Boldies Coach Pee Wees and Jr. Midgets to Grand Champion Win!




Bold Moves Real EstateThe Pop Warner Old Rochester Youth Football Cheerleaders competed in the State Championship in Rhode Island recently.   The Jr. Midget Cheerleaders and the Pee Wee Cheerleaders were both given the distinction of Grand Champions.  They also received the Town Cup for having the highest overall combined scores of the day for both groups.

Bold Moves Real Estate is proud to have their own Sarah Holick as the Chair Coordinator for the Pop Warner Cheerleaders.  Other “Boldies” leading the girls to victory were Michele Saltmarsh and Iva Lajoie coaching the Jr. Midgets.

This qualifies the girls to move onto the Regionals in Springfield, MA .  The Jr. Midgets will attend this weekend  and the Pee Wees will attend the following weekend.  A win at the Regionals will send the girls onto the next level in Disneyland, Florida.

Bold Moves is very proud to have our agents giving back to the community in this way and wish the girls they best of luck with their next competition and their quest for victory in Disneyland.  What a great accomplishment for these superb girls!

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Bold Moves Real Estate Hayride is a “Spooktacular Success!”

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Bold Moves Real Estate had their annual Client Appreciation Haunted Hayride on Saturday.  Everyone had a great time and the woods were filled with Scary Skits.  We had Little Red Riding Hood and the Big, Bad Wolf, A Flying Ghoul, Mad Doctors performing Surgery, Zombies, Wild Chainsaw Man, A Gaggle of Witches, A Mom Rocking her 2-headed Baby, Enormous Bull with a Hatchet , a Guillotine and many more frightening creatures just waiting to jump out and scare you.  We had many “Boldies” helping out with the setup and the skits as well as family and friends.  The MacGregors were out in full force.  What better way to spend a night with your family and friends than hanging out in the woods and scaring wagonloads of people.  It truly was a great night and everyone pulled together to make it happen.  Judging from the screams and yells coming from the hayride, it was a huge success.  Bold Moves has a unique way of thanking our clients and family and friends for a great year.    Everyone is already thinking of new ideas for next year!

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What Does a Home Stager Do?

photo1What Does a Home Stager Do?  A Home Stager is similar to an interior decorator with expertise in planning and choosing colors, fabrics and furniture  and arranging them in a way to make your house look its best.  A home stager is not focused on creating a home that suits your taste or a specific taste but rather making your home appeal to a broader range of tastes.  They do their best to make someone fall in love with your house and want to buy it.

Here is a sample of what they might do.

Examine your house from top to bottom and give you a report of what they feel could be done to make it more generally appealing.

Identify ways to highlight your home’s best features and downplay its shortcomings.

Recommend which furniture items should stay and which should be removed and put in storage before the open house.  Decluttering always helps your house look bigger and more appealing.

Suggest repairs you might need and also has a list of resources to help you with finding the right person for the job.

A home stager may bring in furniture or homey objects  to make your house feel like a home.  Sometimes they have these items on hand or other times they may suggest a rental company they use to temporarily decorate your home.

If money is tight, the home stager can often recommend changes you can do yourself.  They will give you a plan to follow with different levels of expense.  You can pick the projects you are able to do yourself according to your budget.

Either way, home staging has been proven to sell a house faster. You want your property to be the one buyers are bidding on.

Choose a home stager carefully.  Recommendations from your realtor or other sellers is always helpful.

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Gratitude Marketing!


Gratitude MarketingGratitude Marketing is the power of the written word.  In our world today, there is much less personal contact than in years past.  People connect on the internet with email and skype and facebook as well as other social media.  We are just as likely to text someone as to use our smart phones to make a personal call.  This is even more prevalent among the younger generation who are growing up with social media as a way of life.

The older crowd can relate to a day without computers and video games and smart phones.  We only had  out house phones and the written word to get our point across or to reach out to someone.  Today our world seems a lot less personal.  We receive so many emails that we are constantly cleaning out our inboxes.

Beyond Bold Media has a new concept of Gratitude Marketing.   A way to thank our loyal customers and clients with a handwritten card which may brighten their day.  In a world where people are constantly deleting their email, sometimes without even reading it, a handwritten card  is always appreciated.  It shows you took the time to pick out a card and write a quick note and send out the old-fashioned way.

Beyond Bold Media has many new designs and graphics made in-house by our team of artists which can be personalized or branded to make them your own.  They are a great way to personally connect with clients.

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Another Price Reduction – 605 Ocean Meadows Condo, Fairhaven, MA

Bold Moves Real EstateAnother Price Reduction- Down to $185,700!  Come by and see this great Condo located in Fairhaven, MA.  Close to area beaches, shopping, and great restaurants.  Newly updated with cherry hardwood in the living room and granite countertops in the kitchen.

Enjoy a maintenance-free life in a great town.  Call today for your private showing.

Carolyn MacGregor 508-742-8314

Fall Staging and House Sales!

bold moves real estate diyFall is officially here and there is no better time to sell your house than now.  People are back to work and done with vacation mode and ready to seriously look.

Fall is the time of harvest and this can work to your advantage with  staging your home to look its fall best.  Flowers may not be as abundant blooming as in the spring but fall has its own special blossoms to take advantage of.  Mums in various colors can brighten up a front porch and replace the old blooms in your beds or planters.  Corn stalks are ready to be cut and are readily available at any farm stand.  Tie them up to your porch columns or lean them up to frame a doorway.

Another staple of a fall look is the bale of hay with some pumpkins on top.  These can also be found at your local farmer’s market or stand and the pumpkins can be carved later for Halloween.  You can set up a few displays with bales of hay and pumpkins or keep it simple with one depending on the size of your porch or front door area.  Sometimes less is more.  You can also add some colorful gourds in a natural basket for added color and decoration.

The weather is comfortable for house hunting and the buyers are out there looking.  Dressing up your outside look just adds to your house’s curb appeal and is a fun activity to do with the kids. You can even add a homemade scarecrow for a kid-friendly afternoon.

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Price Reduction on Great Condo!

ocean meadows Fairhaven MACome and check out this great Condo!  Price Reduction to $189,900!  This Ocean Meadow condo features cherry hardwood in the living room, new windows and slider, updated kitchen with granite countertops, freshly painted ready for you to make it your own.  Sit back and enjoy this maintenance free life!

Call Carolyn MacGregor  508-742-8314 for your own private showing.

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Cozy Cottage!

P1040417Great Price Reduction on this adorable little cottage!  Located on 44 County Rd. in Freetown.  This house is small but private set back from  the main road on a quiet dirt road.  Needs some TLC but has updated septic and artesian well located on half an acre.   Price reduced to $119,000, just waiting for you to make it your own.  Call for your private showing today!

Carolyn MacGregor        Bold Moves Real Estate 508-742-8314

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Fall is Harvest Time!

bold moves real estate diyNow is the time to reap the benefits  of your own garden or your nearby local farmer’s market.  There are many fruits and vegetables that are coming ripe in the fall.  The garden has provided us with vegetables, all summer such as cucumbers, squash, melons, green beans, lettuce mixes, but there are many vegetables ready to harvest now.   Potatoes are ready to harvest as well as bell peppers, onions, carrots and later corn.  Kale is another vegetable which can be harvested until the frost comes.  The cold weather only makes it sweeter.

Butternut squash will soon appear in your stores and farmer’s markets as well as gourds, pumpkins and other later squash varieties such as hubbards.

Pumpkins and decorative gourds are a great way to dress your house for the fall season as well as corn stalks and mums.  Hay bales also add a great touch as a backdrop for your pumpkins or even a scarecrow or two.

It’s a great time of year for fruit too.  Apple picking is just about upon us.  Even  though we can get these fruits all year round, fall is the real season for great apples, grapes and peaches fresh from the vine or tree.  It’s also a great time for some fruit inspired treats such as cider, pies, jams and jellies and cobblers.  Local fairs and farmer’s markets are teeming with these great treats.

We may lament the end of summer but the fall holds many treasures for the days ahead.

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Cheap Ideas to Make Your House Look Expensive!

Bold Moves Real EstateHow can you make your house look great on a shoestring.  Here are some really great ideas which cost next to nothing.

Ditch the gold.  Bling cheapens a room.  Put away all your gold accessories and stick to silver, chrome, brushed nickel or metallic grey.  These colors are sleek and classy.  Use them for photo frames and even mirrors  to lend an elegant look to your room.

Do away with your carpets.  Carpets are usually dirty and easily stained.  Go for vinyl.  It’s cheap and comes in many colors and patterns.   It can even imitate hardwoods, tile or marble.  Carpet is the first thing people want to change when buying a home so simply do it for them.  Take it out and add vinyl for a carefree, clean look.

Use fresh flowers to perk up any room.  You can change them with the season and buy them fairly cheaply at the grocery store and change them often for a fresh look, not to mention the great way they smell.

Use white.  White is clean, open, invigorating and goes with everything.  Use splashes of color to offset the white.  Just make sure to keep it clean.

Clean Up.  Decluttering makes a huge difference in how big your rooms look.  Put away any unnecessary clutter and dust and vacuum often to keep your rooms looking their best.

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