11 on Saturday, July 7th.

Fireworks will begin at 9pm.  Rain date is Sunday, July 8th.

Westport:  Fourth of July Parade will begin on Wednesday, July 4th at 10am from the corner of Main Road and Hixbridge Road and ends at the Westport High School.

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