Why work with a Buyer’s Agent? Why work with us? TWO great questions we hear over and over again! So, let’s tackle each question individually.

First, some vocabulary: (Bear with us; you need to know this if you are serious about buying a house!)

Agent: A party who is authorized to act in the best interests of a principal, and is obligated to place the principal’s interest before the interest of any other parties, including the agent’s own interests- regardless of whether the agency relationship is with the seller of the property or the buyer.

Principal/Client: A party whose interests are to be served by the words and deeds of an agent with or without a contract according to state law.

Customer: A party with a non-agency relationship with another party in a transaction. Duties may be owed to a customer, but not all of the traditional duties owed to a principal/client.

If you go alone (unrepresented) to a house, you have a customer relationship with the realtor that is showing you that property. They owe the majority of responsibility to their seller client. What kinds of responsibilities?!

A customer gets “HARD”- Honesty, Accounting of all money and property received, Reasonable skill and care, and Disclosure of material facts and agency.

A client has additional fiduciary/statutory duties: ”OLD CAR”!

Obedience, Loyalty, Disclosure of ALL knowledge, Confidentiality, Accounting, and Reasonable care and diligence.

We will explain the difference to you when we work with you. Know this: we take these responsibilities very seriously. Why would you go unrepresented when you can have “OLD CAR”?

Some people erroneously think they can save money and bargain because the seller won’t have to pay the buyer agent fee. In Massachusetts, a buyer’s agent is traditionally compensated by the seller, and that seller will be paying the same amount whether or not you have representation. It’s just a matter of how the fee for services is split.

So…someone in your corner protecting you and your interests…at no additional cost to you.Of course you want a Buyer’s Agent!


After reading all that boring information, you may be surprised at our number one reason to work with us: We love to have fun! This should be an exciting time for you; looking at all these houses that you may call home. We try and make it exciting and find humor as we go along. This process can be stressful; with dealing with banks, financing, sellers, etc…we try to bring you back to the thrill of the hunt.

The second reason is experience, training, diligence to all resources, and attention to detail. Many of us have the Accredited Buyers Representative designation and all of us go to training and seminars to stay current in this ever changing environment. We know our markets, and we are flexible to your schedule. We will work for you!

The third reason is SAVINGS. We are teaming up with John Lake of Shamrock Financial, Jake Winslow of Winslow and Associates and BOLD MOVeS to offer you the all new BOLD BUNDLE. We are bundling our services for you; your Realtor, Attorney and Mortgage Professional and offering a special bonus. Please see our special page just for this!

When you become part of our “BUYER” program, we start you off with a bound notebook designed specially for you, which will be your ‘home’ for all the information you will receive in this process. We educate, motivate and participate in the process with you!


Your friends at BOLD MOVeS REAL ESTATE!