BOLD Sales Meeting

BOLD Moves Real Estate  regularly holds their sales meeting on Monday morning at 9am.  It’s a great time to share new listings, price breaks, needs for our buyers and learning moments.

This week we were excited to have Meagan Arone of Brick Road Mortgage join us and offer her expertise on the money side of the real estate transaction.  She offered insight into the mortgage process and how we can better help our clients navigate and keep them on track for their home closing.  It’s always great to get a fresh perspective.

We also had one of our leaders at BOLD Moves, Patricia McArdle, go through the Purchase and Sales Agreement and all the legal issues which are important to the real estate transaction.  Sharing stories and issues that have come up for the agents is always a great teaching moment moving forward. Staying current and informed is a great outcome of our Monday morning meeting and also touching base with our “tribe”.  It’s always great to see everyone!

How can we help you with your real estate goals?  We are your community experts and can help you take the anxiety out of your real estate move in your BOLDTown.  Visit for more information or call 508-999-9800 to meet one of our BOLDIES.