Old Colony Voke Spring Sports

Old Colony sports wishlist: sunshine, state success

By Zachary McMahon | Apr 08, 2018



Courtesy of: Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High SchoolThe Old Colony girls’ lacrosse team is amongst those beginning their spring season.

ROCHESTER — Spring is coming, flowers are blooming and the cold will (hopefully) go away.

At Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School, spring means the return of the baseball, softball and lacrosse seasons for students and coaches.

Old Colony’s Athletic Director Matt Trahan says that his hopes for the spring season include nice weather (we hope so too, Coach Trahan) and seeing Old Colony’s sports teams qualify for the league and state tournaments that will begin in May.

Some sports have already played their first game of the season.

One of them is the boys lacrosse team, which defeated Blue Hills Regional Technical High School, 9-6, on April 2. The team is coached by Old Colony science teacher William Trimble. Team members hope to play to the best of the team’s ability in every game. Trimble said part of the goal is to improve as a team and to improve as players in every game.

The team has nine seniors, including two who are new to the team this year: Liam Ashley, Tyler Bosse, Andrew Cox, Ronnie Frates, Jarred Gagne, Dylan Hanson, Joshua Kingsberry, Brad Plissey, and Ian Vezina.

Members of the girls lacrosse team are aiming to win the Mayflower League’s overall vocational championship, which would qualify the team for the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) tournament in May.

This years’ captains are Mya Medeiros, Rachel Baker, and Elana Sargent. The team won the Mayflower Championship and qualified for vocational and the MIAA tournament in its last season.

The lacrosse team played its first game on Monday, April 9 at home, against Middleborough High School, which they won 13-2.

Old Colony’s softball team is coached by Brandon Mendez, also the football coach. Mendez said that the goal for the team is to be competitive and win the Mayflower League, the vocational league division in which Old Colony competes. Mendez added that he and the team members would like to compete further, and win the State Vocational tournament as well.

The softball team started off the season with a bang, winning 16-1 against South Shore Vocational Technical High School on Thursday, April 5.

Last, but certainly not least, is Old Colony’s baseball team. The team is coached by Old Colony math teacher Craig Lincoln. Last year’s team won the Mayflower Championship and the vocational championship. The baseball team has six seniors: Paul Ashley, Cameron Nataly, Drew Sullivan, Kyle Sylvia, Joseph Weigel and Brandon Zakrousky.

The team beat Tri-County Technical High School 11-2 on April 9.

Zachary McMahon is a sophomore at Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School.

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12th Annual Mother’s Day 5K Walk/Run

The 12th annual Women’s Fund Mother’s Day Tiara 5K Walk/Run will be held on May 13th, 2018.

Walk, run and raise funds to create economic security for all women. The Women’s Fund of Southeastern MA raises funds and takes collaborative action so that all women in the region have strong opportunities to earn a living wage and achieve economic stability. The mission of the Women’s Fund is to advance the educational attainment and economic security of women and girls in Southeastern Massachusetts. Funds raised support the communities of Southeastern Massachusetts, primarily in the greater New Bedford area.

Event Address
Oxford Creamery
98 County Road Mattapoisett, MA

Start Times
9:00 AM Kid’s Fun Run (3 years to 12 years old) 2 age group categories with a staggered start.
9:30 AM – 5K start

Parking provided at the sand pit and ORR with shuttle van service from ORR beginning at 7:00 AM. Runner drop-off at Oxford Creamery. CARPOOLING HIGHLY ENCOURAGED

Kid’s Fun Run
Staggered start: 9:00 AM for runners aged 8 to 12. Runners aged 3 – 7 will begin at the conclusion of the first wave of runners.

For safety reasons, children 5 years old and younger must be accompanied by an adult. (Adults participating with their children do not need to register for the Fun Run).

Registrants in the Kid’s Fun Run will receive medals!
Bib Pickup
Bibs may be picked up at Oxford Creamery on Saturday, May 12th from 1 to 5, or on Sunday morning from 7:00 to 8:30 am.

5K Runners/Walkers
T-shirts are given to the first 300 5K Registrants!



Look for BOLD Moves volunteers at the water stop!

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Springtime Staging

Springtime brings sunshine, showers — and plenty of opportunities for home staging. Even though winter is slow this year to leave, springtime weather inevitably will arrive.  Make the most of the season with these fresh updates that are sure to attract buyers.
 Whip your yard into shape
When you’re selling in the spring, you need to get your yard in shape as quickly as possible.Hopefully the snow has ended for the year.   Clear winter yard debris, and get frost-resistant plants that won’t be affected if a late cold spell hits.  Uncover all the spring flowers such as crocuses and daffodil ready to spring.
Do some spring cleaning. 
It’s natural to want to spruce up your space in the spring, so scrub away! A sparkling home will impress buyers and make your home seem even more appealing.  Declutter and don’t forget the windows.  Sparkling windows will make your home shine.
 Box up your winter wardrobe
Bulky winter clothes take up lots of space, so move them out as you de-clutter your closets. You’ll impress buyers with all that space.  Spring is always a great time to clean out your closets and donate clothes that you haven’t worn all year.
Spruce up the entryway
If your welcome mat is covered with winter dirt, pick up a new one. A clean, pretty doorway will help set the tone for the entire showing.  Consider painting or washing the front door if it is looking dull and dirty.  A few potted arrangements on the front porch can also add to the curb appeal.
 Bring spring aromas indoors
Spring is not only a colorful season, but a fragrant one, too. Bring the aroma indoors. Scents have a profound effect on mood, so infusing scent into your decor with diffusers, candles, fresh cut plants/flowers, or incense can change the overall feeling of a space.

Bring out the bright colors

Tuck away the heavy, winter flannel comforter and pull out crisp linens with coverlets for color. Bring in the spring with floral-designed spreads or colorful solids. Don’t forget accent pillows for added style and comfort. 
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Plumb Corner in Rochester Celebrates Easter

Plumb Corner celebrates Easter with egg hunt, music, giant bubbles

By Tanner Harding | Mar 31, 2018



Photo by: Tanner Harding
Adeline Yuska, 7 weeks old, meets the Easter Bunny for the first time.

ROCHESTER — For two hours on an idyllic spring Saturday afternoon, the Plumb Corner parking lot was full of kids chasing giant bubbles, taking photos with the Easter Bunny and having balloon art made.

There was also an Easter egg hunt, during which the Rochester Police Department was on hand to take non-perishable donations for a food drive to aid senior citizens.

Liz Ashley and Justin Gallagher make balloon animals for kids. (Photo by: Tanner Harding)

The giant bubbles, courtesy of Chris Waters, were a big hit. (Photo by: Tanner Harding)

Chris Waters works his magic. (Photo by: Tanner Harding)

(Photo by: Tanner Harding)
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Weekend Warrior Course at Agent Rising

Agent Rising Real Estate School is once again offering the Weekend Warrior Course this weekend, April 7th and 8th from 8:00 am to 6:30 pm.

Come on out and start your hours.  Spend your weekend obtaining  your real estate hours in a fun, casual setting with guest speakers and crucial information to pass your real estate exam.  Get a jump start on your real estate career.  Join Kate, Marie and Dawn at the BOLD Moves Real Estate Welcome Center at 145 Fairhaven Rd. in Mattapoisett.

Here what students have to say:

Claudio:     “Lots of information with exercises added in.  Both Kate and Marie were very helpful and I recommend the course to everyone”

Kira:  “In the beginning I was in doubt, but after the class I have clear information and tips on what I will need to pass the test.  Don’t doubt just do it”

Register now.  There’s still time to sign up.  Call Marie at 508-207-3786 or visit www.agentrising.com

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Memorial Day Boat Race

Memorial Day is still a couple of months away but plans are already underway for the Annual Memorial Day Boat Race.  This year the race will be held on Memorial Day, May 28, 2018.  With all the recent storms, volunteers will be busy clearing the trees and debris out of the Mattapoisett River for the upcoming race.

 For those interested in participating in the annual Memorial Day boat race but don’t quite know where to start, there will be a boat building seminar on April 14.

From 1-3 p.m., boats will be on display, plans will be available and boat builders will be on hand to answer questions at the Rochester Fire Department.

Additionally, participants can buy and sell river racing boats at the event.

For more information, contact Arthur Benner at 508-763-2024, or artbenner@comcast.net.

Stay tuned for more information as the race draws closer.

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ORR Students Declare Learning Priorities

Stress relief, making friends: Students declare learning priorities

By Andrea Ray | Mar 23, 2018



MATTAPOISETT — When it comes to answering the question, “What shall we learn today?” Old Rochester students say it’s stress relief—amongst other things of course.

When it came to implementing new learning strategies for the next school year, Old Rochester Regional district administrators went straight to the source and asked students what they want to learn.

In a new learning strategy in the tri-town adopted by members of the Joint School Committee on March 22, priorities include learning stress management, how to make friends, and how to solve problems that are close to home.

It turns out that for students between grades 5-12 in the tri-town, social and emotional help is a priority. “That means helping them learn methods to deal with stress, with how to socialize and make friends,” Assistant Superintendent Elise Frangos said.

The second priority for students, meanwhile, is learning about cultural connections: diversity, different cultures and student heritage.

When it comes to direct classroom learning, students reported that they wanted “authentic, hands-on” projects to work on, and a clear, fair grading system.

Students are also looking for support in specific areas. In what she described as a surprise, Frangos explained that 370 students said they wanted to become better public speakers.

Students weren’t the only people queried, though. Parents, especially of middle schoolers, had their own ideas of what their children should be learning.

Both parents and students agreed that mindfulness and stress management are important skills to study. Parents also want to see their children learn planning and time-management skills, and to see schools prioritize science, technology, engineering and mathematics education.

“So,” Frangos said. “How do we synthesize all those wants and needs into a plan that honors the responses we received?”

In the future, the school district will be implementing “Project and Problem-Based Learning.” The learning strategy, Frangos said, is something that already happens often in the district.

In project-based learning, students work in teams to solve questions, often that have local and realistic value. “It would be like asking students how to fix water run-off in the tri-town,” Frangos explained.

She added that because the learning strategy is based on teams giving presentations, the students will gain valuable public speaking, research and teamwork experience. “It really prepares students for the workplace or a university.”

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Selling Your Home in the Snowy Weather

How to Sell Your Home in a Snowstorm—and Other Wonderful Winter Advice

 | Nov 23, 20157

We won’t lie: Selling your home in the winter is a whole different experience than during the easy, breezy summer months. Rain, snow, or other crappy weather has a way of obscuring your home’s best attributes (such as a lush lawn or amazing in-ground pool) while also highlighting its flaws (roof leaks, anyone?). Still, that doesn’t mean you should just throw in the towel until spring. Here are some Realtor®-approved tactics to pique the interest of plenty of home buyers during the winter months. Try a few to jolt your home selling out of its deep freeze.

Adjust how you spread the word

A winter home can sell, but it requires a different promotion strategy—both online and in person. Sven Andersen of The Andersen Team suggests increasing the frequency of your Facebook advertisements, targeting different groups and income ranges. He also recommends jazzing up “For Sale” signs with balloons to make them more visible (and festive) to passers-by. Make sure your Realtor has a strong, winterized marketing plan in place.

Prepare for unfortunate revelations

During winter, it’s crucial to consider what could go wrong with your home due to the elements—perhaps puddles in your lawn or a leaky roof. While the obvious solution is just to fix these problems ahead of time, if you can’t, it doesn’t mean all is lost. For instance, if grading and drainage issues are plaguing your yard, get a few quotes about how much it would cost to fix them. You can then decide with your Realtor how much of that cost you would be willing to pay during the closing process. That way, if a potential buyer points out the problems, you have a ready response to keep the momentum rolling rather than letting it grind to a halt.

Provide photos of your home during sunnier times

It’s hard for buyers to imagine how beautiful your home and yard look in summer when it’s currently covered in winter snow. So why not show them photos? Images of your home during the warmer seasons should be front and center—not only in your listing but also printed on fliers at your open house along with your floor plan and other materials. Ideally, Andersen says, if you have the luxury of foresight, “Have your home professionally photographed by a real estate photographer while the grass is green.” Or if it’s too late for professional photos, personal pictures will do the trick.

Warm up your open house

During the winter, homes that exude a cozy, comfy ambiance are especially attractive. And there are plenty of ways to create that vibe for potential buyers, starting from the moment they walk through the front door.

“Things can be muddy and mucky outside when it rains,” says Realtor Tara Moore of Orlando, FL.

That means you’ll probably want visitors to take off their shoes or boots before walking through your home. One way to do this with flair is to set out a basket of booties or slippers alongside a note asking visitors to swap out their muddy footwear. You will keep your home cleaner while making your guests feel cared for.

Got a fireplace? Throw a log on it, even if it’s not ablaze. If baking cookies feels too cliché, consider a more seasonably appropriate swap such as apple cider doughnuts. (Delicious!)

Clear a path to your front door

While there are plenty of ways to make your landscaping pop in winter, if you have the time, there’s one rule you can’t ignore no matter how busy you are: You have to shovel the walkways and driveway. Yes, it sucks, but someone’s gotta do it. You could even pay your neighbor’s kid to do this.

“Some people are, like, ‘Oh, it will be fine,'” says Andersen. It’s not. “Make sure they’re clean and safe for people that are coming.”

Because, nothing makes selling a home in the winter more of a headache than a lawsuit. And even if you escape that particular pain, cleaning up your front walk only serves to make your home look polished and presentable—and far more worthy of purchase.

Jamie Wiebe writes about home design and real estate for realtor.com. She has previously written for House Beautiful, Elle Decor, Real Simple, Veranda, and more.
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Easter Happenings on the Southcoast

It’s the first day of Spring and we still have snow on the ground and the Fourth Nor’easter knocking on our door promising more snow.  Winter really does not want to quit.  Nonetheless, Easter is less than two weeks away and it’s time to think Spring.  Here are some of the local Easter activities in the Southcoast.

Plumb Corner Mall will be having their annual Easter Egg Hunt, Saturday, March 31st from 12-2 pm.  Activities include DJ Howie, Bubble Guy and more.  Start your Easter holiday and bring the kids out for this fun event.

The Friends of the Mattapoisett Council of Aging will be having an Easter Pie and Bake Sale on Saturday, March 31st from 8:30 am to noon at the American Legion Hall, 3 Depot St. Mattapoisett.

Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt : Friday, March 23rd.  7:30 pm.  Rain/snow date, March 30th.  Bring a flashlight and basket to search for eggs and prizes in the dark.  Ages 2-12.  $5 members, $7 non members at the Gleason Family YMCA Charge Pond Rd. Wareham. Limited to the first 200 to register.    ymcasouthcoast

Mattapoisett Lions Club’s Annual Egg Hunt:  March 31st at 11:00am sharp. Veteran’s Park, Ned’s Point Lighthouse.  Free!  All ages welcome.

Family Easter Egg Hunt:  Saturday, March 24th, 2018. 11:00 am sharp.  rain date: Saturday, March 31st.  Prospect Park/ Bandshell.   Come early for a pancake breakfast at Marc Anthony’s from 9-11 am.  $5 adult, $3 children.  

Usher in Spring with these great events.  Maybe the weather will follow.  

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New Weekend Warrior Course at Agent Rising

Agent Rising Real Estate School is happy to announce that there will be another Weekend Warrior Course.  The last Weekend Warrior course was such a success, we decided to offer it once again.  Visit the website and see the testimonials from our last group of students.   Are you ready to start your real estate career?

The Weekend Warrior course is a great way to get ready for your real estate exam and get half of your hours done in one remarkable weekend.

April 7-8 from 8:00 am to 6:30 pm.  Join us for a great two day course including guest speakers, loads of information, and great teachers.  Jump start your real estate career.

Visit www.agentrising.com for more information and to register or contact Dean of Students Marie at 508-207-3186

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