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The Power of Home Staging!


Does Staging a Home make a difference in how much someone is willing to pay for a home and how fast it sells?   The National Associatihome.-the-nicest-word-there-is-195x300on of Realtors conducted a Home Staging Profile to see the impact on home sales.

The average amount spent of Staging is $675.

Who usually pays for the Home Staging?   Seller’s agent may offer the service  62% of the time.  Seller may pay before lising in 39% of the time.  Only 10% will have seller pay after home is sold and  3% say the seller’s agent’s firm pays for the Home Staging.

What rooms should be staged?   The number one staged room is usually the Living Room.  Most of the time this is the first room the buyers will see and try to picture their furniture in.  Number 2 is the Kitchen.  Another important room to buyers.  The rest of the rooms follow:  Number 3 is Master Bedroom, Number 4 is the Dining Room, Number 5 is the Bathroom, Number 6 is the Children’s Bedroom, and the last is the Guest Bedroom.

Most Realtors say Buyers are willing to offer more money for a Staged Home as opposed to a similar Non-Staged Home.  The statistics show that 32% feel Staging brings in 1-5% higher offer, 16% thought it brought an increase of 6-10%, 3% thought it brought increase of 11-15%, 1% claim no impact, 1% thought increase of 16-20%, 20% were unsure, and 1% thought it created a negative impact.

Overall, 96% of buyer’s agents say that staging has an affect on some buyers’ view of the home.  Home Staging makes it easier to visualize the property as a future home.  More buyers were willing to walk through a Staged  home viewed online. There was a  positive impact value of a home decorated to buyer’s tastes.  Staging also  makse buyers more aware of home features.  A Staged house will always look more warm and cozy than an empty house.

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This blog was originally posted on on January 28, 2015

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Winter Blizzard of 2015 Is Here!

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The Winter Blizzard of 2015 is upon us!  Are you ready?  The Governor of Massachusetts has declared a State of Emergency and a ban on travel after midnight on all state roadways.  This way plow crews will be able to get the roads cleared without unnecessary traffic.   You could be arrested for driving after midnight so make sure you get where you are going and stay there.    Bridges are expected to be closed after midnight like the Braga Bridge so plan accordingly.

Our area is under a Blizzard Warning. The forecast calls for heavy snow,strong winds and blizzard conditions beginning late tonight and continuing until early Wednesday.  The most severe portion of the storm will be from tonight through Tuesday afternoon.  A total accumulation of 20-30 inches could fall in the New Bedford area.  Also sustained winds from the North/Northesast  of 15-25 mph with gusts of 65-75 mph. There could be white-out conditions.

Be prepared.  There could be wide-spread power outages.

Here are some tips:

Keep your radios and devices plugged in and have extra batteries for your flashlights.

Make sure generators are ready to go.  Never run one inside the house.  They need  air to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

Have extra blankets ready and wood for your fireplace or woodstove.

Have snow shovels ready.  Take it easy shoveling and take frequent breaks.

Have meals prepared that you don’t have to cook in case the power goes out.

Have your car filled with gas.  If the power goes out, the pumps won’t work.

Check on elderly family members and neighbors.  Help them with shoveling and clearing off paths.  Make sure they are warm and ok.

Have some activities for the kids that don’t involve electricity such as board games, crafts, books, coloring or painting activities.

Most of all stay calm and plan on staying in and enjoying some much needed family time.

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According to NAR, Home Prices Expected to Increase Modestly!


The National Association of Realtors sent out a 2014 Realtors Confidence Index Survey to Realtors.  With the rising inventory and the strong price recovery since 2012, Realtors expected home prices to increase modestly in the next 12months,with the median at about 3%.

 First-time home buyers appear to be slowly re-entering the market at 31% from 28% a year ago.

Another plus is the drop in 30-year mortgage rates to about 4% since the middle of the year.

Many buyers are still having trouble obtaining financing but there are some reports that the numbers are improving.

Another bright spot concerns FHA loans.  President Obama is backing lower FHA mortgage insurance premiums.  These will be lowered by half a percentage point, moving from 1.35 percent currently to .85 percent.  This will save borrowers an average of $900 annually.  The National Association of Realtors estimates that a reduction in FHA premiums has the potential to bring in 90,000 to 140,000 additional annual home purchases.

This is all good news making this a great time to sell or buy a home.

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GRNBAR now known as SEMAR!  Greater New Bedford Association of Realtors or GRNBAR approved a name change and now will be known as Southeastern Massachusetts Association of Realtors or SEMAR.  The name change better represents the demographics and area that is covered by the group.

A breakfast was held this morning at the Marriot in Fairfield to swear in the new officers for 2015.  Our own Kate Lanagan MacGregor of Bold Moves Real Estate was sworn in as a director and  Sandy King of Bold Moves Real Estate received her 10 Year Pin!

A great time was had by all!  The Association will now move ahead with a new name and new officers for a great real estate 2015!

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Bold Moves Real Estate Giving Tree!

Bold Moves Real Estate has set up a Giving Tree in their Mattapoisett office.   The purpose of the tree, besides giving the office a festive, Christmas air, is to help local families.  The tree is decked out with ornaments and also gift tags with various gifts which might be purchased for some local families in need.  It’s a great idea to give something back to the community and help brighten someone’s Christmas.

Christmas is  a special time of year but can be difficult for families facing hardship.   Please consider helping out in your community.  There are many programs such as toys for tots which have a great impact on helping those in need.  There are many drop off spots locally to bring unwrapped, new toys.

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BOLDIES Help deliver 100 Turkeys for 2000 Dinners!

100 Turkeys are going to feed 2000 people who are being delivered Thanksgiving Dinner. Additional turkeys will be given to families to cook their own Thanksgiving meal.

This week the BOLD Moves Family assisted in providing turkeys to families in the Greater New Bedford Area through the Acts 29 Project.  Jamie Casey is part of a Group called Acts 29 Project, with this call to action:  ”Please join us as we work together to be the hands, feet and heart of Christ, meeting the needs of the people of the Greater New Bedford area. The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few!” That harvest was plentiful today! We are part of their Facebook Group, Acts 29 Project. Visit them there if you want to donate! Any overabundance will be sent to the Salvation Army! Jamie said that if you want to volunteer with food preparation, show up at Greater New Bedford Vocational Technical High School  Wednesday after 5, or in delivering on Thanksgiving. You can reach Jamie through his facebook page, or we can hook you up!

Service feels good.  It feels good to do good. As we enter into holiday season and you are feeling blue, think of reaching out and helping someone! Both of your lives will be enhanced! Reach out to Jamie Casey of the Acts 29 Project today!

Beyond Bold Media at MAR Conference and Tradeshow!

seacrest1_450x375Beyond Bold Media will be present at the Massachusetts Association of Realtors Conference and Tradeshow at the Sea Crest Beach Hotel in North Falmouth, MA.  The conference will be held on Monday and Tuesday, October 6th and 7th.

The Tradeshow will be on Monday only from 10:30 AM to 6:00 PM. Come by and see what Beyond Bold Media has to offer as well as Destination Southcoast to help you boost your career.    Destination Southcoast can help you with Gratitude Marketing and Reputation Marketing.

Reputation Marketing brings you clients and Gratitude Marketing keeps them.  Beyond Bold Media offers many solutions for your reputation and gratitude marketing needs.

Stop in and pick up some goodies.  Hope to see you there!

Here is the link for more info.  MAR Conference and Tradeshow

or visit us at Beyond Bold Media for more info.

SeaCrest Beach Hotel Old Silver Beach
350 Quaker Rd.
No. Falmouth, MA
October 6th   10:30-6:00

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Bold Moves Marketing Strategies at Trade Show


Find out how Beyond BOLD Media can boost your Real Estate customer acquisition, satisfaction and loyalty by visiting us at the Massachusetts Association of Realtors Conference and Trade Show in Falmouth on October 6. Beyond BOLD Media features Reputation Marketing and Gratitude Marketing to help you attract clients and keep them. Beyond BOLD Media is the creator of Destination SouthCoast, a hyperlocal directory for businesses in southeastern Massachusetts. Any business can post a listing in Destination SouthCoast for free. Beyond BOLD Media’s combination of Gratitude, Reputation, Online, and Traditional Marketing services combine to make outreach and customer service offerings for Real Estate agents and other businesses powerful and entrepreneurial. We work with you to create a strategy that highlights your individual strengths and represents them using the best of timeless quality and 21st century approaches to reaching customers. For more information, contact Beyond BOLD Media at 508-997-8844.