Fall Staging and House Sales!

bold moves real estate diyFall is officially here and there is no better time to sell your house than now.  People are back to work and done with vacation mode and ready to seriously look.

Fall is the time of harvest and this can work to your advantage with  staging your home to look its fall best.  Flowers may not be as abundant blooming as in the spring but fall has its own special blossoms to take advantage of.  Mums in various colors can brighten up a front porch and replace the old blooms in your beds or planters.  Corn stalks are ready to be cut and are readily available at any farm stand.  Tie them up to your porch columns or lean them up to frame a doorway.

Another staple of a fall look is the bale of hay with some pumpkins on top.  These can also be found at your local farmer’s market or stand and the pumpkins can be carved later for Halloween.  You can set up a few displays with bales of hay and pumpkins or keep it simple with one depending on the size of your porch or front door area.  Sometimes less is more.  You can also add some colorful gourds in a natural basket for added color and decoration.

The weather is comfortable for house hunting and the buyers are out there looking.  Dressing up your outside look just adds to your house’s curb appeal and is a fun activity to do with the kids. You can even add a homemade scarecrow for a kid-friendly afternoon.

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Where Did The Summer Go?

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Where did the summer go?  A lot of people are  asking themselves this question.  The summer seems to have gone by in the blink of an eye and the recent gloomy rain and colder temperatures has added to the feeling that fall is on its way.

College kids are already back at school or on their way and most of the children will be heading back to school next week.   It’s a bittersweet time for parents, looking forward to their kids back at school and into a routine but also missing the carefree, fun days of summer with no homework or schedules.

Real estate sometimes gets put on the back burner during the busy, vacation days of the summer.  Buyers are away and not thinking of buying a house and sellers may want to wait to list until the fall when buyers may be more apt to buckle down and start looking again.

September looks to be a busy month for real estate.  People will be getting back into their routines and looking to buy and sell a house before, do I dare say it, the holidays are here.   Now is the time to put your house on the market or start looking again before the  rates go up.

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Student Loans and The Housing Market!

bold moves real estate new yearsIt’s a sad but true story, student loan debt has tripled in size in the last decade.  There are more students and more debt.  Seventy percent more students are getting loans and the typical borrower is taking on twice as much.  This debt from school may payoff with higher wages for graduates, but today this wall of debt is preventing students from getting on with their lives.  Since student debt is concentrated among young adults who are likely first-time home-buyers, it’s devastating to the housing market.

Student debt can prevent some young buyers from taking on debt and student debtors tend to have worse credit scores.

The outlook isn’t that bleak though because investors are buying up distressed homes at a higher rate and all-cash-home purchases have grown to 50 percent of the market, the highest in record.

All in all student loans are depressing demand for homes, but only slightly more than the overall market for homes is already depressed for  various reasons, like under-employment, tighter lending standards, and a general shift away from ownership.

This may be bad news for buyers, but it’s still a seller’s market right now and a great time to put your house on the market.

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Open House! 605 Ocean Meadows, Fairhaven, MA

Bold Moves Real EstateOpen House Saturday, August 2nd 12-2.  605  Ocean Meadows , Fairhaven, MA

Newly updated condo in pristine condition.  This condo features central air, cherry hardwood in living room, updated kitchen with new tile and cabinets and granite countertops, and new windows and slider.  Close to area beaches and amenities.  Sit on your back deck and enjoy this maintenance- free life!  Come on by and check out this great property and enjoy some homemade cookies!

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Brighten Your House with Flowers!

Bold Movs Real EstateNothing brightens up a room like fresh, cut flowers.  This time of year we see flowers everywhere outside but it’s also a great time to bring some in to brighten up your indoors.

Some flowers that are great to cut from your garden and bring inside, include peonies, daffodils, sunflowers, zinnias, roses, and of course hydrangeas. 

Putting flowers at various spots in your home can draw the attention of guests away from unpleasant areas of your house, such as older windows or maybe an area that needs repainting.

Try using different vessels to display your flowers.  There are many different kinds and shapes of vases from tall to short to using old fashioned items such as old milk bottles or a pretty basket lined with a plastic container.  Use your imagination.

Put a little sugar in your water to make your flowers last longer.  You can also pull out the dead blooms and keep the rest of the bouquet longer.

You can put bright flowers to lighten a dark room or put them in your workplace for a boost of color to your workday.  The workplace is often overlooked as a great place for a vase of flowers.

You can also buy a potted plant to enjoy a little while inside and then eventually plant outside for brightening your yard indefinitely.

You can also pick flowers with great smells, such as roses, to really give you a olfactory boost throughout the day. 

Anyway you do it, flowers are always a welcome addition to any room and definitely a mood booster in any venue.

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Do I Need a Real Estate Agent to Buy A Home?

bold moves real estateDo you really need a real estate agent as a buyer?  Technically, no, but there are many reasons why a real estate agent can make your whole experience easier.

The commission is usually paid by the seller, so having your own agent usually does not cost you anything in most cases.  Your agent will be working for you, helping you sort through the mountain of paperwork, helping you with home inspectors, negotiations, and keeping a good relationship with the seller and their agent.  Real estate agents generally have contacts with knowledgeable home inspectors, mortgage loan brokers, and others to help you through the process.  They can help you decide what is reasonable and appropriate behavior in your area.

You can use the seller’s agent in a dual agency capacity but you have to remember that they were hired by the seller and are working for them.  Most good agents will try to be fair but it’s a good idea to have someone looking out for just you.

Keep control over the process.  If you are nervous that your agent is not listening to what kind of house you are really looking for, have a talk with them.  Most good agents will want to put you in your dream house and are looking out for your best interests.  They are aware of the whole process from start to finish and can help you wade through it all and make sense of everything.  Being honest about what you are looking for is how good relationships start.

Having a real estate agent on your side can make all the difference between a great experience or a poor one.  You can also make a friend for life.

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Hurricane Arthur did not stop Marion 4th of July Parade and Horse Show!

Marion Hores ShowHurricane Arthur may have postponed the Marion 4th of July Parade and Horse Show from Friday to Saturday but it didn’t stop the events from being a time-honored tradition.

Friday’s weather would have made for a dismal parade and horse show, but the organizers had the foresight to postpone until Saturday which turned out to be a beautiful day.

There were many spectators watching along the parade route.  The parade included all the Marion Firefighting equipment, much to all the children’s delight as well as tractors, antique cars, some very unique and adorable floats, local marching bands, and even some go-carts.

The tri-town really all came together to populate the parade and there was plenty of candy to be had for all the waiting children along the parade route.

The Marion horse show is a time-honored tradition in its 67th year.  The location at Washburn Park is a beautiful outdoor arena where the horse-showmanship and judging take place.  The local talent and horses are amazing.  It was a beautiful day to pull up a chair and watch the horses and their riders go through their paces.  The horses were dressed up in their Fourth of July Finery with one even sporting an Uncle Sam beard.  It truly was a day to remember.

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The Ins and Outs of Home Inspections!

house no frameA Home Inspection is an objective, visual examination of the structure and systems of  a house by a licensed home inspector  from the foundation to the roof.  The home inspector will check the foundation, basement, structural components, roof, walls, heating system, plumbing and electrical systems, insulation, and even appliances.

Buying a home is a huge investment.  To minimize surprises, it is your right to hire a home inspector  to check out the house.  He will point out repairs you may need, maintenance issues and maybe even a defect you were unaware of.   You usually have ten days to have your inspection done after you sign your purchase and sale to make sure there are no issues with the house that you were unaware of.  If something major is found, you will have the opportunity to bring it up with the seller to make repairs or perhaps renegotiate the price.  After a home inspection is not a time to renegotiate over items that were present when you put your offer in, but rather if something comes up that you were unaware of  at the time of your offer.

If you are selling a house, a home inspection can give you the opportunity to make repairs that will optimize your chance in selling your home.

Home inspections can run anywhere between $500 to $1000 dollars.  You may choose to add other inspections such as termite or pest as well as water which could run you more.

A home inspection is not a test, but rather a way for you to  better know the house you are buying.  It is a good idea to be present and follow your inspector around to hear what he has to say as he examines the house.

Where do you find a home inspector?  Your real estate agent can suggest a home inspector for you to use or you can contact the American Society of Home Inspectors for a list of home inspectors in your area.

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Summer is a Great Time to Purchase a Home!

451 Neck Road Rochester MARealtor Magazine is reporting that buyers are saying that summer is the best time to purchase a home,  according to the latest Prudential Real Estate Consumer Outlook Survey.  The Spring Momentum is predicted to carry into summer.

Seventy-seven percent of 2,500 surveyed reported having a favorable view of housing, a 12- point increase from one year prior.

Nearly 70 percent of those surveyed say they are committed to buying or selling a home now, a six point increase from 2013.

Home valuations remain attractive and mortgage rates are still near historic lows.  We are seeing more optimism and enthusiasm after the brutal winter market.  As more homes come to market and lenders ease their stringent underwriting guidelines, we anticipate busy times ahead in real estate.

The survey also found that sellers are optimistic  about putting their homes on the market and with a lot of potential buyers ready to look, there could be competition for existing homes this season. 

Buyers are also planning to look for a house soon before the interest rates rise.

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Borders and Ground Covers!

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What makes a house look distinctive and special beside the house itself?  Landscaping!  While many people hire professional landscapers to make their yard look unique and special, there are many perennials  you can plant yourself to accent your house.

Perennials will come back year after year with little effort.  Some do spread, so you may want to plant them a little away from other plants.  Some great perennials to plant which do not spread too much and provide great color are astilbe, lupines, peonies, columbines, and folxgove.  Most of these come in different colors.  You may want to check when they flower so that you have color all spring and  summer long.  For example, lupines usually bloom at the end of May into June, while astilbes are a July bloomer.  You can also plant perennials that bloom in August such as helianthros to keep your gardens always in bloom.

There are also lots of bulbs to plant which will come up every spring, such as tulips, daffodils, crocuses, etc.  This will give you early color starting as soon as the end of March depending on the weather.

Some perennials which are beautiful but do spread are coreopsis, hydrangeas, helianthros, bee balm (tall or short), irises, lilies , hostas and lamb’s ear.  They are beautiful and come in different colors and bloom at different times.  Just keep  in mind that they will spread and you may have to thin them out here and there if they start taking over your flowerbed.  You can always transfer them to another area that needs a little color.

Keeping everything weeded and mulched will really bring out the beauty of your gardens and make your yard pop!

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