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Is it Time to Sell?

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Is it time to sell your house?  The housing market is starting to turn around and in some states such as Los Angeles,  San Francisco and New York City, the real estate market is actually booming. There are many factors that can affect your decision to sell.

During the housing crisis, many people bought over priced houses.  Then the market dropped and they saw their house values plummet.  Many owed more than their house was worth and were forced into foreclosures or short sales.  Now with home values rising, there may be enough equity in your home to make it worth your while to sell.

What about the size of your house?  Maybe your family has grown or you’ve taken in a parent.  Now is a great time to look for a larger house.  Many new homes are coming on the market this spring and interest rates are still low.  Now is a great time to find the larger home to accommodate your family.

Maybe the opposite is true and you’ve become an empty-nester.  Your looking to down-size to a home which is smaller and easier to maintain.  There are some great small homes on the market or maybe a condo would better suit your lifestyle with little or no maintenance.

Interest are at an all-time low and have nowhere to go but up, so now is the time to make the move.  Be practical, pick a house you can afford.  You don’t want to be house poor.  You want a house that you can afford to live in but also have money left over at the end of the month to enjoy an occasional vacation or the night out on the town.

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This blog was originally posted on on April 19, 2015

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Fairhaven/ Acushnet Broker Tour April 2 !


Broker Tour

 April 2, 2015

Please join us 

1st Thursday of every month
Includes:Current Listings in Fairhaven and Acushnet

Where: Tour starts promptly at 9:00 am at the first house scheduled on tour

*Light lunch served at last house on tour
Please submit 
listings by Tuesday March 31
Dave Garro
Looks like the Market is Off and RUNNING ….lets see those 


You can’t sell a house unless you’ve seen it!!!

Please join Dave at this week’s Fairhaven/Acushnet Broker Tour.  Tours are always full.  Professional brokers and agents only.  It’s a nice way to network and see what houses are available for your clients.

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Get Your House Ready for the Spring Market!

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Spring is officially here!  Although it may not seem like it, now is the best time to get your house ready to sell! The Spring Market is ready!  Inventory is still low and now that the weather is starting to cooperate, it’s time to think about sprucing up your home and boosting its curb appeal.

Studies have shown that renovations that improve a home’s function may not be worth the investment. Small cosmetic changes that cost little may give you the best bang for your buck.

Many buyers do judge a book by its cover.  The front of your house is their first impression and many buyers will turn away and look elsewhere if they are not pleased with the look of the house.

While there are certain features you can’t change, there are some things you can do inexpensively to make your home look like the gem of the neighborhood it is.

A new front door, or simply painting the front door can add a whole new look to your home.   A fresh coat of paint on the house itself or powerwashing the shingles or clapboard can make a big difference.  You want your home to look clean and fresh.  Don’t forget the garage door too.

Check your mailbox.  Does it need some sprucing up or a coat of paint also?  You may even want to replace it if it’s in rough shape.

Landscaping can also make a big difference.  Although it’s not time to cut the grass yet, as the snow melts you may be able to clean up the flowerbeds of debris and weeds.  Soon it’ll be time for putting out some nice pots on the porch or front steps with some colorful annuals.  The key is to keep your yard as manicured as possible with freshly cut grass and mulched flowerbeds and shrubs.  If your yard lacks for color, you may want to plant some flowering trees or shrubs to help.

It’s also time to wash the front windows.  This will let the sunshine into the house and also make the outside look fresh.

Lastly, don’t forget the driveway.  Spray away the winter’s grime and oil stains with a powerwasher.  It will add to the clean, sparkly look of the house.

Now’s the time to spruce up and get your house on the market.  Rates are still low!  It’s a great time!

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This blog was originally posted on on March 26, 2015

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Gymnast Nicole Pruchnik, Athlete of the Week!

Former ‘Kaleidoscope’ gymnast Pruchnik wins school’s Athlete of the Week, to compete in Nationals

Source: University of Southern Connecticut State UniversityNichole Pruchnik, a former student at the Kaleidoscope of Dance and Gymnastics in Wareham, won Athlete of the Week for the second time this year at Southern Connecticut State.

Former Kaleidoscope of Dance and Gymnastics gymnast Nicole Pruchnik has been named Southern Connecticut State University’s Co-Athlete of the Week after helping the Owls set a new team score record of 191.875 points at the Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference Championships on Saturday.

Pruchnik, a junior, received the same award earlier this year, and will compete at USA Gymnastics Collegiate Nationals at the University of Pennsylvania for the third time beginning on April 9 in the beam, floor exercise, and vault.

The Rochester native matched the school’s record with a score of 9.9 on the floor exercise, which she also tied last year. She was the runner up in the event, and she also finished third on the beam with a score of 9.75.

Led by Pruchnik’s efforts, the Owls came in second place to the University of Bridgeport, who won the title with a score of 195.225.

“This season has been a lot of fun and I am so privileged to be able to do gymnastics with the girls I get to do it with,” said Pruchnik. “Winning athlete of the week is a huge honor and I can’t thank Southern (Connecticut State) enough for thinking I am good enough to get the honor.”

The former Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference Rookie of the Year’s gymnastics career started as a four-year-old at Kaleidoscope in Wareham, where she still works out in the offseason and volunteers helping younger gymnasts.

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Spring Real Estate Market!


BOLD Moves Real EstateSpring Real Estate Market!  What will it bring?  The predictions for a busy spring have been delayed by all the snow and bad weather of the winter.  While prices have been steady and interest rates haven’t taken a significant rise, the For Sale Inventory has been low this winter and  the start of Spring.

Many homeowners have decided to wait until all the snow is gone to put their house on the market.  They don’t want to deal with all the shoveling and work it takes to show their house for an Open House.  In Boston, the parking is still an issue.  There is still a lot of snow on the side streets which makes parking hard to find to attend an Open House.  Lawns are still covered making putting up signs difficult at best.

Even though, the inventory is low and many real estate agents are encouraging sellers to put their house on the market now, many sellers are hesitant to do so.  They want to wait until the ice dams are gone and they can freshen up the outside.  They feel their house will look more inviting with green grass and flower beds blooming, rather than snow, ice and even mud as the snow melts.

Many sellers did well during the snowy months, taking advantage of the low inventory and presenting the warm and cozy side of their home.  If sellers are close to listing their house, now is the time to do it before the market is inundated with new listings.

The advantage could shift to the buyer as new houses come on in the spring.  It’s unclear whether the market will catch up this Spring.  Getting more sellers to list and bring up inventory will help.

All in all, Spring has arrived and the snow will soon be a memory.  People will once again be out in full force looking for their dream home.

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Budgeting Tips for First Time Home Buyers!

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Buying a House for the first time can be nerve racking, but with better budgeting, First Time Home Buyers can get into a house that suits their family as well as their budget.  There are many extra expenses that can go into purchasing a house that the buyer does not anticipate, but with a good real estate agent guiding them as well as their mortgage lender, they can buy a house with confidence.

Mortgage calculators are readily available online to help buyers calculate their mortgage payments including interest, insurance and taxes.  Keeping within their budget is important to avoid being house poor.  Calculating their budget now and keeping within it along with some savings for unforseen circumstances can give them a good idea of what kind of house they can afford.  Their mortgage broker can also help them with this  and have a wealth of ideas on which type of loan would suit them better.

There are some extra costs which should be factored in.                                                                                                Home Inspection:  Having a home inspected by a licensed Home Inspector, while not mandatory , is critical to making sure you know everything about a house prior to owning it.  They usually cost around $500 but are well worth the money to ensure there are no costly surprises waiting around the bend.

Closing Costs:  These average around $5000.  These include all the fees associated with buying a house such as lawyer,appraiser, title and recording fees.  They should be included in the budget.  Sometimes, closing costs can be included in the offer to be paid by the seller but generally the offer must be higher to take this into account.

Monthly bills:  Monthly utility bills for the house may be different than what they are currently paying.  The realto may be able to give a rough estimate what the monthly bills are for the house so that they can be budgeted in.

Maintenance:  Home owners know there is always maintenance to be done.  The Home Inspection will give an idea of what will need to be done in the near and distant future and can be included in the home budget.  A good idea is to set a weekly amount in a separate account to take care of home maintenance.

Purchasing a home can be exciting as well as scary but proper preparation can make the process much smoother and keep the anxiety down and make it the exciting and satisfying experience it was meant to be.

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This blog was originally posted on on March 20, 2015

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St. Patrick’s Day!

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Happy  St. Patrick’s Day!  Why exactly do we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?  St. Patrick’s Day or the Feast of St. Patrick is a cultural and religious celebration always held on March 17th, the traditional death of St. Patrick.  Saint Patrick is the foremost, patron saint of Ireland.

Saint Patrick’s Day was made an official Christianfeast day in the early 17th century.  It is observed by the Catholic Church, the Anglican Communion, Church of Ireland, the Eastern Orthodox Church, and Lutheran Church.  It commemorates Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland.  It also celebrates the culture and the heritage of the Irish in general.

The day is typically celebrated with public parades, festivals, and the wearing of green attire or shamrocks.  Christians also attend church services and the Lenten restrictions on eating and drinking are waived for the day.

There is a lot of drinking, corned beef and cabbage and “wearing of the green” to celebrate the day.

BOLD Moves Real Estate appreciates all their clients and wishes everyone a safe and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Old Rochester Boys Basketball State Champs!

Old Rochester pulls away to win Division 3 boys’ basketball state titleOld Rochester's Jason Gamache (20) and Jacob Chavier celebrate with teammates after they defeated Hoosac Valley.

Old Rochester’s Jason Gamache (20) and Jacob Chavier celebrate with teammates after they defeated Hoosac Valley.



WORCESTER — Old Rochester coach Steve Carvalho wanted his players to work from the inside out. He didn’t want them forcing bad shots from behind the 3-point line.

But Carvalho did leave open the possibility of the Bulldogs shooting from downtown if the game warranted in the second half.
And when Hoosac Valley cut the Bulldogs’ lead to 2 late in the third quarter, Carvalho let his players loose. Old Rochester drained three consecutive 3-pointers to bury Hoosac Valley’s comeback bid and capture the Division 3 state title, 61-47, on Saturday at the DCU Center.

“We talked in the first half a little about not settling behind the arc,” said Carvalho. “I think they came in and felt we weren’t too much of a 3-point-shooting team. We do have 3-point shooters but it’s still a tough shot in a place like this.”

After Hoosac Valley made it 41-39 with less than a minute remaining in the third quarter, freshman guard Noah Fernandes stepped up to the arc and drained the first three. On the first possession of the fourth, senior guard Ryan Beatty made another, and after Hoosac Valley (17-8) converted two free throws, Fernandes ended the flurry with a three to give the Bulldogs a 50-41 advantage.

View Gallery
Photos: MIAA basketball championships
Globe photos from Saturday’s state title games.

“That was the difference, when they hit a three and then another one,” said Hoosac Valley coach Bill Robinson, whose team trailed by as many as 11 points in the first half. “But I was super proud of my guys that competed here today. They just wouldn’t quit. We at least made them earn it today.”

Beatty (12 points) hit another 3-pointer midway through the fourth quarter that put Old Rochester (23-3) ahead, 55-45, and sealed the Bulldogs’ first state title.

“I knew if I got my shot I was going to take it,” said Beatty.

Fernandes was a force for the Bulldogs, scoring a game-high 20 points — including four 3-pointers — and hauling in six rebounds.

Check out this great article on the Old Rochester Boys Basketball State Championship Win published in the Boston Globe.

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New Sellers Workshop!


Come by and join Dave Garro,  home stager Laura Severino, and graphic designer as well as real estate agent Sonia Amaral for a new Seller’s Workshop!  This is a no obligation, informal, informational meeting to answer all your questions.

Buyers are not to be overlooked.  Stay tuned for Dave Garro’s Buyer’s Workshop coming soon..

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Millennial Buyers!

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Who are the millennials?  Basically they were born from the early ’80s through the late ’90s, have accrued student loan debt and  have lacked the financial ability to buy their own homes.  Even 30-year-olds were as likely to be stuck in their childhood bedrooms as owning their own home according to a recent Report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Things may be turning around for this generation.  While they are still carrying large amounts of student debt, home ownership may be in their future.

This generation has struggled in the job market.  Unemployment rate was high for this group between 2007 and 2010 but the outlook is improving.  Unemployment is coming down and they may see rising wages over the next couple of years.  About one quarter of them possess a bachelor’s degree which accounts for the student debt, but will help them in the job market.

New household formation which dived during the recession is back up.  They are actually stating to move out of their parents’ house.

Mortgages are becoming within reach.  FHA and USDA loans require little or no money down and rates are still low.  Mortgage insurance premiums are also more affordable.  With the housing market crash, many were staying away but they are starting to think about home ownership and saving money to buy a home.

Time will tell but it looks like the tide is turning toward home ownership for millennial buyers.

Source: March 6, 2015

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