Energy Efficient Landscaping Tips

Better Homes and Gardens has some great energy efficient tips for landscaping your yard according to your region of the country.

Sitting under a shade tree on a hot day makes you cooler, and standing by a wall on a cold, windy day makes you feel warmer.  You can landscape your yard to offer your home those same benefits. It just takes a bit of planning in the way you site trees, fences, and other elements.

Some things to consider:

A well-positioned tree can save up to 25 percent of your home’s energy for heating and cooling.

A tree-shaded yard can be up to 6 degrees cooler than a sunny yard. A shaded lawn can be up to 25 degrees cooler than sunny pavement.

Shading your home’s roof can increase your air conditioner’s energy efficiency by more than 10 percent.

A single shade tree equals the cooling power of 15 air conditioners — and it runs for free!

Three house-shading trees can cut your cooling bill by as much as half.

Windbreaks can cut winter heating bills by 10 to 30 percent. 

The Northeast: In most of your region, you want to take advantage of the sun’s heat during the winter, so plant deciduous trees on the south- and west-facing sides of your home. This will do double duty: In summer, their leafy canopy will shade your house, helping to keep it cooler. It’s also helpful to use a windbreak of trees or large shrubs to the north or northwest side of your home. This block will prevent winter winds from stealing as much of your home’s heat. 

These are some great tips when you are changing or designing your outdoor space.

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This blog was posted on on May 23, 2018.

Tour de Creme

The Tour de Creme was a huge success yesterday.  All in all 242 people came out for the yummy creamery tours and bike ride which make up the Tour de Creme.  The weather was questionable and riders dealt with wind and wet roads but the rain held off and even the sun came out to close the ride.

The race takes off from the Mattapoisett Town Beach and ends at the Munro Preserve next to the Mattapoisett Town Wharf.  The ride included a 50-mile, 25-mile, 19-mile, and 11-mile tour.  The 25-mile ride was by far the most popular and filled to capacity quickly.

There were a couple of spills on the 50-mile ride due to potholes and grates but they were grateful to those who jumped in and helped.

A unique part of the Tour de Creme is the ice cream shops.  Riders checked into the 5 different ice cream shops, depending on the tour they chose, along the way and were treated to ice cream to fortify them for their journey. It was a great treat on the route!

Sponsored by the Mattapoisett Land Trust and Friends of the Mattapoisett Bike Path.  It is a great fundraiser!

BOLD Moves Real Estate volunteered at the event.  Gysell Diaz was captain of registration and put in a lot of time to help make the event more organized and streamlined.  Tracey Lee, Betty Tripanier and James a Lanagan were also on hand helping out parking cars and whatever else was needed.

It was truly a great day!

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Tour de Creme

Tour de Creme





Tour de Creme

Rochester Resident Emma Keeler

Rochester resident takes first prize at state science fair

May 07, 2018



Courtesy of: Massachusetts State Science and Engineering FairEmma Keeler of Rochester shows off her winning science project, “Bioprospecting for Benthic Fungi and Their Bactericidal Antibiotics,” at the Massachusetts State Science and Engineering Fair on May 5.

CAMBRIDGE — Emma Keeler of Rochester took first prize at the Massachusetts State Science and Engineering Fair, held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on May 4-5,  with her project “Bioprospecting for Benthic Fungi and Their Bactericidal Antibiotics.”

Keeler’s science project intended to ascertain whether culture samples taken from near an ocean vent, and from the benthic region of the ocean (the top layers of the ocean floor, mostly) could produce vaccinations that are effective against virus pathogens.

Keeler believed that any species living near an ocean vent had an extra resistance to toxins, due to ingesting the toxins released from the vents. She had difficulty testing out her theory, though. Because the specimens live on the ocean floor, they’re difficult and expensive to obtain.

Keeler, who hopes to study pharmacology and antibiotics in college, had already interned with geophysicist Dr. Virginia Edgcomb at the Woods Hole Institute. Edgcomb happened to have samples arriving from the Guaymas Basin, off of the coast of California when she thought of Keeler. Together, Edgcomb and Keeler decided that studying the samples would blend Keeler’s interest in ocean vent organisms and antibiotics.

When Keeler, a junior at Falmouth Academy, screened the fungi grown from the culture samples, she found that 86 percent of the fungi (six of the seven plants) showed activity against the virus pathogens they were exposed to.

In addition, 82 percent of the fungi samples “completed inhibition,” which means they were able to fight and remove all traces of the pathogens. A further 18 percent removed most, but not all, of the traces of the pathogen.

At the science fair, Keeler also received the Applied Biomath Award, the Naval Science Award, and is an alternate to the Harvard Summer Secondary Program. Emma will compete at the International Science and Engineering Fair in Pittsburgh, PA, next week where over 77 countries will be represented and more than $5 million in scholarships and prizes will be awarded.

Falmouth Academy junior Grace Russell, of Mattapoisett, was awarded an Honorable Mention for her project, “The Effect of Lowered Oxygen Levels on Hermit Crab Behavior.”

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Welcome to Rochester

Rochester, Massachusetts is a unique and special town that many of us call home.  

Rochester was founded in 1679 on the lands called “Sippican” by the local Wampanoags, along the coast of Buzzards Bay (Sippican was the name of the local tribe). It originally included the lands of Mattapoisett, Marion and parts of Wareham (which was lost when Wareham was founded in 1739). The town was officially incorporated on June 4, 1686 as Rochester, and was renamed for Rochester, England, from which early settlers to the town came. The town originally thrived with the early shipbuilding and whaling trade in Mattapoisett Harbor. However, in 1852 and 1857 the towns of Marion and Mattapoisett, respectively, were separated and incorporated as separate towns, thus land-locking Rochester. Since that time, the town has become mostly rural-residential, with some farms located in town. Rochester is a “Right to Farm” community.

The town of Rochester has a total area of 36.4 square miles (94 km), of which 33.9 square miles (88 km) is land and 2.5 square miles (6.5 km), or 6.76%, is water.  Rochester’s population is 5,698 with 3,860 registered voters.

 In 2012, the town adopted a “Right-to-Farm” bylaw which “encourages the pursuit of agriculture, promotes agriculture-based economic opportunities, and protects farmlands within the Town of Rochester by allowing agricultural uses and related activities”

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The REALTOR Association of Southeastern MA held their Expo at White’s of Westport on Thursday, May 3rd.  The RASEM R(REALTOR) E(Education) D(Development) was an all day event beginning at 9am and ending at 6pm.

The day included a BOM Forum, (Broker/Owner/Manager Forum) in the morning as well as Continuing Education Credits for a Code of Ethics Class.  

Ilona Robbins , Global Relocation Director, Jack Conway gave an inspiring Keynote Speech and a delicious buffet lunch was served.

The afternoon included more Continuning Education Classes including REALTOR / Personal Safety and Self Defense as well as two workshops on Cybersecurity Strategies for the Real Estate Industry and Cure your Real Estate A.D.D. and Get More Referral Business.

The informative and inspirational day ended with an Affiliate Cocktail Reception from 4-6pm with live entertainment and great appetizers.  

Local vendors were also on hand to share their services and expertise with the REALTORS.

BOLD Moves  Real Estate was well represented with RASEM President Kate Lanagan MacGregor, also broker/owner of BOLD Moves along with BOLDIES, Tracey Lee, Gysell Diaz, Kathy Song and Betty Tripanier.  They thoroughly enjoyed the day and the great team spirit BOLD Moves shares with all its team and clients.

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Must Have Home Features 2018

What are buyers looking for in 2018?  Past trends have included, stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and open concept kitchen/living room.  While these styles are still popular, what do buyers want to see in their new home in 2018?

Here are some important must haves for today’s buyers.

Good exterior lighting.   Buyers are looking for good exterior lighting whether solar or traditional as well as lighting up the backyard for entertaining.

Spacious and designated laundry room.  First floor and second floor efficient laundry rooms with plenty of space for sorting, folding and even a sink for soaking.  Basement laundry rooms are losing popularity especially for the older buyers.

Open concept kitchens with islands and bars are still a must have for many buyers.  They prefer eat-in kitchens as opposed to formal dining rooms.

Energy efficient homes are also a great feature to attract buyers including solar and other ways to save on utilities.

Hardwood flooring is always more desired than wall to wall carpeting.

Updated bathrooms are always a plus as well as well as a home office and smart home technology.  Being able to control many features of the home with a smart phone is a big plus.

Garages are always popular with lots of storage  as well as good storage in the house such as mudrooms and walk-in closets.

And lastly, people are looking for good outside entertainment areas but also a low maintenance exterior.  Miles and miles of grass to maintain could be a deterrent.

Trends always change but these features could make a difference in how quickly a home sells.

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This blog was posted on on May 4, 2018.




Old Rochester Regional High School Softball

Softball team seeks victories as senior pitcher returns

By Andrea Ray | Apr 30, 2018



Photo by: Andrea RayOld Rochester senior Ashley Soares winds up for a throw during an April 30 game against Dighton-Rehoboth.

MATTAPOISETT — With senior pitcher Ashley Soares back on the pitcher’s mound, Old Rochester varsity girls softball coach Don Dibiasio is hoping for—literally and figuratively—blue skies ahead.

“This weather is something else,” he said on April 30. A spitting rain fell as the team faced off against Dighton-Rehoboth. “We’ve been rained out quite a few times.”

April 30 marked Soares’ return to the pitcher’s mound—she was out with an injury for several games.

“Before [Soares] came back, I was playing a freshman pitcher,” Dibiasio said. “She was good, but she doesn’t quite have the experience that [Soares] does.”

With the younger pitcher on the mound, the team’s 2018 record was three wins, four losses. In the April 30 game, Dighton Rehoboth cruised to victory, 5-0, against the Lady Bulldogs.

Soares’ first game back might’ve been a loss, but Dighton-Rehoboth is always a tough team to beat, Dibiasio said. “[Soares] has been around for a long time, having her back will definitely make a difference in the future.”

The team’s ultimate goal, he explained, is to win 10 games, which will qualify the team to compete in the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association’s (MIAA) state tournament.

“Of course we’ve lost a few games this season, which means we need to beat some really good teams for a shot,” he conceded.

This year is also the year, Dibiasio added, to start solidifying new talent on the field.

“I have a few freshmen who are coming along well,” he explained. “I have a freshman catcher, freshmen outfielders. I have two freshmen pitchers, that’s huge. I have the opportunity to train them now, and then have three more really excellent years where those players will already be veterans.”

How to Age Safely in Your Home

Our homes are a huge part of our lives.  Whether we have lived in many homes or still in our first house we ever bought, our home is where our heart lies.  How can we keep the home we love safe and accessible as we age or for our senior family members?

There are many easy and cost-effective steps we can take to keep our homes safe.

Be sure all stairs have handrails whether inside or outside.  Make sure your landing is wide outside and consider getting rid of stairs outside altogether and landscape a gentle rise to the door.  Add lights down your outside walkway to keep falls to a minimum.

Do you have a downstairs room you can convert into a master bedroom if your current bedroom is upstairs.  Stairs can become difficult as people age and a downstairs bedroom can be a huge help.  If this is not possible, make sure the handrails are secure and consider putting non-slippery stair treads for secure footing.

Adjust the height of the bed for ease of getting in and out and make sure you have easily reachable lighting as well as a phone on the nightstand.

Grab bars in the shower and near the toilet are important to prevent falls.  Bath mats and bath seats can also help.

In the kitchen, whistling tea pots and loud timers can help seniors remember when they have something on the stove.

Another hazard is throw rugs.  They tend to bunch up and can easily cause a fall.  Make sure all doorways and halls are free and clear for easy access to the whole house.  Decluttering can go a long way.  It leaves much less hazards to trip or fall over.

We love our homes and this will help keep us in our homes as we age or as we add older family members to our household.

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BOLD Moves Real Estate in Your BOLDTown

BOLD Moves Real Estate is happy to volunteer at local events in our BOLDTowns.  May is a busy time in the Tri-Towns of Marion, Mattapoisett, and Rochester.  Check out these local events where you can see some of our BOLDIES volunteering or even participating.

The 12th annual Women’s Fund Mother’s Day Tiara 5K Walk/Run will be held on May 13th, 2018.

Walk, run and raise funds to create economic security for all women. The Women’s Fund of Southeastern MA raises funds and takes collaborative action so that all women in the region have strong opportunities to earn a living wage and achieve economic stability. The mission of the Women’s Fund is to advance the educational attainment and economic security of women and girls in Southeastern Massachusetts. Funds raised support the communities of Southeastern Massachusetts, primarily in the greater New Bedford area.

Event Address
Oxford Creamery
98 County Road Mattapoisett, MA

Start Times
9:00 AM Kid’s Fun Run (3 years to 12 years old) 2 age group categories with a staggered start.
9:30 AM – 5K start

Parking provided at the sand pit and ORR with shuttle van service from ORR beginning at 7:00 AM. Runner drop-off at Oxford Creamery. CARPOOLING HIGHLY ENCOURAGED

Kid’s Fun Run
Staggered start: 9:00 AM for runners aged 8 to 12. Runners aged 3 – 7 will begin at the conclusion of the first wave of runners.

For safety reasons, children 5 years old and younger must be accompanied by an adult. (Adults participating with their children do not need to register for the Fun Run).

Registrants in the Kid’s Fun Run will receive medals!
Bib Pickup
Bibs may be picked up at Oxford Creamery on Saturday, May 12th from 1 to 5, or on Sunday morning from 7:00 to 8:30 am.

5K Runners/Walkers
T-shirts are given to the first 300 5K Registrants!


Look for BOLD Moves volunteers at the water stop!

  The Tour de Creme bike event will be held on May 20, 2018.  The Tour de Creme combines a 75 mile bike ride along with delicious stops at some of the best local ice cream shops in the area.  It truly is a community event.  It is a fundraiser for the partnership of the Friends of the Bike Path and the Mattapoisett Land Trust.

Last year there were 150 riders and 3 routes.  They hope to double that this year.  Seven states were represented.  They are always looking for volunteers and BOLD Moves Real Estate will once again be a sponsor and volunteer at the event.

There is a family friendly registration fee and riders are encouraged to raise money for the cause.  There are fun prizes for levels of money raised all in support of the Friends of the Bike Path and the Mattapoisett Land Trust.  Plans are in the works to further expand the bike path and truly connect the Southcoast.

Registration opens on March 15th.  Visit the Tour de Creme Facebook page for more information.

BOLDIES will be parking cars and Gysell Diaz has volunteered for registration.

The Annual Rochester Memorial Day Boat Race.  This year the race will be held on Memorial Day, May 28, 2018.  

The race begins at Gramma Hartley’s Reservoir in Rochester and ends at the Herring Weir in Mattapoisett.   Homemade boats are the requirements and it is a great family tradition.  Look for some BOLD Moves participants including our fearless leader, Kate Lanagan MacGregor.

 Registration for the race will be May 11 and May 18 at the Senior Center. For more information, contact Art  Benner at

or 508-763-2024.

Stay tuned for more information as the race draws closer.

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Spring Has Sprung

The weather has been cold, rainy and even snowy.  Even though spring is here, the weather and real estate market does not seem to have gotten the memo.  Alas, better weather seems to be finally coming and the real estate market will follow. 

Many potential home sellers are holding back on putting their homes on the market.  Waiting for better weather and better spring conditions to show their home in the best light.  Homes usually look their best with spring flowers blooming and green grass.  

With the weather changing, the spring/summer market will start to boom with buyers looking and sellers finally ready to put their homes on the market.  It’s just a later start to the spring season but it will soon be upon us.

Now’s the time to get your home ready for the busy real estate market and call your local real estate agent to get your house listed and sold.

BOLD Moves Real is ready to help you with all your real estate needs whether buying or selling a home.  We are your community experts.  Let us take the anxiety out of your real estate transaction.  We live and work in your BOLDTown!

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