BOLD Day Challenge

BOLD Day Challenge

BOLD Day Challenge

BOLD Day Challenge Update.

The BOLD Day Challenge is on Day 334 with 31 days left until the end of the year.  It has been a huge success at  the BOLD Welcome Center.    Everyone has been consistently sending out Thank You, Birthday, Gratitude, Inspiration, etc. just to name a few.  There has been a great reception and feedback on the cards.  Many have heard back from their recipients with kind words of how the cards brightenend their day and they were touched by the gesture.

The Challlenge is far from over.  Kate Lanagan MacGregor challenged everyone to up their game recently and catch up if they were behind or simply add to their list with hand designed BOLD Move Thanksgiving cards by BBM.   BOLD Moves Real Estate sent out over 2,000 Thanksgiving Cards to friends, family, clients and colleagues in the past two weeks.  All the BOLDIES took the time to sit and personally sign the cards going out to give them a special touch.

The enthusiasm was catchy too.  Over 700 gratitude cards were sent out from the BOLD Welcome Center in the month of November alone.  With the holidays just around the corner, the month of December promises to be a blockbuster too.

The Feedback and benefits has been so great, that the BOLD Day Challenge will continue through the new coming year.  Find out how you can join the BOLD Day Challenge and change your life for the better.

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forever Fit Reunion

2nd Annual Forever Fit Reunion

forever Fit ReunionBesides cooking and watching the Macy’s Day Parade, what else is there to do on Thanksgiving morning?  How about a Forever Fit Reunion Yoga- Step Aerobic Workout.  Kate Lanagan MacGregor once again led us in a Thanksgiving morning workout at the BOLD Welcome Center.  It was a smaller crowd than last year but nonetheless was a great workout.  Starting at 7:30 am and broadcast live on Periscope for everyone to join in.

Periscope is a great App to watch live broadcasts and streams in real time.  They are available for 24 hours after if you miss the live stream.

It was a great way to start the day and we were home by 9:30.  It sure made you feel better about indulging in all the great treats Thanksgiving has to offer.  It was a great day start to finish with family and friends.

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Winter Farmers’ Market

Winter Farmers' Market

Visit the Old Rochester Winter Farmers’ Market for all your local goods and produce all winter long.  Support your local farmers and growers.

Vendors Include:

Amir’s Natural Food- A variety of hummus, tabouli, bulgar wheat salads, falafel, baba ganoush, pita breads, spinach pies, and cucumber salads.

Carberry Kitchen- With pumpkin in season we have lots of Pumpkin Peanut Butter Treats! Made with local, organic pumpkin.

Cervelli’s Farm- Winter Squash, Carrots, Cranberries, Sparkling Cider and Apples.

D’Lectables- D’s will have; Coffee Cake, Brownies, Cookies, Granola Bars, Granola, Dinner Rolls, Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Bread

Foss Farms- Homemade Spaghetti Sauces.

Hearth Artisan Bakery- Fresh baked breads.

Lowly Bookworm- Artwork made from recycled folded books.

No Joke Smoke BBQ- This week NJS Bbq will have our full cast of Fall Flavors: Cranberry Smooth – That’s a Spicy Pear – Boozy Apple & Brown Sugar and our Signature Sauce, Saweet Heat! Along with our newest spice rub, “The Missing Link”. We will also be serving some good homemade eats.. Come on down to see what’s cooking!?

Omega Olive Oil- Natural Olive Oils and Vinegars. Start your x-mas shopping with decorative wrapped Olive Oils.

Patty’s Patch/ Peter’s Cranberries- Cranberries, Winter Squash and Apples, Honey and Farm Fresh Eggs.

Pies by Moira- I’ll have with me Old Fashioned Apple Pies, Apple Crisp Pies, Deep Dish Pumpkin Pies, Wild Maine Blueberry Pies. I’ll also be taking orders for Thanksgiving Pies and will have flyers available.

Running Brooke Vineyards- A variety of wines from the local vineyard grapes, keeping it local.

SEMAP will be at the market this week with Local Food Guides, Buy Fresh Buy Local Bumper Stickers, Fall CSA listings, and other great information about local food!

Sippican River Farm- Sippican River Farm will be back again to help keep you warm and cozy with our Alpaca products.  Hand crafted and machine made, Hat’s, scarves, gloves, mittens, socks, yarn, dryer balls etc.

Skinny Dip Farm- We will have a great selection of certified organic veggies: salad greens, kale, chard, cabbage, brussel sprouts, broccoli, winter squash, sweet potatoes, potatoes, carrots, beets, radishes, turnips, parsnips, onions, shallots, garlic, leeks and more! Come stock up for the next few weeks, and for Thanksgiving! Winter vegetables store very well!

Smackadoodles- We will have our Org, Choc Pecan Pie, Caramel Apple Pie, Mornin’ Scrambler (Egg, Bacon, Ham, Sausage, Cheese) & will be bringing the microwave to serve warm.

Solar City- Ways to save on your electricity bill

Sweet and Salty Farm- We will be there with our yogurt, grass-fed veal, and cheese. We’re excited to introduce a brand-new cheese with a soft, thin rind and a fresh, creamy interior. We’ll also have our Peach Fuzz, a washed-rind cheese that’s aged for 6-8 weeks. Our Plain Whole Milk Yogurt is also especially thick and creamy this time of year as the cows graze the fall grasses.

Terry’s Tasty Treasures- Strawberry and peach sweet jam. Green tomato salsa. Hot pepper jellies: Blueberry, raspberry, peach, habanero gold, red pepper habanero, cranberry habanero, garlic, onion, strawberry blush wine and apple.

What’s from the Earth- Hand made all natural aluminum free deodorants, petroleum free muscle rub, chapsticks, infinity scarves, and incense. Also fresh grown peagreens when the weather permits.


Wyandotte Farm- Wyandotte Farm will be offering: Fresh chicken, duck, & eggs, from the Farm From the Farm Kitchen we offer: French Meat Pie, Chicken Pot Pie. Chicken Liver Pate’, Pulled Pork, Apple Crisp & more Smith’s Craft Cured Bacon, in Classic, Pepper & Ginger Snap as well as Bacon Mac’n’Cheese. Fresh Local Honey. We will also be featuring our Holiday Take Out & Catering Menu and taking orders for pick up or delivery.

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Thanksgiving Giving

Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is right around the corner and there are many ways to help out in a number of different situations in the area.  The Rochester Cub Scouts already have helped the First Congregational Church of Rochester with filling shoeboxes with much needed items, such as clothes and soap and school supplies to be given out to children in need.  The Cub Scout Families also fill three large cardboard boxes with everything needed to make a great Thanksgiving dinner including gift cards to purchase  a turkey.  These are distributed to three families in the area who can benefit from the generosity.

Here is another way to help.  Visit the Acts 29 Project on Facebook to see how you can help

Blessings Everyone!
As you all know, Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away and we have a LOT left to do of we’re going to prepare over 2,000 meals!! We need YOUR help!
As of right now, we are still in need of turkeys, delivery drivers and mixed veggies. These things seem to be the most pressing right now.
-TURKEYS: must be at least 20lbs, frozen and dropped off to us on Sunday, 11/22.
-DELIVERY DRIVERS: will be responsible for delivering the meals on Thanksgiving Day between 11AM and 12PM. This is a HUGE blessing to both the deliverer and those receiving the meals. It’s only about 5-7 stops, but you’ll be bringing Thanksgiving to those who are alone on that day for many different reasons.

PLEASE consider being part of this amazing ministry! If you’re interested, please let me know so we can connect, get your contact info, and give you all the details.

Thank you everyone for your support and doing your part as The Church!

Click here to connect on Facebook


The annual Thanksgiving Banquet for Senior Citizens in the Tri-Town is being held on Nov. 22, 2015 at the Junior High School.  Students of the Junior High help serve the meal and some meals are even delivered to those unable to attend.    Donations are still needed for the Door Prizes. 

Door Prizes are a highlight of the Annual Thanksgiving Banquet. If you would like to donate, here are some suggestions: Gift Cards – restaurant, grocery store, coffee shop, book store, Wal-Mart, Target, pharmacy etc. (Any denominations are welcomed: $5.00, $10.00 etc.) Pair of Movie Tickets, Winter Hat, Gloves or Scarves, Calendar, Bath & Body Works Gift Set, Holiday Ornament, Box of Chocolates, Box of Seasonal Greeting Cards, Stationary Set, Gift Set of Assorted Teas or Hot Cocoa, Throw Blanket, Scratch Tickets, Yankee Candles, Picture Frames, Small Indoor Plants.

Donations can be put in a gift bag or envelope Please drop off all door prizes at the junior high main office by Friday – November 20th         Thank you for your donation!

These are all ways to help out our communities and help them enjoy a delightful Thanksgiving Holiday.  It will also give you a great feeling inside.

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Real Estate Agents and Thanksgiving

lighter side of real estate logo

6 Things You Shouldn’t Ask A Real Estate Agent Over Thanksgiving Dinner

joe kerouac authorBy Joe Kerouac  |  Read Bio


Via thefallandriseofjohnkearns

It’s probably just making small talk, but there are certain questions people seem to always ask real estate agents at holiday gatherings, cocktail parties, weddings, and even funerals.

So, with Thanksgiving just days away, here are a few of the questions that seem to be commonly asked… and why you shouldn’t ask them.

#1 “You still doin’ real estate?”

I know it doesn’t sound like a horrible question. It probably isn’t a question people think twice about asking… just making conversation.

But it’s essentially saying you never expected the person to make it in the business. Like you’d be somewhat surprised if they say yes.

It also inadvertently suggests that you don’t view it as a true career.

It’s a hard business. It takes a lot to make a go of it. People do come and go quite quickly and often. So it helps when agents feel the love and support of people close to them. And even though this question seems so innocent, it’s also one that cuts kinda deep without anyone even knowing.

I doubt many agents even think twice about this question. But I also bet it affects them more than they are aware.

But it certainly isn’t as bad a question as…

#2 “Why don’t you try and get a real job?”

Being a real estate agent may not be a job in the sense many people are used to. It certainly isn’t one that you just show up to from 9 to 5 and collect a paycheck at the end of the week.

People who are used to a “normal” job probably can’t fathom why anyone would be a real estate agent instead of working for a company that gives them a steady paycheck, vacation days, and sick time.

But being a real estate agent is a career. Again, it is a tough career to succeed in. Agents are often doing everything they can to stay positive and focused.

And if they’re focused, they probably won’t have an answer for the next question…

#3 “What’s your back-up plan?”

At this point, you get it.

Just. Don’t. Ask.

#4 “Do you have any listings that are good deals?”

Probably another question people are just asking to make conversation. But it implies you’d be interested in buying a house, if the agent happened to have a listing that was a good deal.

If the agent has a listing, they can’t (or at least shouldn’t) be telling you it’s a good deal, or help you buy it at a price that’s a good deal. They should be representing their client’s best interest and getting the highest price they can for them.

But this question may just be a matter of not understanding what it means when one asks, “Do youhave any listings…”

Just know that the agent can, and certainly will, help you find a great deal that they are not the listing agent on. They can and will show you listings of other agents, just probably not their own. (Probably better that way…)

#5 “How’s the market?”

This is too broad of a question.

The market is never entirely good, bad, or somewhere in between. It’s always good for some people, bad for others. How the market is depends entirely upon you and your needs and circumstances.

Not a bad question really. But it certainly isn’t one that an agent can or should just answer flippantly. So if you ask it, maybe you should be prepared to get into your specific scenario so they can accurately answer it.

Too many people get flippant answers from agents and base their perspective on the real estate market, and overall economy, on off-handed answers to questions like this.

#6 “How much is my house worth?”

This one goes hand in hand with the one above.

Most agents will have a fairly decent range in mind for what your home is worth if they know the area and know your house.

But I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat with someone to go over an analysis of their home’s value, and then they tell me they were told by several agents that their home is worth “$XXX,XXX”.

When I dig a little bit, it often turns out it was just in casual conversations at a get-together. No analysis was done. A number was just shot out of an agent’s mouth.

It’s funny how often people don’t trust or believe real estate agents. Yet when given a casual answer to what seems like a casual question, a homeowner often holds onto that “value” as if it was absolute truth.

In turn, homeowners often have a false sense of what their true equity is in their home, which in turn directly affects their perception of their wealth and net worth.

The Takeaway

There’s nothing inherently wrong with these questions, but just know that if you want an accurate answer you should ask the agent to truly roll up their sleeves and give you a good analysis and explanation. And that just can’t be done as they pass you the gravy.

Check back tomorrow for a list of really good topics and questions you should ask a real estate agent. You’ll be amazed at how much better of a conversation you can get going with those.

It’s always a good idea to look on the lighter side of being a real estate agent.  Visit  for great tips on real estate and how to start your real estate career.

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ORR Lady Bulldogs Volleyball

ORR Lady Bulldogs End Volleyball Season

Photo by: Georgia SparlingThe Lady Bulldogs celebrate after a playoff win against Hingham last week. The team lost to Notre Dame on Monday after returning to the tournament for the first time in eight years.

According to the Sippican Week

Girls volleyball ends season at state quarterfinals

By Matthew Bernat | Nov 11, 2015

MATTAPOISETT — The Old Rochester girls volleyball team were knocked out of the South Division 2 state tournament following a loss to No. 1 seed Notre Dame. But according to Head Coach Matt Bisso, competing in the tournament was a major win for the program this year.

“To make it this far and play the number one seed was amazing,” Bisso said. “The girls have grown and performed at such a high level.”

In the quarterfinal game, Notre Dame won 3-0 over the Lady Bulldogs. Notre Dame, which won a state championship two years ago, beat ORR 25-12, 25-14 and 25-7 in the three matches.

This year marked the team’s return to tournament play for the first time in eight years.

Bisso said students who joined the team as sophomores worked hard the past few years to improve.

“Every year they gave more and increased the expectations they had for themselves,” he said.

Senior and middle hitter Hayli Marshall agreed.

“We’ve known since we were sophomores that this was a growing program,” she said.

After having endured years where the team earned only one win, players celebrated the season.

“We went through the losses together and now we’ve gone through the wins together,” Marshall said. “We’re really close because of that.”

Looking ahead, Bisso said another core group of players is coming up through the ranks. Hopefully, the team will again be a playoff contender.

“We’re poised to return to the state playoffs,” he said. “And that’s a position we want to be in every year.”

Congratulations on a Great Season!

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ORR Pop Warner Cheerleaders

OR Pop Warner Youth Football Cheerleading Season Ends!

ORR Pop Warner Cheerleaders

“What a season it was! If someone told me in August this group of girls would be .02 away from advancing to Nationals I would never have believed it. While we may not have gotten the results we hoped for I could not be prouder of them or the coaches who got them there. This is a team I will never forget GO BULLDOGS❤ ” Sarah Holick

The OR  Pop Warner Youth Football Cheerleaders ended their season on a positive note.  Even though they were only .02 of a point away from heading to the Nationals at Disneyworld in Florida, The Junior PeeWees came in 5th and the Junior Midgets came in 3rd at the New England Regional Championships in Springfield.

The girls worked hard along with their coaches. and earned first place at previous competitions including the RISMA Championships in Rhode Island.

It’s time to put another year in the books and get ready for next year.  GO BULLDOGS!

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care about your community

Care About Your Community!

care about your communityUnderneath it all, real estate is about relationships and about people believing that you care about them and will do well by them.  What better way to show that then to be involved in your community, allowing people to see that for themselves.  Then, when they come to you about a real estate issue or transaction, they already see you as a caring, involved individual who just happens to be a real estate professional.  It truly doesn’t matter what you choose to be involved in.  You can coach a team, sit on a committee, volunteer at a school, or read to the blind.  What matters is that your neighbors and co-volunteers get to know you and believe in you.
The best part is that getting involved in your community not only makes good business sense, it also makes good personal sense.  Giving of yourself without expectations will make you happier and healthier.  It truly will!  When you help others you really are helping yourself as well.  Try it and see!
Get involved!   You may have an interest or hobby that you can teach to others.  You may have a talent for accounting or designing websites that you can offer to a local non-profit in need.  You may love to rise early, so you could serve breakfast at a church to those in need.  Take some time to investigate what might work with your talents and available time and then dive in!  There are even websites that match volunteers to positions.  Start small, don’t overwhelm yourself, but start.  You will be glad that you did!
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Lady Bulldogs Volleyball

ORRHS Lady Bulldogs Volleyball!

Lady Bulldogs VolleyballFor the first time in eight seasons the Old Rochester Regional girls volleyball team has earned a place  in the state tournament.  They are led by head Coach Matt Bisso. The girls have worked really hard this year and put a lot of time and dedication into the wins.

Although the Lady Bulldogs have played mostly against Division 3 schools this fall, they will compete in the D-2 tournament.

.The ORR Lady Bulldogs pulled off an amazing win last night against Hingham in the first round of the MIAA State Tournament, 3-0. Even the plays that did not render points were outstanding! There was a lot of great team work on the court.  They play Notre Dame Academy in Hingham on Monday, 11/9!

Come on out and support our local ladies!

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family farms, beautiful fall day

Beautiful Fall Day!

It’s a beautiful fall day and the weather is perfect!  The temperatures are unseasonably warm for the fourth day in November.  The skies are brilliant blue with not a cloud in sight.  It’s late in the season but turns out to be a great day to be on a tractor making hay.

This video shows what it feels like to be driving a tractor and tedding the hay.  The implement is called a tedder and basically flips the hay around to dry it.  With an ipod and a little music, it makes for an enjoyable afternoon while getting some farm work done.  A beautiful hawk circled the field as I drove the tractor around looking for any mice or moles to run out from under the hay.  He kept a watch perched on a tree as I circled the field.

The next step is to rake the hay into winnrows for the baler to pick up.  We ended up baling in the afternoon and had it all picked up by 4:00 before the early darkness sets in.

It was a great way to enjoy a beautiful day in Rochester, MA  on the family farm before the cold weather sets in.

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