Back to School!

It’s been a really hot and humid summer and the weather continues for students heading back to school. The  Old Rochester Regional School District headed back to school on Tuesday, August 28th despite 90 degree temperatures. 

Most of the area schools also headed back to school on Tuesday, August 28th including Fairhaven, Acushnet, and Old Colony Voke.  Bristol County Agricultural School held Freshman Academy that week but the official first day of school was Wednesday, September 5th.

Some nearby towns chose to dismiss students earlier on the hot oppressive days but local towns kept to the regular schedules.   Some lucky schools have AC and others utilized fans, lots of water on hand, and minimal physical activities to get through the humid weather.

Although temperatures continue to stay hot and humid this week, all the students and staff will be breathing a sigh of relief when temperatures moderate tomorrow.

Fall school sports are also in full swing.  Visit your local school’s website to see sports schedules and get out and support your favorite athletes.

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