Old Rochester Regional High School Softball

Softball team seeks victories as senior pitcher returns

By Andrea Ray | Apr 30, 2018



Photo by: Andrea RayOld Rochester senior Ashley Soares winds up for a throw during an April 30 game against Dighton-Rehoboth.

MATTAPOISETT — With senior pitcher Ashley Soares back on the pitcher’s mound, Old Rochester varsity girls softball coach Don Dibiasio is hoping for—literally and figuratively—blue skies ahead.

“This weather is something else,” he said on April 30. A spitting rain fell as the team faced off against Dighton-Rehoboth. “We’ve been rained out quite a few times.”

April 30 marked Soares’ return to the pitcher’s mound—she was out with an injury for several games.

“Before [Soares] came back, I was playing a freshman pitcher,” Dibiasio said. “She was good, but she doesn’t quite have the experience that [Soares] does.”

With the younger pitcher on the mound, the team’s 2018 record was three wins, four losses. In the April 30 game, Dighton Rehoboth cruised to victory, 5-0, against the Lady Bulldogs.

Soares’ first game back might’ve been a loss, but Dighton-Rehoboth is always a tough team to beat, Dibiasio said. “[Soares] has been around for a long time, having her back will definitely make a difference in the future.”

The team’s ultimate goal, he explained, is to win 10 games, which will qualify the team to compete in the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association’s (MIAA) state tournament.

“Of course we’ve lost a few games this season, which means we need to beat some really good teams for a shot,” he conceded.

This year is also the year, Dibiasio added, to start solidifying new talent on the field.

“I have a few freshmen who are coming along well,” he explained. “I have a freshman catcher, freshmen outfielders. I have two freshmen pitchers, that’s huge. I have the opportunity to train them now, and then have three more really excellent years where those players will already be veterans.”

ORR Students Declare Learning Priorities

Stress relief, making friends: Students declare learning priorities

By Andrea Ray | Mar 23, 2018



MATTAPOISETT — When it comes to answering the question, “What shall we learn today?” Old Rochester students say it’s stress relief—amongst other things of course.

When it came to implementing new learning strategies for the next school year, Old Rochester Regional district administrators went straight to the source and asked students what they want to learn.

In a new learning strategy in the tri-town adopted by members of the Joint School Committee on March 22, priorities include learning stress management, how to make friends, and how to solve problems that are close to home.

It turns out that for students between grades 5-12 in the tri-town, social and emotional help is a priority. “That means helping them learn methods to deal with stress, with how to socialize and make friends,” Assistant Superintendent Elise Frangos said.

The second priority for students, meanwhile, is learning about cultural connections: diversity, different cultures and student heritage.

When it comes to direct classroom learning, students reported that they wanted “authentic, hands-on” projects to work on, and a clear, fair grading system.

Students are also looking for support in specific areas. In what she described as a surprise, Frangos explained that 370 students said they wanted to become better public speakers.

Students weren’t the only people queried, though. Parents, especially of middle schoolers, had their own ideas of what their children should be learning.

Both parents and students agreed that mindfulness and stress management are important skills to study. Parents also want to see their children learn planning and time-management skills, and to see schools prioritize science, technology, engineering and mathematics education.

“So,” Frangos said. “How do we synthesize all those wants and needs into a plan that honors the responses we received?”

In the future, the school district will be implementing “Project and Problem-Based Learning.” The learning strategy, Frangos said, is something that already happens often in the district.

In project-based learning, students work in teams to solve questions, often that have local and realistic value. “It would be like asking students how to fix water run-off in the tri-town,” Frangos explained.

She added that because the learning strategy is based on teams giving presentations, the students will gain valuable public speaking, research and teamwork experience. “It really prepares students for the workplace or a university.”

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Nor’easter Riley Causes Havoc on the Southcoast

The weekend was a particularly trying time for the Southcoast and Cape Cod as Nor’easter Riley slammed into the area on Friday.  The rain was constant and the winds were howling all day long as well as on Saturday.  By Friday night, power outages were through the roof and trees and wires were blocking many of the roads throughout the area towns.  Just trying to get home on Friday night was a challenge.  Most of the roads were blocked and trying to get anywhere involved huge detours and driving by scary looking downed trees and wires.

With the saturated ground, trees went over by their roots landing on vehicles, houses, and buildings.  The police and fire departments in area towns worked overtime putting out fires, cutting up trees to make roads passable, moving wires, pumping out flooded basements and a myriad of other emergencies.

Facebook was full of frustration for  days without power, updates on the storm and outages, as well as people helping each other to cut up trees, check on elderly neighbors, pumping out basements, lending out generators, offering food, shelter, showers, and heat to those without.  

All this truly shows the special BOLDTowns we live in and our special communities where people care about their neighbors and town.  The site of the Eversource, Verizon, and various company trucks, (who came out to help) were a welcome site and power is still being restored as we speak.  To towns that had almost 100% power outages and the number continues to drop.  Eversource is hoping to have everyone restored by Wednesday or hopefully sooner.  We all gave a cheer as the bucket trucks approached our homes, knowing we would finally have power on.  Huge shout out to all the dedicated, police, fire, and energy workers working 24/7 to keep everyone safe and back on the grid.  People helping people is what it is all about!  Makes you truly appreciate your lifestyle and that morning cup of coffee.

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BOLDtown is Out in Your Community with Kindness Rocks

BOLD Moves Real Estate is out in your community.  It’s all part of their BOLDtown Kindness Rocks initiative.  BOLD Moves is your local real estate agency.  Our agents live and work in the communities they serve.  It’s all a part of BOLDtown.  We are your community experts.  We want to take the stress out of your real estate journey.

BOLD Moves agents have been busy painting Kindness Rocks with inspiring messages.  Valentines Day was a great opportunity to get out in the communities and spread some Kindness.  The rocks were placed in many public spots throughout BOLDtown.  Check them out!  If you find a Kindness Rock with the BOLDtown logo, log onto Facebook and let us know.  Feel free to spread the Kindness and put the rock in a new spot or simply leave and enjoy the message.  Let’s spread Kindness.  It is desperately needed in our world today.

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Girls Hockey Qualifies for First Championship

Shoot and score: hockey team qualifies for first championship

By Andrea Ray | Feb 12, 2018


Photo by: Andrea Ray
Goalie Megan Nolan, a student at ORR, tries to block the play of fellow ORR student Elsie Buckley.

After eights years, the Bourne/Mashpee/Wareham/ORR girls’ ice hockey team is making headway into the game—the team qualified for its first South Coast Conference (SCC) championships this year.

“Yes, this is the first year we’ve qualified,” said the team’s head coach, Kristyn Alexander, as players went racing by her at Tabor Academy’s Travis Roy Ice Rink on Feb. 11.

“It’s really exciting to make it to the SCC,” said junior Old Rochester student Chelsea Peterson, of Rochester. “We’ve never been before.”

“Yeah, usually we’re the underdog,” added fellow student Elsie Buckley, also of Rochester.

Peterson started playing ice hockey around the age of three. Buckley, like so many others in Rochester, got her start skating on cranberry bogs.

Fellow player Kaitlin Kelley, an Old Rochester student from Wareham, said she had a choice. “I was playing gymnastics, and my brother was doing ice hockey. I had to pick one, and I chose hockey.” She’s been playing ever since.

Head Coach Alexander has been with the team since it began; Old Rochester Regional High School players joined the team three years ago.

The teammates say the best part of being on the team is getting to meet people from other schools. “We don’t all go to the same school,” Peterson explained, “so it’s really nice to meet people from other schools and make new friends.”

Players are capitalizing on a banner year; they also took home the Canal Cup earlier this year.

The playoff game is a traditional face-off between the Bourne/Mashpee/Wareham/ORR teams and Sandwich’s ice hockey teams. Both teams are headquartered at Gallo Ice Arena in Bourne.

“The boys’ rivalry has been going for awhile; the original Canal Cup started years ago,” Alexander explained. “The girls’ teams started playing four years ago. We won the first edition, then lost the next two, and now we’ve won again.”

That’s thanks to great plays in the net by the team’s goalies, Alexander said. “A lot of the times they’ve kept us in the game.”

The hockey team will play its next game against Scituate at Gallo Arena in Bourne, on Wednesday, February 14.

Bourne High School’s Avery Hathaway is all business during practice. (Photo by: Andrea Ray)

Abby Ariagno of Bourne faces off against ORR student Madison Guinen. (Photo by: Andrea Ray)

The cavalry is coming! ORR student Meg Berg leads players as they run suicide drills near the end of practice. (Photo by: Andrea Ray)
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Kindness Rocks at BOLD Moves

BOLD Moves Real Estate is out in our local communities everyday.  They are your community experts in our BOLDtowns.  The BOLDIES Team is painting rocks in their Kindness Rocks initiative.  Words of encouragement and kindness.  We can all use that.  They are almost done and ready to be placed out in the community.

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Snowy Day in the Tri-Town

snowy day

Today was another snowy day in the Tri-town.  It started out pretty snowy but the buses still came and the kids were off to school.  By 10:00, the snow had ended and changed to a light rain.  With temperatures rising above freezing, the roads are pretty passable and black ice is not an issue, as it was for the last couple of days causing numerous accidents locally.

Snowy days are always particularly pretty in the Tri-town of Marion, Mattapoisett and Rochester, whether it is the lighthouse at Ned’s Point, or the beach in Mattapoisett or a snowy field in Rochester.

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Christmas Tree Pickups

Christmas Tree

Christmas is over and it’s time to take down all your decorations and Christmas tree.  What do you do with your Christmas tree now?  Here are some local town pickup days and times.

Mattapoisett – Christmas trees will be picked up from January 2-12th.  Christmas trees should be placed curbside by 7:00am on the day of your regularly scheduled rubbish pick-up.  Trees are also accepted at the Transfer Station on Tinkham Hill Rd.  Trees in plastic bags or with ornaments will not be picked up.  Questions-contact the Mattapoisett Highway Department at 508-758-4181.

Marion– Christmas tree pick is scheduled for the week of January 8-12th.  Christmas trees should be placed curbside by 7:00am on the day of your regularly scheduled rubbish pick-up.  Trees are also accepted at the Transfer Station on Benson Brook Rd.  Please be sure trees are free of all ornaments and tinsel. Questions- Call the DPW Office at 508-748-3540 ext. 101.

Fairhaven–  Christmas tree pickup will be between January 9th-12th.  Christmas trees will be picked up one day after your regular rubbish pick up.

Monday Pick up day– Christmas trees will be picked up Tuesday, January 9th

Tuesday Pick up day– Christmas trees will be picked up Wednesday, January 10th

Wednesday Pick up day– Christmas trees will be picked up Thursday, January 11th

Thursday Pick up day– Christmas trees will be picked up Friday, January 12th.

Missed trees may be dropped off at the gate at the Recycle Center, 5 Arsene St.


New Bedford– Christmas trees will be picked up the week of January 8th-12th.  Put your trees curbside on the weekday after your trash and recycling collection.  This is the ONLY WEEK for curbside pickup of Christmas trees.  If your usual trash/recycling day is Friday, your Christmas tree will be collected on Monday, January 8th, etc.

If you miss curbside pickup, you can drop off your tree at 3 locations:

  1. East Rodney French Blvd. beach parking lot, between Hudson St. and Seymour St., December 26th to January 11th.
  2. Brooklawn Park, near Pon League Field, enter at Irvington Street, ends January 11th.
  3. Shawmut Avenue Transfer Station, 1103 Shawmut Ave.  Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 12pm-5:00pm and Saturday, 7:30am to 3:00pm.                                                                                                                                               Don’t delay,  get your trees out there for pickup.   Visit and meet our team of community experts.  Find the magic in your BOLDtown.BOLDtown




Santa’s Workshop at ORR

Senior fundraiser brings Santa’s Workshop to ORR

Dec 18, 2017


Courtesy of: Erin Bednarczyk

MATTAPOISETT — The Old Rochester Regional High School senior class hosted a Santa’s Workshop on December 15, to raise money for class activities.

The idea was originally pitched by Class of 2018 president Gabe Shriver, alongside Vice President Rachel Demmer, as a fundraiser for the class. “Plus,” Demmer explained, “it’s a good way to get a little Christmas shopping done.”

Parents dropped off their children at Old Rochester for a night of fun activities, incuding games, movies and crafts. Senior class volunteers were on hand to babysit the children while Mom and Dad searched for gifts. Parents were in turn asked to donate a small fee of their choosing to the senior class.

(Courtesy of: Erin Bednarczyk)

(Courtesy of: Erin Bednarczyk)

(Courtesy of: Erin Bednarczyk)
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Kate Lanagan MacGregor, RASEM President

RASEM PresidentKate Lanagan MacGregor, broker owner of BOLD Moves Real Estate and Agent Rising Real Estate School was installed as President of RASEM, Realtors Association of Southeastern Massachusetts.on Wednesday, December 13, 2017 at the 2018 Installation of Officers and Directors.

  The event was held at The Stoneforge Tavern in Raynham, MA.  It was a great evening with all the local real estate agencies represented.  Steve Medeiros of Keller Williams Real Estate, 2017 RASEM President, was ready to pass on the torch to Kate Lanagan MacGregor.  The passing of the gavel was performed by Paul Chasse, Chief Executive Officer.

 Kate was happy to take on the new role of President and challenged her colleagues to get involved and join a local RASEM committee.  With the support  of her family and her BOLD Moves tribe, it was a great evening of dining and dancing.  Kate is excited and ready for the new year ahead.  She loves every aspect of real estate and is happy to take the RASEM leadership to a new level and serve her real estate community.

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