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Rochester, MA Troop 31 New Scouts Crossover!

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Rochester Boy Scout Troop 31 welcomed two new Boy Scouts on Friday night.  Pack 30 Cub Scouts held their annual Crossover Ceremony and Blue and Gold Banquet at the First Congregational Church in Rochester.  The boys were treated to a special Crossover Ceremony by the New Bedford Troop 24.  This is an important ceremony for the Webelos Cub Scouts.  Eli MacGregor and Tyler Souza received their Arrow of Light, which is the highest Cub Scout Rank and the only Award they are allowed to wear on their new Boy Scout uniforms.

The Crossover Ceremony is only performed by a small number of Boy Scout Troops and New Bedford  Troop 24 provided an impressive Ceremony in full regalia which involved the boys lighting candles to represent the meaning of the Scout Law and crossing over the Bridge to Boy Scouts.

Rochester Troop 31 Boy Scouts were on hand to receive the Boys into their troop and present them with their new Boy Scout Handkerchief.

Eli and Tyler worked very hard to earn their badges and receive their Arrow of Light.  Eli started as a Tiger Cub in 1st grade and Tyler joined as a Webelos Scout.

The Cub Scout Master, Roger Poulin, presented the boys with their new Boy Scout Handbook. The Crossover was held in conjunction with the Blue and Gold Banquet which is held every year as a birthday party for Cub Scouts.  Pizza and salad as well as special cupcakes made the night a complete success.

As the Den Leader for the boys since they were Tiger Cubs, this was a bittersweet moment.  I am very proud of the accomplishments they have made but will miss the den meetings and the family atmosphere of the Cub Scouts.  They are now on their way to Eagle, the highest achievement in Boy Scouts.

Congratulations to Eli and Tyler!

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This blog was originally posted on on March 4, 2015

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Beyond BOLD Media Has Great Cards for All Your Needs!

Beyond BOLD MediaBeyond BOLD Media

Beyond BOLD Media has great, unique cards for any occasion for sale on their website.  The designers have created unique, original  cards for any occasion with new and appealing graphics.

There are many Thank You Cards which would be very helpful if you are involved in the BOLD  Day Challenge- 365 Days of Gratitude.  There are numerous inspirational  and motivational  cards.  Most are blank for you to write your handwritten message or you can contact Beyond BOLD Media and have them personalize your own cards with your distinctive Brand.

The Cards sell for $1 each.

The newest Cards are simple  with a single word printed on the front.  These include: Inspire, Grateful, Celebrate, and Solace.  They are printed on laid- 100lb. natural stock for an elegant look.  These can be used for any occasion. These cards are a higher quality and come with a matching envelope for $1.50 each.

Stay tuned, Beyond BOLD Media will be introducing some original St. Patrick Day cards as well as Mother’s Day Cards.  All the cards are designed in house by their graphic designers.

Visit them at for the whole menu of cards and other services they provide.  You won’t be disappointed.

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Beyond BOLD Media


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New Bedford Celebration Day in Fort Myers, Florida!

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New Bedford Celebration Day in Fort Meyers, Florida occurs yearly and always draws a huge crowd.  Snowbirds and natives  of the Southcoast flock to this event in  Fort Myers each year to celebrate their native city.  This event   always draws close to 1,000 attendees.

WBSM will be there with PHIL Paleologos and Kasey Silvia broadcasting live from Fort Myers on March 10th and March 11th as well as from the New Bedford Day event on March 10th with live call ins during the afternoon.

BOLD Moves Real Estate will be the featured business along with Dave Garro of BOLD Moves. There will also be 40 Live and Recorded promotional announcements the week leading up to broadcast  Starting March 3, 2015.

Dave Garro, a real estate agent at BOLD Moves Real Estate is excited to be part of this event and invites everyone to listen in.

Dave Garro, along with BOLD Moves Real Estate will also be hosting another Seller’s Workshop on March 16th  at Flour Girls in Fairhaven, MA.  Stay tuned for more information.

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Historic Snows Causing Headaches for Real Estate Industry!

Historic snows causing headaches for real estate industry

Associated Press
By PHILIP MARCELO, Associated Press1 day ago
A "For Sale" sign pokes out of about 4 feet of snow in the front yard of a home listed in Derry, N.H., Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2015. Real estate agents say purchase closings are being held up because of the heavy snow: Septic system inspectors can't find buried tanks, sellers can't easily have furniture delivered to stage a home for sale, and owners who do manage to sell a home are having a difficult time moving out.© AP Photo/Charles Krupa A “For Sale” sign pokes out of about 4 feet of snow in the front yard of a home listed in Derry, N.H., Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2015.
BOSTON — All that snow in New England may make your property look as pretty as a calendar shot, but it won’t do you any favors if you’re trying to buy or sell a house.
The storms that have dropped an epic 8 feet of snow are causing grief for the real estate industry.Some real estate agents have had to cancel nearly a month of weekend open houses because of the poorly timed snowstorms. Others have had to brace prospective buyers about to tour homes showing the ravages of winter, including leaky walls and ceilings caused by a buildup of ice on the roof.

Agents complain that deals are being held up because inspectors are unable to get a look at roofs, septic tanks and other features buried under mounds of snow and ice.

Kevin Thompson, left, and Dave Garro of Bold Moves Real Estate dig a real estate sign out of the snow pack in the front yard of a property on Crestfield Street after its sale, Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2015, in Mattapoisett, Mass. Real estate agents say purchase closings are being held up because of the heavy snow: Septic system inspectors can't find buried tanks, sellers can't easily have furniture delivered to stage a home for sale, and owners who do manage to sell a home are having a difficult time moving out.© AP Photo/Stephan Savoia  Kevin Thompson, left, and Dave Garro of Bold Moves Real Estate dig a real estate sign out of the snow pack in the front yard of a property on Crestfield Street after its sale, Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2015, i…


And sellers are grumbling about how difficult it is to move out of their homes in the treacherous weather.

“Honestly, every day is a new issue,” said Kate Lanagan MacGregor, a real estate agent in Mattapoisett, as she rattled off some of her recent struggles. Her latest: trying to empty a newly sold house of the furniture her company had used to “stage” the place for prospective buyers.

“Usually, you can just run up and grab your furniture. Now, the driveway’s not plowed, there’s no path shoveled and you can’t physically get your stuff out the door,” she said.

Homeowner Abbie Cregan recounted her ordeal moving out of her longtime home in Fairhaven just days earlier.

“We were literally pulling washers, dryers, furniture sets out of the house with a dolly and a strap and dragging them through the snow,” she said from her new home in snow-free Phoenix, Arizona. “I still have bruises from it.”

Jeremy Madore said he and his wife are closing on a four-bedroom home in Leominster that they found just weeks ago, in the throes of the snowstorms. He said a home inspector had to clear away a chunk of the snow-covered roof to assess its quality.

Now they’re watching to see how the barn’s roof holds up under the weight and what happens to the basement when the snows finally melt.

“It was definitely more aggravating home shopping in this weather,” Madore said. “We climbed over snowbanks and icy, slippery steps. I brought my snow pants and boots to make sure I wasn’t deterred from making a full circle around the property.”

Corinne Fitzgerald, president of the Massachusetts Association of Realtors, said she won’t have a clear picture of the effect on home sales until figures come in around mid-March. But February, she noted, tends to be the slowest month anyway.

Nationally, sales of existing homes fell slightly in January, in part because of the severe cold and snowy weather in New England and other parts of the country, according to Ian Shepherdson, chief economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics, a market forecasting firm. He said February data should show further declines.

Real estate agents said many sellers appear to be waiting until the weather clears to put their homes on the market, meaning a potentially busy spring. But winter can also hold certain opportunities.

“People are taking advantage of the fact that there are also really no buyers out there,” said Ryan Schruender, an agent in North Andover. “If you look around, you can get a good deal.”

This article was created by the Associated Press and has been published in 1,900 different news outlets.

BOLD Moves owner Kate Lanagan MacGregor and BOLDIES Kevin Thompson and Dave Garro were featured in the article.  BOLD Moves goes above and beyond to give you the personal touch and attention to detail you are looking for in a Real Estate Company.  Laura Severino,  Home Stager, and Real Estate Agent at BOLD Moves staged the house beautifully for the Holiday Season and now that the house had sold had the arduous task of taking out all the Home Staging Decor through the mounds of snow.

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Snow Removal in New Bedford, MA!

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Wherever you go in Southeastern Massachusetts, the talk is all about the snow.  New Bedford is one of the hardest hit cities.  According to the National Weather Service, New Bedford has received nearly 5 feet of snow in January and February alone!  Winter is not over yet either!

In a city such as New Bedford, what do you do with all the snow?  The streets are tight and congested and there is no room to put it.  City crews working with private contractors and the Massachusetts National Guard have removed 135,000 cubic yards of snow from New Bedford streets.  That’s roughly 6,136 dump truck loads or 4,500 tractor trailers filled with snow!  Crews are still working to remove snow and widen the streets and the overnight 3 inches that fell has not helped the situation.

Where is the snow going?  There are 3 snow farms that have been taking the snow:  Whale’s Tail Parking lot, Elco and Fort Taber.  A fourth one opened up as these three are reaching capacity:  the former Goodyear Property in the South End.

The forecast calls for better weather ahead and maybe even some melting may occur today. This is good news for New Bedford where people are saving the parking spots they have worked hard to clean with chairs and barrels.

March is around the corner and Spring will follow.  Monday is calling for temperatures to hit 40!  That’s practically balmy!

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Finding Home Treasures in the Snow!

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There is no shortage of snow this winter but how does that affect homebuyer shopping?  When the weather breaks and spring is around the corner, the For Sale Signs come out, but what are the pros and cons of shopping for a house during the cold winter weather?

One advantage for homebuyers if they are willing to trudge through the snow and the slush is less competition.  The homebuyer who is willing to brave the cold is usually a serious buyer.   Many of these houses have come on in the fall and by the end of winter have been sitting for a  4 or 5 months.  The seller may be ready to negotiate a better price.

The disadvantage for the homebuyer may be that there is less inventory and they may need to act quickly if they see something they love.

Buyers may also be reminded at this time of year the benefits of owning a home.  There are many deductions for interest on mortgage and home equity.  The earlier in the year you buy, the more equity you’ll have in your home by the end of next year which can translate into big savings.

One big advantage of looking at houses in the ice and snow is that you see the house at its worst.  You can see the neighborhood when all the leaves are off the trees.  This will give you an idea how close the neighbors actually are, how the house is laid out and where it sits on the property.

The bad weather can also point out drafts and flood issues and how well insulated the house is.  If you step inside and the house is warm and cozy in extremely frigid weather, you can be assured of the heating situation.

A few cons of looking at a house on a particularly snowy day, may also be evident.  You can’t get a good look at the roof covered in snow and it may be hard to trudge through the yard to check out the outside of the house.  You really can’t see the landscaping and it may be hard to evaluate features such as bulkheads and sheds when the snow makes access difficult.  Home inspectors may have trouble getting up on the roof  and checking out certain aspects of the house.  They can inspect the heating system but may have trouble checking out the AC system.

Sellers may be more conducive to selling, especially if they are sick and tired of showings and keeping the walks and driveways clear of snow and ice.  This can work to a buyer’s advantage.

So if you are a serious homebuyer, this may be the time and season for you to find your dream home.

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This blog was originally published on on Feb. 23,2015


Trash and Recycling Update!

trash moving

How is everyone doing with the new Trash and Recycling Program now that we’ve had a couple of weeks to implement it?  I for one have been trying to figure out how to get the large Recycling Cart up  our long driveway through the snow and ice.  I took the empty Recycling Cart and placed the handle on the trailer hitch ball on the back of my car.  I put all my Recyclable in the bins in the back of my car  and drove up the road.  It worked pretty well. The Cart only fell off once when it hit a mound of snow in the road.  I put it back on and made it to the top of the road and then dumped all my Recyclables from the bins into the Cart.  I plan on leaving the Recyclable Cart at the top of the road and bringing my Recyclables to it.  I think I’ll do the same for the Trash Receptacle. The Cart held all my Recyclables from 3 bins.  It might work for you!

The majority of the feedback I have been receiving, especially from the older folks, is the bulkiness of the Carts and dragging them through the ice and the snow to the road.  Also, they were a little confused about the new Recycling and Trash Schedule.  Some may opt to petition the town for the smaller Receptacles.

Many people have mentioned that they have been Recycling all along but are finding themselves more diligent in their sorting and referring to the brochure that came with the Carts to make sure they are Recycling everything they can.

And What about the Caps?  In the past, the caps from bottles were always tossed in the trash but now they seem to be Recyclable. As with any new venture, there is always a learning curve and soon this will all be second nature.

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Agent Rising

3 Ways Rookies Can Boost Their Client Base

Agent Rising



3 Ways Rookies Can Boost Their Client Base

At Real Estate Connect, agents offer their strategies for drumming up new business fast.

When you’re a new agent trying to build a business from scratch, it’s not easy figuring out how to build a client base. Most rookies need a few months at least to market themselves and spread the word about their business before clients start signing on. But what tactics will get you there the quickest?

Every agent has to tap into their own strengths and develop a prospecting and marketing plan that works for them. But it can be helpful to hear about how other agents developed their strategies for racking up new business. Maybe you can learn something from them.

At Real Estate Connect in New York this week, several practitioners led sessions in which they shared their secret sauces for establishing and building a client base, as well as landing deals. Here are a few of their stories.

Focusing on the Reliable Few

Anouk Nora, a sales associate with Town Residential in New York, has only had her real estate license for six months — and she’s already closed a $27 million deal. It was a commercial property that wasn’t even listed. So how did she find it and get it sold?

Before getting into real estate, Nora was a film producer, working with A-list Hollywood directors such as Martin Scorsese and Oliver Stone. A large part of her job was scouting for filming locations. “It required a lot of research and getting to know the properties in certain areas intimately,” Nora says.

She used that same mentality when looking for properties to sell. She researched properties in different areas of New York, and when she decided on an area she wanted to farm, she got up close and personal with the buildings there.

“I walked more than I ever walked in my life, looking for something to fall in love with so I could sell it,” Nora said. “Successful agents, like successful film producers, farm an area they love and get to know it intimately.”

Nora came across the property she eventually sold for $27 million while she was researching the area. She was able to get a tour of the building, which was owned by an artist. The property wasn’t listed, but she learned that the owner had been thinking about selling.

“I know a lot of people in the art world, and I immediately thought of two people I knew for whom this property would be perfect,” Nora said. She approached the two people, and both ended up making offers on the property.

Nora was successful with this transaction by targeting an audience she was already familiar with from her days working in film. She said that she doesn’t spend time mass mailing but instead is more focused about her prospecting. “I’d rather be in contact with the right type of people rather than more people,” she said.

Building a Robust Referral Network

It’s every agent’s motto: referrals, referrals, referrals. Everyone knows the importance of referral business, and for many practitioners, it’s how they get most of their new clients. But most don’t get as much referral business as Lindsay Grandquest, a sales associate with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate in Mobile, Ala. Last year, 82 percent of her business came from referrals.

She’s developed an interesting way to stay in touch with past clients or friends and family, adding the personal touch to solicit referrals. “I don’t ever call with a sales pitch,” she says. “I just call them and say, ‘Hey, I’m about to show a home in your neighborhood, and I thought of you. How are you?’

“Now I’m probably not actually doing that, but it makes it easier to start a conversation,” Grandquest continued. “You have to find that common ground.”

At the end of the conversation, she’ll remind the person she called to point anyone they know who is buying or selling her way. For her VIP clients, she makes this kind of personal contact with them four times a month to stay top of mind.

Grandquest has developed another innovative way to get referrals. She’ll drop by her dentist’s office or her hairdresser’s salon with a small token of appreciation, such as a couple scoops of ice cream, and her business card. That way, they’ll pass on her information to their other clients and spread the word about her business.

When she gets a referral, she’ll send the referrer a “thank you” note with a $5 Starbucks gift card. “I say, ‘Thank you for believing in me and my business,’” Grandquest says. “If you do this a couple of times, it will start a momentum that is unstoppable.”

Using Reviews to Reel In More Clients

Sarah Jones, broker and co-owner of Bamboo Realty in Houston, has a business page on Yelp, and she has all of her agents ask their clients to fill out a Yelp review at closing. “That’s when the client is most motivated to fill out a review,” she says.

Review sites like Yelp are indexed much higher in online search results than many real estate company websites. Once Bamboo Realty racked up enough reviews, its company business page on Yelp started getting a lot more traffic from search engines, Jones said. In fact, Yelp is now the company’s No. 2 source of business after referrals, she added.

The extra benefit of people finding the company through Yelp is that they see Bamboo Realty’s positive reviews and are much more ready to work with its agents once they call. “Folks that find you because you have five-star reviews are far more likely to convert into a client,” Jones said.

But inevitably, you’ll get a bad review. Don’t panic, Jones said. “If you get something that’s not positive, see how you can rectify it,” she added.

Take a breather, then contact the person who reviewed you negatively. Don’t make another sales pitch; just ask what went wrong and how they felt you could improve your service. Just by doing that, the reviewer may reach out to you when they’re ready to try again.

This blog was originally published in January 2015 in Realtor Magazine

This blog was originally posted on on January 12, 2015

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Cabin Fever!

BOLD Moves Real Estate

Cabin Fever?  With all the snow and snow days and now the kids home from vacation, you can feel a little overwhelmed.  We have definitely had our share of snow and days where we feel we’ve been stuck in the house a little too much.  But take heart, Spring is not that far away and it makes sense to try and capitalize on the coziness and quiet of a snowy day.  Soon the warm weather will be here bringing with it more activity and crazy schedules.

Winter is a great time to reconnect with your kids and step back from the hectic schedules.  Kids, of course, love the snow and have a great time playing in it.  Try to take some time to spend time in the snow,  When was the last time you made a snowman or a snow fort?  This is a great time to try out snowshoeing or cross-country skiing.  Just strap them on and get out to enjoy the beauty the snowy day affords.  Just take a walk and listen to the quiet of the early evening.  Sledding with the kids is always a fun time.  Then it’s time to come in for snacks and hot chocolate.

You can also put a family movie in and spend time watching it together or take out a board game you haven’t seen in awhile.  Put away the video games and i-pads and spend some quality time together. Curling up with a good book can also be a great way to spend a snowy afternoon.

For the brave of heart, there is always crafts to do with the kids.  Buy some cheap canvases and paints and let them make a masterpiece or how about syrup and snowcones.  If you run out of ideas, simply jump on Pinterest and you won’t believe all the ideas they have

Sometimes, we fret and complain about the large quantity of snow, but it’s all part of living in New England and sometimes it’s best to simply step back and enjoy the view.  The beauty of an ordinary day should never be overlooked.

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Real Estate Designation and Certification Courses!

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The National Association of Realtors encourages members to increase their professionalism, proficiency, marketability and income through pursuing of an officially endorsed NAR designation or certification.  Besides the many professional benefits and quality education these courses offer, many of these courses have already been approved for continuing education credits.

Here are some of the Designation Courses:  Accredited Buyer’s Representative  Designation (ABR)

Accredited Land Consultant (ALC)

Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS)

Council of Residential Specialists (CRS)

NAR’s Green Designation

Seller Representative Specialist (SRS)

Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES)

These are Certification Courses:

At Home With Diversity

BPO’s: The Agent’s Role in the Valuation Process

e-Pro Certification Program

Military Relocation Professional Certification (MRP)

Resort and Second-home Property Specialist (RSPS)

Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource (SFR)

These are all great courses to help you in your real estate career and many offer CEU’s

Visit learning for more information.

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