Summer 2016.

Real Estate Market Trends for Summer 2016

Real Estate Market Trends For Summer 2016


Real Estate Market Trends for Summer 2016

Another spring is over, another summer just begun. As we head into the warmest months of the year, the real estate market typically tends to cool a bit, following the hottest buying season of the year. But with everything that’s happened in the housing market over the last few years, 2016 may be anything by typical. So let’s take a look at what may be in store for this summer.
real estate market trends 2016

Lack of Available Homes to Purchase Likely to Remain an Issue

As the rental market has continued to heat up over the last few years, a general lack of inventory has slowed sales in many markets nationwide. This has been a primary driver of prices post-crisis, but with prices likely to “normalize” or at least slow their steady climb over the course of the summer, lack of inventory may be less of an issue than it has been recently.

Trouble With Financing for Younger Buyers Likely to Remain an Issue

Millennials, the second largest generation in the history of the United States and the largest living generation, are still having a difficult time making it into the market. Despite their expressed desire to own their own homes, many younger buyers are having trouble getting the funds together to meet the current down payment requirements for financing a home.

This is primarily due to a combination of massive student loan debt, rising rents, and stagnant wages. The federal government may ease some financing restrictions put in place following the recession, but announcements have not been forthcoming.

real estate trends 2016

Rising Rents, Lack of Rental Inventory, and Stabilizing Home Prices

The rental market will most likely continue to heat up through the summer, making rental inventory an even greater issue as home prices continue to stabilize, following a period of significant growth. This will likely provide incentive for a great many buyers who may not otherwise have entered the market this summer.

However, mortgage rates are also expected to continue to climb. This will drive up debt-to-income ratios, especially in areas with the highest home prices, keeping some out of the market for credit issues mentioned above while driving others into the market looking to capitalize on lower rates than they will be able to get for what may be a very long time.

The Bigger Picture

So, what does it all mean? Despite, the challenges to many hoping to enter the market as buyers this year, rising rental rates coupled with moderate growth in home prices and rising mortgage rates should drive a busier than typical summer buying season. However, lack of available homes in some areas will present an issue to many buyers.


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RMS Sixth Graders Graduate


Rochester RMSMemorial School Sixth Graders ended their year on a fun-filled week.  The last week of school for RMS Sixth Graders was filled with many fun-filled activities.

On Tuesday, the sixth graders visited the Mattapoisett YMCA for a day of casual fun activities such as a rock wall.

Wednesday brought the Martha’s Vineyard field trip.  The weather was great for the trip and most parents joined their kids and enjoyed a beautiful day on the Vineyard.

Thursday brought a trip to Old Rochester Regional Junior High to check out their new school for next year.  The cafeteria food was mentioned as a highlight of the day.

Thursday night brought the Sixth-Grade dance.  The students were treated to a wonderful nautical theme for the dance, with pizza, a photo booth and great dancing with DJ MK.

Friday included a great slide show of the students throughout the year and the year ended with Graduation on Monday morning.  Awards were given out and thank yous read by all the sixth-grade students and with a last sad look, they said  “goodbye” to their days at the elementary school.  We wish them all the best at the Junior High next year.

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Agent Rising

Agent Rising Real Estate School Classes

Agent Rising Real Estate School

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ORRJHS Seventh Grade “Survival”

Seventh graders ‘survive’ wilderness trip

By Tanner Harding | Jun 19, 2016

Photo by: Tanner HardingFamily members wait for the seventh graders to arrive.

MATTAPOISETT — The families of 120 seventh graders waited excitedly outside of Old Rochester Regional Junior High on Saturday afternoon. Some had signs while others had balloons. All were waiting to welcome the students back from the 44th annual Survival week.

The students spent seven days in a field in Northfield. Three of those days were spent on outdoor education, such as learning navigation, learning the history of the environment around them and studying the mountains. The rest of the days were spent hiking.

Their first time out of the wilderness in almost a week, the students all seemed to agree on two things: Survival was a lot of fun, and the hiking was really hard.

“We hiked all day,” Jared Achorn said. “We didn’t get a lot of breaks.”

Ultimately, toughing it out is what Survival is all about.

During the hiking part of the trip, “the kids get limited food,” one of the organizers, Rory McPhee, said. “They get an apple in the morning and a cup of soup in the evening.”

But on top of learning wilderness skills and how to go to bed hungry, Survival also serves as a way for students to bond as the school year comes to an end.

“My favorite part was definitely the campfires,” Achorn said. “All the singing, getting to become closer with your friends, the whole experience was cool.”

Survival was started in 1972 by science teachers who wanted to teach students about the local environment. At the time they only went as far as Rochester. That field trip turned into an overnight trip, and continued to grow and evolve. The trip, as it currently operates, is more educational than the militaristic vibe it used to have.

The students were accompanied by 55 chaperones of all ages, including police officers, college students and eighth graders who participated in the trip the year before.

“I would definitely want to come back and chaperone,” seventh grader Carly Drew said. “It was fun.”

The packs the students lived out of for the week. (Photo by: Tanner Harding)
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Fieldstone Farm Market

Walls Up at Fieldstone Farm Market in Marion

Construction  of Fieldstone Farm Market is well underway.  The walls are going up as planned in preparation for a fall opening.  Fieldstone Farm Market, owned and operated by Arnie Johnson of Rochester will offer fresh fruits and vegetables as well as an ice cream window.  Stay tuned to our website for more updates as construction continues.  Arnie is very excited to be bringing a new, customer friendly market to Marion with local and fresh produce.

Fieldstone Farm MarketFieldstone Farm Market


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A Night of ‘Sciencing at RMS’

You don’t need to be of elementary school age to ponder the mysteries of the Universe, such as, which type of gum keeps its flavor the longest: regular or sugar-free? You can still be an adult and enjoy the sensory experience of making a model of a volcano spill and fizz by dumping a packet of Pop Rocks into it. And as Rochester Memorial School students demonstrated the evening of June 6 during the annual science fair, even kids can come up with solutions to global warming.

Meet the RMS students who put their minds together in the name of science to seek the answers to some of life’s most phenomenal phenomena, like Brock, Andrew, and Zack, a trio of second-graders who set out to discover if the flavor lasts longer in sugarless gum or in regular gum.  Brock is the son of Attorney Jake Winslow of Winslow and Associates.  BOLD Moves Real Estate is privileged to have Jake share office space in the BOLD Welcome Center.

“We asked second graders which flavor lasts the longest,” said Brock. Twenty-eight guessed regular, while 27 guessed sugar-free gum. “I was surprised,” Brock said when he found out that it was indeed sugarless gum that kept its flavor the longest.

Andrew thought it would be sugar-free, he chimed in, satisfied that his hypothesis was correct.

Just across the way, second grade student Madison Detrani was carefully pouring baking soda into the kortous (top) of a model volcano, and mixing vinegar with red dye and pouring it in. Next, she delighted in emptying a packet of cherry Pop Rocks into the mix to release a sizzling solution of fizzing lava down the sides of the volcano.

“It (the Pop Rocks) makes it have a bubbling sound,” Detrani said.

Strolling through the cafetorium, one passed an abundance of ‘sciency’ secrets solved, as well as how the groups came up with the conclusions to their provocative questions. Can eggs bounce? (Yes, gently). What solution is best for keeping an apple slice from turning brown? (Lemon juice).

Blake Gagne, second grade, took another approach to his science project, setting out to solve one of the world’s most pressing problems: saving the world from global warming.

Gagne explored the way animal flatulence creates methane gas that, in turn, contributes to climate change. He thought up a good way to effectively capture that methane gas before it escapes into the atmosphere. His preferred method was a “methane-capturing device” – a diaper, essentially, filled with coffee grounds.

Gagne displayed a photo of a cow wearing a crude form of a diaper, and he tested the method with his own dog, Chloe. He spent four hours observing his dog with her methane-capturing device tied around her bottom to capture her occasional bursts of methane. He not only tried filling it with coffee grounds, but he also tried charcoal, and found that both likely would do the job okay.

Chloe, Gagne said, was indeed very cooperative, and likely earned him a prize in the Science Fair.

“This is phenomenal,” said RMS Principal Derek Medeiros. “This is the epitome of hands-on learning. This is what kids can get passionate about … and it’s great.”

By Jean Perry

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La Salle Beats Moses Brown

          D-I boys lacrosse: La Salle beats Moses Brown, takes home 5th straight state title

 La Salle captain Michael Dignan (3) is rushed by his teammates as he holds up the Rams' championship trophy.KRIS CRAIG / The Providence Journal |
 La Salle captain Michael Dignan (3) is rushed by his teammates as he holds up the Rams’ championship trophy.
    • By Bill Koch
      Journal Sports Writer

      Posted Jun. 6, 2016 at 9:27 PM

      PROVIDENCE — The unsettling proposition for the rest of the state’s boys lacrosse ranks?

      This could have been the season La Salle Academy was vulnerable.

      Starting just two seniors and graduating Duke-bound All-American Joe Manown, the Rams’ four-year R.I. Interscholastic League Division I title string seemed a difficult one to extend. Perennial powers like Moses Brown and Bishop Hendricken figured to provide the usual stiff opposition on the way to the season’s final weekend at Brown University.

      That’s what made La Salle’s performance throughout 2016 all the more impressive, including Monday’s title matchup at Stevenson-Pincince Field. The Rams took home the crown yet again thanks to a thorough 7-1 victory over the Quakers, as La Salle led wire-to-wire and pitched a shutout over the final 40 minutes.

      Drew Edwards claimed most valuable players honors thanks to his five goals and goalkeeper Nick DiMuccio was sharp when called upon, stopping seven of the eight shots he faced as the Rams cemented a top-30 national ranking with a perfect season.

      “I don’t like to call it dominance,” La Salle coach Steve O’Donnell said. “I just think it’s an intended consequence of working hard. That’s the best way to describe it.”

      Edwards needed just 17 seconds to put La Salle in front, and there was no late drama forthcoming like in last year’s 9-8 finals thriller against the Quakers. The Rams methodically added to their cushion with three more Edwards goals in the third quarter and possessed the ball enough in the fourth to prevent Moses Brown’s attackers from ever mounting a charge.

      “They were playing me with a (short pole) and I usually have a long pole on me,” Edwards said. “My teammates did a great job finding me and I was able to find the net.”

      La Salle (14-0) picked up right where it left off in a 20-2 semifinal win over Barrington, as Edwards raced down the middle and fired a shot past Moses Brown keeper Sam Alofsin just after the opening faceoff. The Quakers’ response after winning the ensuing faceoff was to go into a prolonged stall, holding the ball behind the Rams’ cage and earning some jeers from the capacity crowd that filled the bleachers.

      Moses Brown’s fears proved justified after an eventual turnover, as Matt Manown sped the other way and doubled La Salle’s lead almost immediately at 4:14. Evan McGreen’s lefthanded rip from out high made it 3-0 and goals exchanged by Quakers’ attack Brit DeFeo and Edwards ushered in a combined 13:13 scoring drought into halftime.

      “If they got ahead early and they just held the ball there was nothing we could do,” Edwards said. “Getting that lead made them go to the net and our (defense) is great, too.”

         Moses Brown (11-4) fell short against La Salle for the fourth time in five years despite a 17-9 semifinal rout of the Hawks. Eight underclassmen in the starting lineup should have the Quakers in strong position to reach the final again next season and take another crack at what is becoming the state’s lacrosse dynasty.

      Manown and Mike Dignan — both midfielders — served as co-captains and join their fellow seniors among just the second graduating class to exit with four championships at the state’s top level. O’Donnell expects La Salle to reach the same heights next season, with another group of leaders already willing and able to step in.

      “We have freshmen, sophomores and juniors now who will take the lead,” O’Donnell said. “We lose a lot of seniors, but we do every year. It’s just a program. It’s a great culture. I hope it stays this way forever.”

      LA SALLE (7): Drew Edwards 5, Matt Manown, Evan McGreen; assists — Connor Severino, McGreen, Manown. MOSES BROWN (1): Brit DeFeo. Halftime — LSA, 4-1. Saves — Sam Alofsin, MB, 7; Aren Olsen, MB, 0; Nick DiMuccio, LSA, 7; Travis Pereira, LSA, 0.

      — bkoch@providencejournal

      BOLDIES Laura Severino’s son Connor is a member of the La Salle Lacrosse Team.

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    Graduation Day in Southcoast Massachusetts


    It’s Graduation time in Southcoast Massachusetts and many schools held their graduation ceremony this past weekend.  Saturday’s weather cooperated for area outdoor ceremonies and was a beautiful sunny day.  The schools that opted for graduation on Sunday did not fare so well.  Sunday brought with it drizzle and showers and rain by the end of the day.

    Here is a list of area graduation dates for local high schools and colleges.

    UMass Dartmouth held their ceremony on Friday, May 13th

    Bristol Community College: Saturday, June 4th

    New Bedford Voke: Wednesday, June 1st

    Wareham High School:  Friday, June 3rd

    Old Rochester Regional High School, Saturday, June 4th

    Bishop Stang High School:  Saturday, June 4th

    Fairhaven High School:  Sunday, June5th

    Old Colony Voke:  Sunday, June 5th

    Dartmouth High School:  Sunday, June 5th

    New Bedford High School:  Thursday, June 9th

    BOLD Moves Real Estate was proud to share BOLDIES Sarah Holick’s son Aaron Holick graduating from BCC and Tracey Lee’s daughter Maddie Lees from ORRHS.  Great job and good luck.

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    Agent Rising

    Agent Rising Real Estate School Review


    Have you thought about becoming a real estate agent?   Now is the time to make that dream a reality!  Agent Rising Real Estate School is starting a new workshop on Monday, June 6th from 5-8pm.   Classes are held Monday and Thursday nights from 5-8 pm.   Classes are fun and informative.  Agent Rising gives you all the tools you need to pass the real estate test and start your career as a real estate agent.  Listen to Gina, a recent student who just passed her real estate test.  Congratulations Gina!

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    Agent Rising Real Estate School

    Memorial Day

    Memorial Day in the Tri-town

    Memorial Day in the Tri-town.  Rochester held their Annual Memorial Day Parade on Sunday. Rochester fared far better with its Memorial Day celebration than Marion and Mattapoisett did on rainy Monday. Sunday, May 29, was a great day for a parade, warm and sunny. At the Town Hall,  the names of the fallen soldiers were read aloud and the Rochester Memorial School Band played patriotic songs before heading out for the parade. Rochester’s oldest living veteran, Hormidas “Butch” Boucher, was honored as well. Bouchard is 97 and a submarine veteran of World War II.

    Mattapoisett was not able to hold their traditional Memorial Day Parade on Monday due to the heavy rains, but remembered the veterans with an indoor ceremony at Center School’s gymnasium.   The theme of this year was honoring World War II Veterans, although all veterans from the Civil War to the present day were honored.  Florence Eastman Post 280 American Legion hosts the annual celebration and Legion Commander Michael Lamoureux was the Master of Ceremonies.

    Marion continued its 84 year Memorial Day tradition.  The Benjamin D. Cushing VFW Post 2425 members led groups of scouts and residents to the cemeteries in Marion to plant flowers at all the graves of departed veterans.  This year was met with sadness, since VFW Post 2425 will most likely be dissolved by next year.  The community as well as the Marion Recreation Department and the Marion Firefighters’ Association stepped up to show their support and have pledged to carry out the tradition in the coming years.  Each veteran’s grave will continue to receive a flag and a flower every Memorial Day.

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