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Dave Garro published a great blog on his website   It was a great success and here are the highlights of the night posted on his website on January 14, 2015.

Hi Everyone,

Last evening, BOLD Moves supported me in hosting a casual informative discussion for people contemplating selling their home. Very important.

Those who know me through coaching sports, building , or real estate, know I like helping others achieve by being straight and true.

First thing people need to be aware of  when interviewing an agent to sell their home is this. The Ma. Association of Realtors  mandates ( yes, mandates! ) that on first face to face meeting to discuss  a property, an agency disclosure must be presented. No ifs, and/or buts.

The form is NOT a contract. It is to disclose exactly in what capacity the agent will be obligated to you. Here is where you need to be smart.

Unless you have already decided to hire this person, they should not  be designated as a “sellers agent”  They should merely be designated as a “facilitator “.  Do not discuss your motivation. Do not discuss money.  As in what you would want or accept. What money is owed to lenders. Any time constraints on you. NOTHING!

When I go on an interview. My job is merely to assess the properties fair market value and discuss how I would market your property to get it sold.

I would give you options of offering prices, for you to decide upon. Wether you want to test the market  or move it quickly. This is important.

An agent doesn’t need any situational information to derive a fair market value. Should you not hire that agent, they would have an advantage in negotiations should they know a buyer for your property.

Work with someone you trust has YOUR best interests at heart.

Any concerns, fire away! Take care, Dave

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The New Automated Trash and Single Stream Recycling Program!

BOLD Moves Real Estate

The New Automated Trash and Single Stream Recycling Program has come to Rochester and Mattapoisett.  New garbage carts were delivered last week.  Everyone has received a garbage cart for Recyclables and a garbage cart for trash.  The new system will not go into effect until February 6th.  Until then, everyone should be using their old cans and recycle bins.  Each garbage cart came with a pamphlet explaining the new program.  The recycle garbage receptacle is larger than the regular trash receptacle. The recycle receptacle can hold about 95 gallons. This program will be monitored for compliance.  Trash cannot be put in the recycle receptacle and recyclables cannnot be put in the garbage receptacle.

The towns are hoping that this will encourage more people to recycle their trash.  Improper use of the carts could result in fines.  Each cart should be set out on the street two feet apart on garbage day.  Recyclable carts will be picked up and emptied every other week and regular carts emptied every week.  The new garbage trucks will have mechanical arms to pick up the carts and empty them and are running on a cleaner fuel that is more efficient

The pamphlets explain what should go into each cart.  All recyclables should be rinsed and clean.

There has been a mixed reaction from local Rochester residents I have talked to. Many felt the garbage cart was too small and one was not enough.  The garbage inside must be in a bag and the lid has to close.  Any bags left outside of the carts will not be picked up.  You can petition the town for another garbage cart, and they will evaluate the situation on a case by case basis and make a decision.  Residents who already recycle feel the program will not change their situation or how they separate their garbage.   Those who do not recycle are concerned about the amount of work it will involve and space in their house to do it. Some residents felt it was easier to just bring their garbage to the dump.

As with all new programs, it will take awhile to get everyone on board.  It’s brand new and everyone is a little concerned with compliance  We will keep track of the implementation and check back with how residents are feeling once they start the new system.  Stay tuned. Visit for more information.

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Important Information for Buyers!

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What should you be telling your buyers before they  start the journey of home ownership?  Buyers will learn these lessons as they go through the house hunting process but in order to save them some heartache and you some time, it’s better to educate them before you start the process.  Buyers will come into the process with lots of questions and some disbelief that they will actually become homeowners.  The whole process is fraught with anxiety.  This is one of the biggest decisions of their lives and they are unsure of  what they need to be doing.  How do they decide on an offer?  What should their down payment be?  What does the home inspection involve?   These are just a few of the questions they need answered.  Walk them through the whole transaction so they know what to expect at every step.  Answer all their questions and calm their fears.

Let them know what to expect and what will be expected of them. Tell them when they may need to take time off of work ahead of time and also what multiple offers involves and how to deal with a situation like that.  If they know what may happen at every step, they are more likely to trust you and appreciate you for the professional you are.

Help them in the thinking process when it comes time to put an offer in.  Remind them that multiple offers can be common and how to position themselves correctly.  Let them know that anxiety is a common emotion and how to deal with it.

Use data to back up your words.  If you  tell them that houses are flying off the market. be prepared to show them how long houses are staying on the market before they go under agreement and the difference between what they are asking and how much they usually get. Buyers like to see facts to back up your words.

The more you are honest with your clients and  answer all the questions in the beginning, the easier your experience will be.

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New Bedford Winter Events!

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New Bedford is a great city and even though the weather is cold, there are still some great events going on in the city.  Here are some of them:

The New Bedford Symphony Orchestra opens the second half of its 2014-2015 with “Romantic Spells” on February 14 at 7:30 pm in the Zeiterion Performing Arts Center.  Russian-American violinist Yevgeny Kutik will be featured in Brahms’s grand Concerto for Violin in D Major.  For more information, visit  or call 508-999-6276

New Bedford’s Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Remembrance Celebration 2015!  The celebration will be held on Sunday, January 18,2015  3:00-5:00 pm at the First Unitarian Church, 71 8th Street in New Bedford.  The keynote speaker this be Massachusetts Attorney General-Elect Maura Healey.

Register Now for Fishing for  a Cause Catch-and-Release Tournament!  Register now for the Schwartz Center’s FISHING FOR A CAUSE Striped bass, Bluefish, and Fluke tournament, scheduled for June 26 and June 27, 2015.  visit or 508-996-3391 for more info.

It’s that time of year!  Join the New Bedford Fitness Challenge!  Open to anyone age 16+ who lives, works, or attends school in New Bedford.  Participants will have access to fitness classes and a chance to win big!  Join as an individual or a team of 2-10.  $5 per person.   Sign up January 17th, 12-3 pm at the Andrea McCoy Recreation Center,  181 Hillman St. New Bedford.

The Historical Society Will be Hosting the 15th Annual Frederick Douglass Read-a-thon.  This event will be held on Sunday, February 8thfrom 2-6 pm at the First Unitarian Church, 71 Eighth Street in New Bedford, MA.  The first autobiography of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave written by Himself(1845) will be read.  For additional information contact the Society at508-979-8828.

These are just some of the events happening this month and next.

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Rochester Pack 30 Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby!

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Rochester Pack 30 Cub Scouts  Pinewood Derby was held on Saturday, January 10th at the Rochester Memorial School.  This is a time-honored tradition which has been going on for 50 plus years.  The boys were given a Pinewood Derby kit which includes a block of wood and 4 wheels and axles.  They are then able to cut the block of wood into any shape they would like as long as they stick to the rules which includes how long the cars can be and distance between axles, etc.  The weight of the car cannot exceed 5.0 ounces.  Adding lead or weights to the car can help achieve the correct weight. Graphite is usually sprinkled on the wheels to help them roll better down the track.

The cars were very colorful and imaginative this year and every scout names his car.  There was Captain America, The Monza Machine, and Team Roscoe to name a few.  Every boy receives recognition for the uniqueness of their car and the top four winners received trophies and will move on to The District Pinewood Derby to race again.

The track is a hand-crafted track built by Joe Valente (a past Scoutmaster)  and his students at Greater New Bedford Voke and is one of the best-made in the area.  It is now stored by Kevin Thompson from Bold Moves Real Estate and Rochester Pack 30 for use every year.  The track was originally low tech.  Leaders would sit at the end and determine first, second, third, and fourth place. Now the track is connected to a high tech computer program which determines the winners for each race and also randomly places the cars in order for each heat so each car gets a chance to race on each of the four tracks.  It is a fun day for the boys and they learn how to work on a wood project and use various tools.

Parents and grandparents were on hand to cheer the boys on and take part in a hot dog lunch which included hot chili and soup on a cold day.

Every boy has his own method for making their car unique and fast.  There is no tried and true recipe and you never know which car will be the fastest for the day. Aerodynamics and weight all come into play but the boys are always excited to make a car that is special to them.

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According to NAR, Home Prices Expected to Increase Modestly!


The National Association of Realtors sent out a 2014 Realtors Confidence Index Survey to Realtors.  With the rising inventory and the strong price recovery since 2012, Realtors expected home prices to increase modestly in the next 12months,with the median at about 3%.

 First-time home buyers appear to be slowly re-entering the market at 31% from 28% a year ago.

Another plus is the drop in 30-year mortgage rates to about 4% since the middle of the year.

Many buyers are still having trouble obtaining financing but there are some reports that the numbers are improving.

Another bright spot concerns FHA loans.  President Obama is backing lower FHA mortgage insurance premiums.  These will be lowered by half a percentage point, moving from 1.35 percent currently to .85 percent.  This will save borrowers an average of $900 annually.  The National Association of Realtors estimates that a reduction in FHA premiums has the potential to bring in 90,000 to 140,000 additional annual home purchases.

This is all good news making this a great time to sell or buy a home.

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Allen Family

Fairhaven Polar Plunge 2015 at Fort Phoenix!

Allen FamilyAbout 250 people took part in the Fairhaven Polar Plunge at Fort Phoenix in Fairhaven on New Year’s Day to help raise money for scholarships.  This included the Allen family, pictured above.  Terry Allen and his son Josh, and daughter Chelsea took part in the icy challenge.  Kathy Lopes is the chairwoman of the Fairhaven plunge.  She said the event awards a $1000 scholarship to a Fairhaven student majoring in either psychology, sociology or law enforcement.

The past two years scholarship has been awarded to a Fairhaven High School Student who was majoring in law enforcement.  This year students who attend Greater New Bedford Regional, Vocational, Technical High School in New Bedford are also able to apply for the scholarship.

This is the events third year since it took over after the 2010 cessation of the former Fairhaven Polar Plunge at Fort Phoenix, which was held in memory of Nancy Schonheinz who was killed in a domestic violence incident.  Schonheinz was a Fairhaven resident and physical therapist.

Lopes said the mission of the plunge is still to call attention to domestic violence as well as to raise money for scholarships.

Donations can be sent to Dollars For Scholars, at 100 Cedar St., Fairhaven, MA 02719 according to Southcoast Today.

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Bold Moves Real Estate hosts Seller’s Workshop!

Bold Day

Bold Moves Real Estate is hosting a Seller’s Workshop, Tuesday, January 13th at 6PM at Flour Girls Baking Co., located at 230 Huttleston Ave.,Fairhaven, MA.  This will be an informal, round table meeting with no obligation.  Everyone is invited to attend.

Are you contemplating selling your home?  This is a great opportunity to have all your questions answered.

The event will feature Dave Garro, a real estate agent at Bold Moves Real Estate.  He will be ready and willing to answer your real estate questions.  The Real Estate market is forever changing.  Why sell now? What do I ask?  Interviewing a real estate agent. How’s the market?

How do I position my house in the market?  What’s a Comparative Market Analysis?  Can my house have its own website?  How do the finances work?  These are all great questions which can be addressed in a casual discussion.

Laura Severino, an agent at Bold Moves Real Estate and also a home stager will also be on hand to answer your staging questions.  What should I do to prep my house to sell?  What can I do in my budget to make my house more attractive to buyers and get it sold?

Bold Moves Real Estate, and assemblage of proficient Realtors, is a local brokerage that prides itself by providing professiona lguidance for you to realize your real estate ambitions.  Our goal is helping others achieve theirs.

Call Dave Garro for more information and to save a seat at 508-400-7876

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

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Blink! @ Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston!

Blink! @ Faneuil Hall Marketplace is taking place now Through January 4, 2015.   Nightly Performances Feature the Music of The Holiday Pops.

Blink! is a state-of-the-art light and sound extravaganza that transforms every inch of Fanueil Hall Marketplace into a magical place.  This is the third year  Blink! has taken place starting November 22, 2014 thru January 4th 2015.

The magical and unforgettable light show uses over 350,000 LED lights to illuminate Boston’s skyline, to the songs of the Holiday Pops in a seven-minute spectacle that runs continuously every evening.

The lights dance to the music through every tree  of Faneuil  Hall including the largest Christmas tree in the northeast.  It definitely is a spectacle not to be missed.

Blink! runs every half hour beginning at 4:30 pm by the Big Tree on the East End and then runs every half hour beginning at 5:00pm by the Three Trees in the North Market.

Here are some fun facts about Blink!:

It is the FIRST tree lighting ceremony of the season.

Las year’s event attracted over 30,000 attendees for the opening night ceremony and over 200,000 additional visitors over the holiday season.

The holiday tree is even bigger than the tree in Rockefeller Center.

Faneuil Hall Marketplace is an official New England Patriots Toy Drive  drop off location.

Globe Santa will appear in the Rotunda at Faneuil Hall Marketplace every Wednesday through Sunday during the holdiday season.

There is still time left to catch this great event.

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Pop Warner Old Rochester Youth Football Cheerleaders Rocked it at Disney!


Pop Warner Old Rochester Youth Football Cheerleaders had a great time in Disney and came home with some impressive awards.  The girls competed against other teams from all over the country.  The Pee Wees came home with the National Title  and the Jr. Midgets came in 4th in the nation.  Both teams did amazing jobs and their coaches were very proud.

Sarah Holick, Iva Lajoie and Michelle Saltmarsh from Bold Moves Real Estate all accompanied the girls on their trip.  Besides competing , they  were also able to enjoy a fun week enjoying all that Disney had to offer.

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