Tour de Creme

Bonne DeSousa came to BOLD Moves Real Estate on Monday to talk to everyone about the great Tour de Creme.  The Tour de Creme bike event will be held on May 20, 2018.  The Tour de Creme combines a 75 mile bike ride along with delicious stops at some of the best local ice cream shops in the area.  It truly is a community event.  It is a fundraiser for the partnership of the Friends of the Bike Path and the Mattapoisett Land Trust.

Last year there were 150 riders and 3 routes.  They hope to double that this year.  Seven states were represented.  They are always looking for volunteers and BOLD Moves Real Estate will once again be a sponsor and volunteer at the event.

There is a family friendly registration fee and riders are encouraged to raise money for the cause.  There are fun prizes for levels of money raised all in support of the Friends of the Bike Path and the Mattapoisett Land Trust.  Plans are in the works to further expand the bike path and truly connect the Southcoast.

Registration opens on March 15th.  Visit the Tour de Creme Facebook page for more information.

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Nor’easter Riley Causes Havoc on the Southcoast

The weekend was a particularly trying time for the Southcoast and Cape Cod as Nor’easter Riley slammed into the area on Friday.  The rain was constant and the winds were howling all day long as well as on Saturday.  By Friday night, power outages were through the roof and trees and wires were blocking many of the roads throughout the area towns.  Just trying to get home on Friday night was a challenge.  Most of the roads were blocked and trying to get anywhere involved huge detours and driving by scary looking downed trees and wires.

With the saturated ground, trees went over by their roots landing on vehicles, houses, and buildings.  The police and fire departments in area towns worked overtime putting out fires, cutting up trees to make roads passable, moving wires, pumping out flooded basements and a myriad of other emergencies.

Facebook was full of frustration for  days without power, updates on the storm and outages, as well as people helping each other to cut up trees, check on elderly neighbors, pumping out basements, lending out generators, offering food, shelter, showers, and heat to those without.  

All this truly shows the special BOLDTowns we live in and our special communities where people care about their neighbors and town.  The site of the Eversource, Verizon, and various company trucks, (who came out to help) were a welcome site and power is still being restored as we speak.  To towns that had almost 100% power outages and the number continues to drop.  Eversource is hoping to have everyone restored by Wednesday or hopefully sooner.  We all gave a cheer as the bucket trucks approached our homes, knowing we would finally have power on.  Huge shout out to all the dedicated, police, fire, and energy workers working 24/7 to keep everyone safe and back on the grid.  People helping people is what it is all about!  Makes you truly appreciate your lifestyle and that morning cup of coffee.

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Rochester Elections in April

Two races shape up as Rochester nominations close

By Andrea Ray | Feb 22, 2018


ROCHESTER — Rochester voters have two election races on their hands when Town Elections are held on April 11; three candidates are vying for a seat on the town’s Board of Selectmen, while four residents are looking to secure two seats on the town’s Planning Board.

Election nominations closed on Wednesday, February 21.

While the candidates have until Friday, February 23 to officially withdraw from the race, should they decide to do so, Rochester’s current candidate field is official.

Board of Selectmen

Three people are seeking the seat of Selectman Naida Parker, whose term expires this year:

  • Paul Ciaburri
  • Cathy Mendoza
  • David Arancio

Ciaburri is the director of Rochester’s Emergency Management Committee, and recently retired from a longtime career at Moran Towing in New York. Mendoza has a long-term background in real estate and marketing, while Arancio is a Field Safety & Risk Manager at Dellbrook in Quincy, as well as a member of Rochester’s Zoning Board of Appeals and Finance Committee.

Planning Board

The four candidates for two Planning Board seats are:

  • Ben Bailey
  • John DiMaggio
  • Bill Milka
  • David Shaw

Bailey and DiMaggio are incumbents; they are seeking to return to their seats as their terms expire this year. Milka is the owner of Reliable Excavating in Rochester, while Shaw is currently a member of the town’s Cemetery Commission.

In other election news:

Town Moderator Kirby Gilmore, Tree Warden Jeff Eldridge, Board of Health Member Dale Barrows, Park Commission member Kenneth Ross, Water Commission member Michael Conway, Rochester School Committee members Tina Rood and Robin Rounseville, and Old Rochester School Committee member Cary Humphrey are all running unopposed to return to their seats, pending the possibility of a write in campaign.

Neither Noelle Johnson nor May Patricia Ruocco took out papers to return to the Plumb Library’s Board of Trustees. Instead, new candidates Gloria Vincent and Jordan Pouliot will take their seats, unless any candidate wages a successful write-in campaign.

A seat on the town’s Cemetery Commission will remain vacant pending a write-in campaign, as incumbent Veronica Lafreniere did not take out papers to return to her position.

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Girls Hockey Qualifies for First Championship

Shoot and score: hockey team qualifies for first championship

By Andrea Ray | Feb 12, 2018


Photo by: Andrea Ray
Goalie Megan Nolan, a student at ORR, tries to block the play of fellow ORR student Elsie Buckley.

After eights years, the Bourne/Mashpee/Wareham/ORR girls’ ice hockey team is making headway into the game—the team qualified for its first South Coast Conference (SCC) championships this year.

“Yes, this is the first year we’ve qualified,” said the team’s head coach, Kristyn Alexander, as players went racing by her at Tabor Academy’s Travis Roy Ice Rink on Feb. 11.

“It’s really exciting to make it to the SCC,” said junior Old Rochester student Chelsea Peterson, of Rochester. “We’ve never been before.”

“Yeah, usually we’re the underdog,” added fellow student Elsie Buckley, also of Rochester.

Peterson started playing ice hockey around the age of three. Buckley, like so many others in Rochester, got her start skating on cranberry bogs.

Fellow player Kaitlin Kelley, an Old Rochester student from Wareham, said she had a choice. “I was playing gymnastics, and my brother was doing ice hockey. I had to pick one, and I chose hockey.” She’s been playing ever since.

Head Coach Alexander has been with the team since it began; Old Rochester Regional High School players joined the team three years ago.

The teammates say the best part of being on the team is getting to meet people from other schools. “We don’t all go to the same school,” Peterson explained, “so it’s really nice to meet people from other schools and make new friends.”

Players are capitalizing on a banner year; they also took home the Canal Cup earlier this year.

The playoff game is a traditional face-off between the Bourne/Mashpee/Wareham/ORR teams and Sandwich’s ice hockey teams. Both teams are headquartered at Gallo Ice Arena in Bourne.

“The boys’ rivalry has been going for awhile; the original Canal Cup started years ago,” Alexander explained. “The girls’ teams started playing four years ago. We won the first edition, then lost the next two, and now we’ve won again.”

That’s thanks to great plays in the net by the team’s goalies, Alexander said. “A lot of the times they’ve kept us in the game.”

The hockey team will play its next game against Scituate at Gallo Arena in Bourne, on Wednesday, February 14.

Bourne High School’s Avery Hathaway is all business during practice. (Photo by: Andrea Ray)

Abby Ariagno of Bourne faces off against ORR student Madison Guinen. (Photo by: Andrea Ray)

The cavalry is coming! ORR student Meg Berg leads players as they run suicide drills near the end of practice. (Photo by: Andrea Ray)
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Madeleine Lee is Heading to Africa

Mattapoisett student’s service work bringing her to Africa

By Andrea Ray | Feb 01, 2018


Photo by: Andrea RayMadeleine Lee, a resident of Mattapoisett and sophomore nursing student at UMass Dartmouth, is headed to South Africa this fall on a service program meant to aid single-parent families.

MATTAPOISETT — Madeleine Lee learned more than even she expected as a student volunteer in Old Rochester Regional High School’s special education room; the hours spent there led to a mission to be in service to others less fortunate.

After several years of volunteering at Parker Elementary in New Bedford, as well as the city’s Work Education Program, the UMass Dartmouth sophomore nursing student is traveling to South Africa for two weeks to provide aid to single-parent families in need of sustainable income.

Lee marveled at where her early years of volunteering have taken her. “I had no idea that any of this would come out of volunteering in the special education room,” she said. ” The extra shots to go to Africa are worth it!”

She will be joined by three friends from UMass—Brianna Lynch and Sarah Backstrom of Acushnet, and Rebecca Boros of New Bedford.

The group is traveling from May 29-June 11 as part of a program called “Volunteer Eco Students Abroad.” The program was established in 2009, and brings students to areas of the world where charities and other types of aid don’t traditionally operate. The volunteers perform hands-on work to improve infrastructure and sanitation in impoverished areas, and work on conservation issues in those areas.

Lee, Lynch, Backstrom and Boros will spend two weeks in St. Lucia and Swaziland. In St. Lucia, they’ll be building school buildings for children, as well as public kitchens and bathrooms. They’ll also teach basic hygiene to St. Lucia’s children.

“I’m really looking forward to helping build sustainable farming units for the families,” Lee said. “I think that will be my favorite part. It will be something they can use long after we’ve gone home, and it makes them independent.”

In Swaziland, the group will work on ways to help protect populations of the area’s crocodiles and cheetahs. “I saw a photo from another person who went, and they got right up close to the animals. I mean, when else am I going to have the chance to wrangle a crocodile?” Lee laughed.

The service trip will be Lee’s first independent foray out of the United States. “I thought, if I don’t do it now, I never will,” she explained. “I have the resources to go help, so I should go help.”

The students are funding their expedition solely through donations. They have already raised a portion of the money needed through bake sales at local supermarkets, and intend to raise the rest through a variety of different activities. They will be providing the lunch and refreshments at the Mattapoisett Antiques, Vendor, and Craft Fair on February 3, from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. at the Knights of Columbus Hall.

Lee has also set up a GoFundMe account, “My Service Trip to Africa,” at, where she is aiming to raise $2,000.

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Rochester Memorial School Teacher, Student Basketball Game

Rochester teachers beat students 60-56 in annual basketball game

By Tanner Harding | Jan 27, 2018

Photo by: Tanner HardingStudents chase down a loose ball.

ROCHESTER — Teachers at Rochester Memorial School were worried – a 16-year tradition was on the line.

But in the loud, family-filled gymnasium on Friday night, the teachers were triumphant: The sixth-graders were defeated once again.

It was the annual Teachers versus Sixth Graders basketball game at Rochester Memorial. The teachers secured a 60-56 win, despite some moments that were real nail-biters.

“I was a little scary there when they took the lead,” said fifth-grade teacher Scott Huckabee. He joked: “I think something must have happened with the scoreboard there.”

The bleachers were full of students of all grades and their families, and the fans cheered for both sides.

“It’s amazing,” third-grade teacher Julie Cabral said. “It’s a great way to bring the community together. It’s great sportsmanship and great fun for everyone.”

The game raises money for the Nurse Thayer Scholarship Fund, in honor of a former school nurse. High school seniors who live in Rochester and plan to pursue a career in the medical field can apply for the scholarship.


A teacher gets some height on his jump shot. (Photo by: Tanner Harding)

One teacher takes on many students in a drive to the basket. (Photo by: Tanner Harding)

Students congratulate teacher Scott Huckabee. (Photo by: Tanner Harding)

Teacher Julie Cabral chats with students after the game. (Photo by: Tanner Harding)

Scott Huckabee teaches math and science, so he went with pi for his jersey number. “It’s so nerdy,” he said. (Photo by: Tanner Harding)
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Kindness Rocks at BOLD Moves

BOLD Moves Real Estate is out in our local communities everyday.  They are your community experts in our BOLDtowns.  The BOLDIES Team is painting rocks in their Kindness Rocks initiative.  Words of encouragement and kindness.  We can all use that.  They are almost done and ready to be placed out in the community.

Stay tuned for more updates as the rocks are placed out in our BOLDtowns by our team members. and see if you can spot any.  If you turn them over and see the BOLDtown logo, you know you found a BOLDtown Kindness rock.

We can all use words of encouragement, love, and kindness everyday.  At BOLD Moves, we are dedicated to helping take the stress and anxiety out of your real estate transaction and help unknot those knots in your stomach.

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Snowy Day in the Tri-Town

snowy day

Today was another snowy day in the Tri-town.  It started out pretty snowy but the buses still came and the kids were off to school.  By 10:00, the snow had ended and changed to a light rain.  With temperatures rising above freezing, the roads are pretty passable and black ice is not an issue, as it was for the last couple of days causing numerous accidents locally.

Snowy days are always particularly pretty in the Tri-town of Marion, Mattapoisett and Rochester, whether it is the lighthouse at Ned’s Point, or the beach in Mattapoisett or a snowy field in Rochester.

They are all part of our BOLDtown!  We are the community experts in the tri-town and surrounding communities.  We are excited every day to share the beauty of our communities and our BOLDtown.

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Frosty Road Runner Race

Run like the wind (but stay warmer) in Frosty Road Runner Race

By Zachary McMahon | Jan 14, 2018

Courtesy of: Bethany Botelho
Not looking quite so frosty! Runners in the 2017 Frosty Road Runner race, held at Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School, look positively toasty.

ROCHESTER — A blanket and a fireplace aren’t the only ways to keep warm in the depths of winter. An alternative method? Lace up those running shoes and hit the snowy streets for a good cause.

Old Colony Regional Technical High School is hosting an annual Frosty Road Runner Race. Old Colony’s Cross Country team and its National Honor Society are joining together again this year to organize the race which is a fundraiser for both groups.

The race will be held on Saturday, January 27, beginning at 10 a.m. In the case of (more) bad weather, the rain or snow date for the race will be February 3.

This is the sixth year of the Frosty Road Runner Race. Old Colony Cross Country Coach Bethany Botelho typically uses the proceeds to purchase needed equipment for the team’s next fall season.

Botelho would like to eventually give out scholarships from the proceeds of the race, but explained that the funding “isn’t quite there yet.”

The National Honor Society also benefits from fundraising, using their portion of the proceeds to fund community activities and to attend conferences.

Botelho came up with the idea for the Frosty Road Runner Race in 2012. The race ran from 2012-2014, but was not held in 2015.

However, it resumed in 2016 and has continued running ever since. In 2016, the National Honor Society joined the cross country team in organizing the race.

The Frosty Road offers two different runs, a 10.5-mile run course,  and a 5k (3.2 mile) run/walk course. Male and female winners are crowned at the end of each race. Botelho said she is hoping to get 250 participants in the race this year.

As of January 8, there are 13 sponsors for the race, Botelho said, and more are always welcome. The businesses support the race in a variety of ways. Some sponsor or co-sponsor a mile of the race, while others give gift bags to the racers.

Sophomore cross country runner Catherine Ashley noted that the race is “good training during the off season,” for the cross-country team, which is a fall-season sport. Ashley ran the race last year, and said it was “a great experience.” She’s planning to run the race every year of her high school career.

Those who want to run the race are advised to register online by Thursday, January 25. The cost for registration is $25 on or before January 25, but registering afterwards (up to the day of the race), will cost $30.

Both course maps and a link to register can be found on the Old Colony website ( under the “Community” menu, or Frosty Road Runner page, On the page there is a link for registration of the race.

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