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Spring Planting!

BOLD Moves Real Estate

It’s that time of year again!  Time for Spring Planting!  Now is a great time to purchase a hanging basket to brighten up your porch or front stairs.  Petunias are a great way to add color and should last all summer if you water them and pull off the dead flowers.

You can also bring out your pots or window boxes and plant some annuals for a great look to your house.  There is nothing like some colorful flowers in window boxes to brighten up your home.  You can mix different annuals in a large pot on your front steps with some greens to make your house look picture perfect.  You can also buy these at most landscaping stores ready-made if you have less than a green-thumb.

We are also approaching strawberry season. June is Strawberry season month. You can peruse a local farmstand or farmer’s market for the freshest, right off the field strawberry.  There is nothing sweeter than a berry fresh off the vine.  You can also grow your own strawberries fairly easily.  Strawberries grow well in raised beds and will come back every year.  You can thin them out when they put out runners and make a new patch of strawberries from the offshoots.   Thinning the strawberries periodically will help them produce better and make them easier to pick.

Now is also the time to be starting your vegetable garden.  The days are getting warmer as well as the soil.  You can start planting peas and potatoes and corn.  You can start getting your pepper and lettuce plants in the ground with the rest of your vegetables to follow.  Usually it’s a good idea to wait a couple of weeks to plant pumpkins or gourds that you won’t need to harvest until the fall.  This way they won’t be ready too early.

There is nothing like eating veggies fresh out of the garden and  much can be planted in a small space.  Just take note of which vegetables require less space such as lettuce or green beans and which will spread such as butternuts and pumpkins and plan accordingly.

Make the most of your spring and summer!

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BOLD Moves Real Estate

BOLD Moves Real Estate

Vacasa Visits BOLD Moves Real Estate!

BOLD Moves Real Estate

Janet Horton, Business Development Manager, from Vacasa, Vacation Rentals Made Easy visited BOLD Moves Real Estate today to give a presentation on what they can do for homeowners. Vacasa is full-service property management company.  They are based in Portland, Oregon but service North and Central America.  They have local managers which service out area, southcoast and the Cape.

Their job is to make renting your vacation home easy for homeowners and renters alike and marketing it effectively for the owner.  They have a service staff to clean, schedule, market, and promote the home to help you get the most out of its rental.  Their job is to take all the work out of owning a rental.

It may also be a great option for someone who has their home on the market, but can make some money on renting it until it sells.

BOLD Moves Real Estate was happy to have Janet visit to show us what they could do for our clients.  Kate Lanagan MacGregor sent her home with some BOLD Moves Swag in the picture with Denise Higgins Reuter and Sarah Holick, office managers at BOLD Moves.

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Beyond BOLD Media

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Beyond BOLD Media

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BOLD Moves Real Estate

West Island, Fairhaven, MA!

BOLD Moves Real EstateWest Island, Fairhaven, MA is a great little Gem to visit located up  Sconicut Neck Rd. Once  you drive over the Causeway you are in a whole new world.  The beaches are beautiful and a great place to visit in the summer.

West Island Town Beach
Fir Street, West Island

Swimming, lifeguards, toilet facilities
Hours: late June through Labor Day, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
The beach is accessible for walking during the off season.

Public beach operated by the Town of Fairhaven. Passes are available at the BPW Office, 5 Arsene Street, or at the entrance gate to the beach. Swimming lessons are offered by the lifeguards for $20.00 per child, additional children in same family $10 ea. Applications available at BPW Office.

RESIDENT FEES: Season Pass $30 per vehicle, Day Pass (car) $ 6, Day Pass (walk in) $ 3, Day Pass (bus) $150 with 2-weeks notice required. No charge for Fairhaven seniors 60 or over.

NON-RESIDENT FEES: Season Pass $100, Day Pass (car) $20, Day Pass (walk in) $ 10, Senior Walk-ins $5. No out-of-town buses.

Another fun event is The 4th Annual West Island 5K Run/Walk and Kids Mile Fun.  It  was held on Sunday, April 26, 2015.  The Kids Mile Fun starts at 10 AM and the 5 K at 11AM.

The course is a mostly flat and fast loop throughout scenic West Island with a fast downhill start and a challenging uphill finish. USA Track & Field Certified Course: MA13007JK Male Record – Jeff Howley: 15:53 (2014); Female Record – Anne Preisig: 18:28 (2014)

All proceeds go to the Fairhaven High School Cross Country program & the non-profit Strive and Achieve (

West Island is a great place to live or visit.  Presently there are about 180 homes on the Island.  It’s worth the drive.

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BOLD Moves Real Estate


BOLD Moves Real Estate

Ninth Annual Mother’s Day 5K Tiara Road Race!

BOLD Moves Real Estate

The Ninth Annual Mother’s Day 5K Tiara Road Race was held in Mattapoisett yesterday.  More than 1,000 runners participated in the race as a fundraiser for the Women’s Fund with creative costumes as well as a fun run for the children.  This is their biggest fundraiser and the event has grown over the years.

Karen Browning has overseen the volunteer staff for the race for eight years.  She recruits high school kids from Old Rochester Regional High School and feels this year was her highest turnout of volunteers to date.

The race starts at Oxford Creamery on Route 6 in Mattapoisett and ends there also.

Many groups of women run together as well as family members.  Bold Moves Real Estate was represented by Tracey Lee running were her daughter Maddie.  There’s no better way to be spending Mother’s Day than running the race with her daughter.

Twelve-year-old Ryan Quinlan took home First Place in the 8 to 12 Fun Run Title and New Bedford native Mike Grasela won the 5K in 18:02.

The money raised will help provide higher education and economic well-being for women in Southeastern Massachusetts.

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BOLD Moves Real Estate

BOLD Moves Real Estate

Six Habits of Successful Real Estate Agents!

Six Habits Of Successful Real Estate Agents

Six Habits Of Successful Real Estate AgentsJust about every broker or agent has their own style. Some are extroverts, some are more laidback. Some are fun and flamboyant, some are cool, calm, and collected.

In the course of my career, I’ve been lucky to meet or interview hundreds of Realtors and I have a huge respect for them. Many of the agents I have connected with have large offices and do huge amounts of business.

So what makes a successful agent?

The first thing is always passion. It’s a hard business and it takes a lot of attention to detail and a commitment to great customer service. In talking with agents I’ve noticed that the truly great agents also share the attributes below:

They return calls and emails at lightning speed – These are the people that get a lead and don’t let it go. They immediately make contact and they follow up.  They answer any questions and are happy to stay on the phone with nervous clients. They are the warriors of email, text, and phone and they keep that rhythm right up through the whole transaction, busy Washington DC agent Jeff Vinson told me he calls it his land, sea, and air approach, reaching out to clients through as many channels as possible in the beginning even using Skype.  Their clients feel like they are very important to the agent. They also switch their communication style to match the client. If the client prefers text, they text, if the client wants a phone call, they call. They mirror the client’s communication style so the client feels more comfortable.

They are up on the latest technology – They are iPad toters and smartphone addicts. They do everything from anywhere. They don’t just have a tablet and a smartphone; they make sure they have great data plans so they are never stuck without an internet connection. They try to go paperless as much as possible. They read a lot of information both about the real estate industry but also about general trends regarding technology.

They know their neighborhoods intimately – The phrase “neighborhood expert” gets bandied about quite a bit but when it comes to top agents, they are walking, talking encyclopedias of neighborhood lore. Ask a question about a street and they know what’s on the market, what sold recently, and the overall status of the neighborhood. Tell the agent what you like in a neighborhood and suggestions on places to look will come tumbling out. Looking to sell? The agent knows what is on the market, what just sold, and what you can get for your money. Top Santa Cruz agent Sally Lyng told me that she teaches map classes for her agents to help them get familiar with the area. These days anyone can look at houses online but the top agents know what lurks below the surface and they keep their value that way.

They explain everything they are doing – Like straight A students doing math homework, successful agents show their work. When they meet with the client for the first time they explain the process, the potential roadblocks, and a few scenarios that could occur. They let the client know that they are negotiating, they keep in regular communication, and they adjust their strategy as needed. When I attended the Hear It Direct conference in Orange County last fall, one of the things that sellers told the audience made them most satisfied with their agents was regular communication on what was happening with the efforts to sell the home.

They get leads any way they can – Nobody really likes to talk about leads but leads are how many agents get clients. A lead is an introduction to someone the Realtor hasn’t met yet. Smart agents are experimenters, they try out different types of lead sources, they explore different types of ad campaigns, and they take notes on what works and what doesn’t. They understand that having a social presence is important and that staying top of mind means being active with their clients through social media, through advertising, and even through more traditional methods such as postcard mailings. Postcards and bus stop bench ads are still around because they still work in some cases.

They have a great network– These agents don’t just have a network to bring them clients they have a network of top-notch partners who provide the same level of service they do. They know the best contractors, appraisers, lenders, and insurance providers in the business. They are what Malcolm Gladwell designated in the Tipping Point as a connector. The agent is the hub of a group of professionals that can advise and assist with anything real estate or home related. Top agents care for their network and are happy to refer clients that they know will get top care. They are ruthless about cutting out anyone who doesn’t provide great customer service to their clients.

Overall, great customer service is about two things, knowledge and authenticity. The agents that succeed are able to treat each client’s purchase as vitally important. They are able to steer the client through any hiccups in the process and leave the client feeling that the whole process was as easy as possible.

These are just six of what are many ways to succeed. Tell us your story how how you stay on top of the industry and we may use it in a follow-up post.

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BOLD Moves Real Estate

Rochester Memorial 5th Graders at Sargent Camp!

BOLD Moves Real Estate

It’s  always been a tradition at Rochester Memorial School in Rochester, MA.  Every year the whole 5th grade heads to Sargent Camp in Hancock, New Hampshire for the week.  This year was no exception, and 70 plus students headed out on two buses up to New Hampshire on Monday, May 4th. 

The program is officially called Nature’s Classroom At Sargent Center.  There are over 700 acres of forest, pond, meadow, river, and bog communities which become a living classroom for the students.  The students spend most of their day outdoors.  Students stay in winterized cabins with modern bathrooms in rooms of 4 or 6.

Rochester Memorial 5th grade teachers accompany their students for the week as well as other staff and visits include Mr. Medeiros, principal of RMS.

As a parent of a 5th grader, you watch the buses pull away already missing your child but knowing that they are going to have the experience of a lifetime and literally a blast with all their friends, while learning about ecology and geology that they just won’t find in books.

We are very lucky to have such a dedicated staff at RMS that keeps this tradition alive.  This is my third and last experience with Sargent Camp.  My two older children talk about it fondly and what a great time they had.

They will all be back on Friday and we’ll be happy to welcome them home with memories and stories to tell.

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Ambit Energy

Ambit Energy is Here!

Ambit Energy

With the current deregulation of power service providers and the hike in electricity costs recently, people are looking at other resources.  Ambit Energy is a new energy resource that gives back.

Ambit Energy was named the fastest-growing privately-held company in 2010.

You may choose Ambit Energy as your energy source or as an employment opportunity.

Ambit surpassed one million active residential customers in December 2012.

Ambit Energy was also named the top 100 places to work by The Dallas Morning News for the 3rd straight year.

The Direct Selling News named Ambit Energy the 14th largest direct selling company in the world!

This is a company to watch!


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BOLD Moves Real Estate

Kick Start Spring Planting!

BOLD Moves Real Estate

It’s time for Spring Planting.  Now is the time buyers are looking for houses and nothing enhances a home’s curb appeal than Spring landscaping.  Try some new ideas.  A trellis is always a welcome addition to any yard.  You can buy a nice wooden trellis at any Lowe’s or Home Depot.  You can plant different flowers to twine around it such as ivy, passion flower or for something new try scarlet runner beans.  They grow quickly and have hummingbird-friendly blooms which become edible pods and shellable beans later.

Large pots on the porch can add a splash of color.  You can plant many annuals such as gerber daisies, pansies, verbena, or geraniums and add a few greens also to fill out the pot.

Take stock of your perennials.  Do they need thinning?  Some plants can grow out of control and take over the beds, such as helianthros, chives, or hostas.  Thin them out and keep them controlled.  Try some perennials which always deliver beauty and don’t spread so readily.  Some of these include lupins, astilbe, peonies, or hydrangeas.  These come in a variety of colors and come back year after year with very little work.

Keep the beds mulched weed-free and mulched and this will contribute to the beautiful look and keep the soil moist.

Don’t forget a veggie garden. You can do some vegetables such as tomatoes, green beans, lettuce or herbs in a relatively small space.  You can put some in raised beds or pots if space is an issue.  This is a great project to keep the kids interested and eating healthy.

You can start your flower planting now and your vegetable garden by the end of May.  Enjoy your summer with a great start now.

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BOLD Moves Real Estate

Disclosing Energy Costs!

BOLD Moves Real Estate

When you are listing a house, revealing the energy costs could put you at an advantage.  According to Realtor Magazine, listings that disclose energy costs have a higher close rate, spend less time on the market, and sell closer to the asking price compared to homes that do not disclose this information.

A study was done by Elevate Energy of homes for sale in the Chicago area and found that attached homes either a condo or townhouse that disclosed energy costs spent about 25 fewer days on the market compared to homes that did not share this information.  Single-family homes spent eight fewer days on the market.

The City of Chicago became the first city nationwide to allow direct disclosure of residential energy costs, gas and electric, on the MLS listing service.

With the emphasis on going green for many consumers, the energy costs for a specific house being revealed is a win-win for everyone.  The buyer will know exactly what they are getting into in terms of costs to maintain the house.  This can be a great bargaining tool for sellers, especially when they have made improvements on the house concerning energy efficiency.  A more energy -efficient house will save buyers money in the long run and may encourage them to offer a higher price for the house.

The more a buyer knows about a house, the more apt they are to put in an offer.  It may be the new wave of the future.  Soon we may be seeing energy costs on a seller’s disclosure.

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