Rochester MA bakery is all gone

Denise Higgins-Reuter  shows the devastation of the Rochester Bakery and Cafe. You can call her at 5089304425 for more information!

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Bank of America video

Very interesting blog from Carol Simmons earlier today.  I found this video on Youtube regarding Bank of America:

contact Laura Severino @ 508-317-8380


I wanted to share some good news from Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist at national Association of Realtors. We will take it!



Friday, November 11th, 2011, 4:12 pm

Gradual improvement in the housing market is expected next year, with existing-home sales edging up 4% to 5% and new home sales getting an even bigger boost off this year’s record lows, the chief economist of the nation’s largest real estate group said Friday.

“Tight mortgage credit conditions have been holding back homebuyers all year, and consumer confidence has been shaky recently,” Lawrence Yun, chief economist of the National Association of Realtors, said. “Nonetheless, there is a sizeable pent-up demand based on population growth, employment levels and a doubling-up phenomenon that can’t continue indefinitely.”

One thing I always say is that we cannot improve the market, but we can improve ourselves. Here at BOLD MOVeS REAL ESTATE, we are constantly trying to improve our trade to provide you with superior service. Please comment so that we can get you in our Information Circuit!


On Ocotber 1, Congress had failed to extend the FHA and GSE mortgage loan limits. They had been set at 125% of the median home price in each county. The new limits will be 115% of the median home price. What does this mean for you, the buyer? In Plymouth County, your limit will go from $523360 to $465450. IN Bristol County, from $475000 to $426650. In Barnstable County, the limit will go from $462500 to $405650. So, our range is a decline from $48,000 to $58,000.

This will effect our Jumbo Loan limits. National Association of Realtors is continuing to attempt to restore the higher limits as quickly as possible. How can you help? Contact your Congress person.

Why is this important to you, even if you don’t have a price in this price range? As the market contiues to soften, we are challenged with keeping our median price of homes stable. We need these higher end homes to infuse some good numbers into our mix. Our funding in budgets statewide and nationwide takes into consideration our median home prices. We simply need the stability. Please make the call or email!

If you have any questions on numbers and email addresses, please contact us and we will help you. Help keep our area strong… and BOLD!

Is the Bear looking for some Real Estate in Rochester?

By now, we have heard of the bear(s) cruising around the area. A black bear has been spotted on Golf Courses, up in trees, and into peoples’ bird feeders. This is their favorite pasttime, it seems! My neighbors, Jackie and George Demers have had several visits to them.

WE will be blogging timely news events  in our coverage towns.   We would like to be the website you turn to when you want to get the real scoop on an area. Please feel free to comment or send us information that should be part of the fabric of the community.

Please send us bear pictures and we will post in the blog. After all, how often do we get a big black bear for a neighbor?! Make it a BEARY BOLD DAY!


Hello everyone! We have been busy preparing our new website for you. One of the things that we want to bring to you is some videos for your to watch to catch the feel of what we want to communicate with you. By clicking on the link, you will see my welcome to you for visiting our website. Please be kind! We are just learning!