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Wareham and Fairhaven 4th of July!

Wareham, Fourth of July, BOLD Moves Real EstateThe Fourth of July is fast approaching and Wareham and Fairhaven have many events planned to celebrate the holiday.  Onset will be having a spectacular firework display  over Onset Beach and Bay, Onset, MA.  The fireworks will be set off at dusk on Saturday, July 4th.

The Blessing of the Fleet will take place in Onset at 10 am on Saturday at Onset Pier. This is the second year the Blessing of the Fleet will take place in Onset.  The event had been put on hold since the 1990’s.  Twenty vessels are expected to take part in the boat parade,  many dressed up for the Fourth or any other theme.

At 8am is the 39th Annual Antiques Faire hosted by the Wareham Historical Society.  The Antiques Faire will take place on the Village Green on Main Street from 8am to2pm.  From 10am to 2pm, Frank McNamee will be giving appraisals for a fee.  One item is $5, three items for $10.   The Wareham Minutemen and Militia will muster at noon.

There will also be a “Bicycle Pet Doll Carriage Parade” from 1 to 3 pm in Onset Village.  Children can decorate their bike or pet or doll carriage for this free event.

End your evening finding a great spot to watch the spectacular Fireworks display at Onset Harbor!

Fairhaven, 4th of July, BOLD Moves Real EstateFairhaven, MA has some great events to celebrate the Fourth of July!   The Fourth of July Car Cruise will take place on Saturday.  The event takes place at Fairhaven High on Huttleston Ave.   The gathering for the Flag Raising starts at 8:30 AM at the school.  Classic and antique cars and vehicles will then depart at 9:00AM and cruise through town and stop at Fort Phoenix for the Annual Independence Day Ceremony.

The Fort Phoenix Independence Day Ceremony and Cannon Salute takes place on Saturday at 10 AM.  A program at the historical , Revolutionary War era fort will feature a brief history of Fort Phoenix, a reading of the Declaration of Independence, musical performances by The Showstoppers, and the singing of the National Anthem followed by the firing of the fort’s five 25-pound Seacoast Defense cannons.  This free event is sponsored by the Town of Fairhaven and the Fairhaven Village Militia.

Fourth of July is looking to be a spectacular day in Wareham and Fairhaven.

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Sixth Grade Activities at Rochester Memorial School!

Rochester Memorial School, BOLD Moves Real EstateRochester Memorial School in Rochester, MA had their senior activities last week to send the 6th graders off to the Junior High next year in style.  

The last week of school included a trip to Martha’s Vineyard on Wednesday.  Each year the sixth graders and their families along with the sixth grade staff head to Martha’s Vineyard on the Woods Hole Ferry.  They spend the day on the beach, and spending time in Oak Bluffs and Vineyard Haven.  The Carousel is always a popular spot as well as the local ice cream parlors and souvenir shops.  It’s a great day for the students to spend with their family, teachers and fellow students.  Each year a t-shirt is designed for all the students to sign and wear for the outing.

Thursday night was the Sixth Grade dance.  The students have a chance to get dressed up, enjoy some good food and dance to music by DJ Danni Kleiman.  The cafeteria is decorated by the parents and staff and this year was “A Night to Remember’ theme giving the cafeteria a magical look.

The week ended with Graduation on Friday Morning as the Sixth Graders gathered with their families and teachers in the gym to reminisce about the year past and look forward to the year ahead.  Awards were given out and memories of each student shared by the teachers.  

It is a great tradition and a great way to send off the sixth graders to their new adventures in Junior High.

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Homeowners Re-entering Housing Market!

1.5 Million Homeowners Could Re-Enter Housing Market in Next 3 Years

 According to a new study from TransUnion, more than 1.5 million homebuyers negatively impacted by the financial crisis could potentially re-enter the mortgage market in the next three years. This population of consumers negatively impacted by the financial crisis – commonly known as boomerang buyers – was defined by TransUnion as being 60+ days delinquent on a mortgage loan, having lost a mortgage through foreclosure, short sale or other non-satisfactory closure, or having a mortgage loan modification.

coupleTransUnion’s study found that approximately 700,000 boomerang buyers might be able to re-enter the housing market in 2015. Over the next five years, TransUnion anticipates 2.2 million boomerang buyers could re-enter the market.

The study analyzed the overall U.S. credit-active population at the end of 2006 (the end of the mortgage Bubble), the end of 2009 (the end of the Burst) and in 2014 to determine consumers’ ability to re-enter the mortgage market.

“Based on our study findings, the Burst had a significant and dramatic impact on many consumers’ ability to re-enter the mortgage market after suffering through the downturn,” says Joe Mellman, vice president and head of TransUnion’s mortgage group. “It’s been over seven years since the beginning of the mortgage crisis; this is significant because many derogatory items, such as foreclosures and short sales can prevent consumers from qualifying for a new mortgage for a period of time. As consumers responsibly manage their credit and pass these milestones, we anticipate a tide of newly mortgage-eligible consumers entering the market.”

TransUnion analyzed every consumer it could track between 2006 and 2014, which came to 180 million consumers. During the mortgage Bubble in 2006, 43 percent of that population, or 78 million consumers, had a mortgage. 42 percent of the recovered consumers currently have a mortgage, while 58 percent of the recovered consumers have not yet re-entered the mortgage market.

“As boomerang buyers who experienced foreclosures or other negative impacts become eligible to re-enter the mortgage market, they may not immediately do so if they are not aware they are eligible again, or feel daunted by their prior experience,” Mellman says. “Lenders can help consumers ease this transition with credit education programs addressing consumer eligibility, and help them better understand their borrowing options.”

Credit Score Impact

The study also looked at how big of an impact the mortgage crisis had on consumer credit scores. Between the Bubble and the Burst, 39 million consumers dropped at least one credit score tier. As of 2014, 16 million of these consumers had recovered sufficiently to reach at least the risk tier they were in before the Burst.

Despite the significant impact on consumer credit scores, a marked improvement in scores has also been observed for certain credit score risk tiers. The study found that 7 million more consumers have moved into prime or better risk categories (VantageScore® 3.0 credit score of 661 and above) between the Burst in 2009 and the close of 2014. Additionally, 8 million consumers left the subprime risk tier (VantageScore® 3.0 credit score of 600 or below) to enter higher risk tiers during the same timeframe.

“An important question lenders face is when to re-engage with consumers who have been challenged managing credit in the past. Despite the negative impact of the mortgage crisis on many consumers, we’re seeing promising recovery as consumers shift to lower risk tiers,” says Ezra Becker, vice president of research and consulting in TransUnion’s financial services business unit. While some lenders may be hesitant to offer loans to these impacted consumers, our data show these consumers are becoming better credit risks. Our study puts a framework around the re-engagement question relative to the mortgage crisis, and that’s good news for both lenders and consumers alike.”


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Rochester Country Fair!

Rochester Country FairThe Rochester Country Fair will take place this year  from August 13 to August 16th on the newly-renovated  Fair Grounds located on Pine Street.  Each year a new theme is chosen.  The fair  this year will be centered around a “Prehistoric ” theme.

The Rochester Country Fair is a unique, country fair.  There will be many fun events such as Tractor Pulling, Woodsman Show, Pie Eating and Pie Bake Off, Dinosaur Dig Hunt, Pebbles and Bam Bam Contest, and the return of the Buana Iguana Reptile Show.  The Committee is also looking into a Highland Games Exhibition and a Lynyrd Skynrd Tribute Band.

The Country Fair is completely funded through local donations from residents and businesses alike. they also sell advertising in the Country Fair Booklet.

The Rochester Country Fair Committee includes: Dave Souza, Julie Koczera, Dianne Wood, Arthur Westgate, Chris Faustino, Duffy Clapp, Pat Lafleur, Slim Bernier and John Lafleur.

Mark it on your calendar for a great time!

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Family Biography Day at Rochester Memorial School!

BOLD Moves Real EstateThe Fifth Grade at Rochester Memorial School in Rochester, MA held its annual Family Biography Day!   Weeks ago, the project began with the Fifth graders picking an older family member to write a biography of their life.   Many students picked a grandparent to write about but their was also aunts and uncles and even Moms and Dads.

The student started the project by sitting down with their family member with a list of questions, such as where were you born, where did you go to school, what is your favorite memory, your greatest accomplishment, worst tragedy and so on.  It was a great opportunity for them to spend time with an older family member and hear about their life, and learn things about them they might not have known.  Also, to get a picture of what life was like when they were young and how things have changed.  Many were surprised they lived without TV and electronic devices until they were older.  It’s a great lesson in history as well as ancestry and family.

The students then took the questions and answers and rewrote them into a biography.  Most of the work was done in school.  The students also spent time with their teachers working on videos with groups of 4 students.  Each video depicted the 4 students dressed as their family member and meeting at different locations to tell a little about themselves.  The students wrote the scripts themselves and the teachers videotaped them.  The locations were as varied as an ice cream shoppe, diner, amusement park, Lowe’s, flower shop to name a few.  Jobs and grandchildren and children and hobbies were all discussed by the students in the role of their chosen family member.

Parents and family members were invited to school today to watch a presentation by their fifth graders.  It started with them taking turns reciting events and facts of the year their family member was 11, just as they are now.  There were interesting notes of the price of gas, bread, apartments and houses many years ago as well as important events, such as who was president, popular songs, musicians and sporting events.

They then watched the entertaining video each group of students made depicting their life, and what they looked like including a blooper reel as an added bonus.  The child then presented their biography all typed up neatly to the family member they depicted.

It was a great project by the fifth grade teachers, Mrs. Della Cioppa, Mrs. Hemenway, Mrs. Lefebvre and Mr. Huckabee.  It was a great treat for their families and a wonderful way to bring them closer.  Rochester Memorial School is truly a great place to learn.

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Pioneer Basement Visits BOLD Moves Real Estate!

BOLD Moves Real Estate!Pioneer Basement came to visit BOLD Moves Real Estate today during their weekly sales meeting.  Ken Daggett, Project Manager, explained the services that Pioneer Basement offers to homeowners, including those buying and selling a home.

Pioneer Basement has many solutions for all kinds of basement problems, including ground water control, moisture control, air quality, and maintenance to name a few.  They can help your home meet the criteria for a Healthy Basement Certificate and a Nationally Backed Warranty through Grate Products.  This Warranty is transferable to new owners when the house is sold.

The basement is an integral part of your house and a healthy basement environment benefits everyone and makes it possible to expand your living space or simply keeping the quality of the air in your house healthy for all the occupants.

This can also affect real estate sales.  A guaranteed healthy basement is a great reassurance for a buyer looking at a house and can help a seller when they are putting their house on the market.  A transferable Healthy Basement Certificate can add value to a house.

BOLDIES were happy to listen to the presentation by Ken Daggett to pass on to our clients.

BOLD Moves Real Estate

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Graduation Time at BOLD Moves Real Estate!

graduationBOLD Moves Real Estate is proud of the graduates of our wonderful “BOLDIES”.  Kate Lanagan MacGregor’s Daughter Mariah graduated from Bishop Stang High School.  Here is a family picture at graduation.  She will be attending Mass College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in Boston, studying nursing.






graduationTracey Lee’s son, Owen graduated from Old Rochester Regional High School.  Shown is Tracey’s family with Owen, including her daughter Maddie, Casey, son-in-law, Adam and her new grandbaby, Alice.  Owen will be attending UMASS Dartmouth to study English and Art.







graduationDenise Reuter’s son Jared graduated from Brewster Academy in Wolfboro, New Hampshire  and will be starting at University of Virginia this summer playing basketball.








Kristin Saccone’s son, Kevin,  graduated from Old Rochester Regional High School.  He will attend UMASS Lowell  in the fall on the track team.



graduationCarla Silva’s son Marciano graduated from Old Rochester Regional High School also. He will be attending Bristol Community College in the fall studying criminal justice.







BOLD Moves Real Estate wants to congratulate all the graduates and wish them well in all their endeavors.

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Rochester Memorial School

Vocabulary Day At Rochester Memorial School!

Vocabulary Day at Rochester Memorial School

Photo by: Georgia SparlingFourth grade teacher Stephanie Cyr gets photobombed by her students.

ROCHESTER — Third and fourth grade students dressed as their favorite vocabulary words for Rochester Memorial School’s annual Vocabulary Day.

The students had a small parade during the all-school meeting on Tuesday morning, and shared their word with the rest of the school.

Kids in each grade also submitted their favorite vocabulary words for consideration. The person who chose the favorite word in each grade received a prize.

See more of the vocabulary costumes below.

Euan Fredricks’ word was bioluminescence. (Photo by: Georgia Sparling)

Matthew Eby embodies the bi-plane. (Photo by: Georgia Sparling)

Ethan Bauer is ready to calculate large sums. (Photo by: Georgia Sparling)

Steven Morrison came up with his own costume for the word deluge. He even knit his own hat. (Photo by: Georgia Sparling)

Part good and part evil? Delaney Veilleux and Ella Lawrence chose the word agathokakological for Vocabulary Day. (Photo by: Georgia Sparling)

Hunting enthusiast Daniel Bertrand chose ghillie suit for his word. Ask him what it means…if you can find him. (Photo by: Georgia Sparling)

Third grader Evan LaPointe chose jabberwocky for his word. (Photo by: Georgia Sparling)

Ethan Furtado was a human x-ray machine for his word radiography. (Photo by: Georgia Sparling)
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Summertime is Almost Here!

SummertimeSummertime is almost here!  The weather may be a little fickle, but it will soon be time for the kids to be out of school and hot, summer weather to be here.  After the tough winter that everyone experienced, it is a welcome change which passes way too quickly.

Flowers are blooming and gardens are starting to sprout.  It’s a promise of things to come.  Strawberries are here and soon roadside stands will be full of red, ripe cartons of strawberries.

Stopping at local farm stands and farmer’s markets are a great way to get fresh, local produuce and also support your neighborhood grower.  It keeps everything local and there is nothing fresher than produce off your neighbor’s fields.

Starting your own small vegetable garden is also another way to get the kids involved and away from the electronic devices.  Having them help plant and weed in the garden will get them outdoors and see the whole process of where vegetables come from.  Planting vegetables in different stages will assure you of fresh vegetables all summer long.

It’s important to keep your yard mowed and mulched, but it’s also important to take time to enjoy the summer with your kids.  These days pass quickly and now’s the time to take a summer vacation even if it’s only a few hours away. There are lots of great vacation destinations only hours away by car.  If money is tight, take a staycation and spend time at a local pool or beach or just camp out in your own backyard.  Kids love this and it’s a great way to spend time with them.

Take the time to enjoy the summer before it slips away.  It’s a great time of year!

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Rochester Memorial School Band

Rochester Memorial School Band Plays at Martha’s Vineyard!

The Rochester Memorial School 5th and 6th grade band traveled to Martha’s Vineyard on Wednesday,  June 3rd to play with the Martha’s Vineyard Band.  The children took the ferry over to the Vineyard and then walked up to the hill to the school to play with the band.  The Martha’s Vineyard band consisted of children from Oak Bluffs, Vineyard Haven and Tisbury.  They all gathered at the school to play with the Memorial School Band.

The children had never played together but they had all practiced the same songs separately and then practiced together before the concert at 1:00PM.  They sounded great!  You would never know that they were not one cohesive band that had played together previously.

The band teachers from each school took turns leading the band for a total of eight songs.  The children enjoyed playing together and today, Friday, June 5th, the Martha’s Vineyard Band will travel to Rochester Memorial School in Rochester, MA to play together once again for the Memorial School.

This exchange is a tradition and occurs every two years so everyone in the band is able to experience it for 5th or 6th grade.

The kids had about an hour after the concert to walk around Oak Bluffs and take in the sights.  Ice Cream was a popular place where most of the kids stopped and then had some fun playing ball in the park before they headed back to the ferry and home.  The weather cooperated and a good time was had by all.  Chris Williamson and Sue Ellis headed the trip along with parent chaperones.  What a nice day!

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