Russ Dubois answers Frequently Asked Title V Questions

Welcome back to Question & Answer on Frequently asked Septic System Questions.This is Russ Dubois with Bold Moves Real Estate and owner of Parkside Excavation.

QUESTION:I have lived in my home for a long period of

time and have never experience any problems with my septic


ANSWER: The reason for inspections, even though you have not had any problems,

is to protect the interest of a prospective  buyer &  their financing bank. In years before

TITLE V, people have purchased homes not knowing that there could be a potential

future septic failure. After living in their new home for a few months they discover the septic system is backing up into their home. This becomes a seriously expensive problem for someone who has just purchased one of the biggest investments in their life.



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Russ Dubois Answers Title V Septic Questions!!


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QUESTION:When in the listing process should I have my Title V inspection done??

ANSWER:For Best results you should have your inspection done prior to putting your house on the market. The reason is the results of the inspection will help you set your starting price knowing if an upgrade is needed or not, as repairs can be very costly.

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