Frosty Road Runner Race

Run like the wind (but stay warmer) in Frosty Road Runner Race

By Zachary McMahon | Jan 14, 2018

Courtesy of: Bethany Botelho
Not looking quite so frosty! Runners in the 2017 Frosty Road Runner race, held at Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School, look positively toasty.

ROCHESTER — A blanket and a fireplace aren’t the only ways to keep warm in the depths of winter. An alternative method? Lace up those running shoes and hit the snowy streets for a good cause.

Old Colony Regional Technical High School is hosting an annual Frosty Road Runner Race. Old Colony’s Cross Country team and its National Honor Society are joining together again this year to organize the race which is a fundraiser for both groups.

The race will be held on Saturday, January 27, beginning at 10 a.m. In the case of (more) bad weather, the rain or snow date for the race will be February 3.

This is the sixth year of the Frosty Road Runner Race. Old Colony Cross Country Coach Bethany Botelho typically uses the proceeds to purchase needed equipment for the team’s next fall season.

Botelho would like to eventually give out scholarships from the proceeds of the race, but explained that the funding “isn’t quite there yet.”

The National Honor Society also benefits from fundraising, using their portion of the proceeds to fund community activities and to attend conferences.

Botelho came up with the idea for the Frosty Road Runner Race in 2012. The race ran from 2012-2014, but was not held in 2015.

However, it resumed in 2016 and has continued running ever since. In 2016, the National Honor Society joined the cross country team in organizing the race.

The Frosty Road offers two different runs, a 10.5-mile run course,  and a 5k (3.2 mile) run/walk course. Male and female winners are crowned at the end of each race. Botelho said she is hoping to get 250 participants in the race this year.

As of January 8, there are 13 sponsors for the race, Botelho said, and more are always welcome. The businesses support the race in a variety of ways. Some sponsor or co-sponsor a mile of the race, while others give gift bags to the racers.

Sophomore cross country runner Catherine Ashley noted that the race is “good training during the off season,” for the cross-country team, which is a fall-season sport. Ashley ran the race last year, and said it was “a great experience.” She’s planning to run the race every year of her high school career.

Those who want to run the race are advised to register online by Thursday, January 25. The cost for registration is $25 on or before January 25, but registering afterwards (up to the day of the race), will cost $30.

Both course maps and a link to register can be found on the Old Colony website ( under the “Community” menu, or Frosty Road Runner page, On the page there is a link for registration of the race.

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Gysell Diaz Joins the BOLD Moves Real Estate Team

BOLD Moves Real Estate is excited to announce that Gysell Diaz has joined the BOLD Moves Real Estate team.  Having lived in New England all her life, Gysell has extensive knowledge of the cities and towns of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Let her be your community expert!

Gysell comes from a latin background and is fluent in Spanish. She would love to help and be able to assist those in the Spanish communities as your local Real Estate Professional.

Gysell has worked in the business community as an office manager at a local masonry company and enjoyed working with the public. Excited to change direction in her life, led her to the Agent Rising online Real Estate course.

Gysell is an excellent listener and skilled negotiator.   You can reach  Gysell at

She is excited to be able to assist buyers and sellers, helping them come together and accomplish their real estate goals!

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Congratulations Tara Duclos, ScholarSHARE Winner

Tara DuclosAgent Rising Real Estate School is excited to announce that Tara Duclos of Acushnet is the December SCHOLARshare winner.  

Tara has always dreamed of a career she could be proud of.  Tara has made her way through college with a lot of hard work.  Thinking of a way to put her education and skills to work has led Tara to a real estate career.  She has always enjoyed home life and home improvements and working with people, and feels this is a perfect fit with real estate.

She would like to learn all she can in order to help buyers and sellers realize their real estate dreams and represent them with integrity and honesty.  Tara hopes to build up trust with her clients and work hard to put their needs first.  Referrals are always the basis of a good business, and Tara plans to serve her clients well to ensure they will  send their friends and family her way.  Tara is always learning and staying current with the latest technology and will bring that to her real estate career.

Congratulations Tara! We wish you all the best on your real estate journey.

Are you ready to start a real estate career.  Visit and click on the ScholarSHARE link and see how you can take your online real estate course free of charge.  Tell us your story!

BOLD Moves Real Estate is Your BOLDtown Realtor


~BOLD Moves Real Estate is launching an initiative known as BOLDTOWN.  BOLDTOWN highlights the people, places, and events in the community we serve. We are your community experts and it is our goal to highlight the reasons why we love the towns we are living and working in. We take the stress and headaches out of the home sale process.

BOLDTOWN is one term that represents many different communities and not limited to one zip code or even county, it is a title that all of our agents use when talking about towns they are active in. We are making it a point to communicate what makes our BOLDTOWN unique and special to us, and why serving you is our main goal. We are here for you.~

Let us help you with all your real estate needs and help you to see how our BOLDtown is a great place to live, work, and raise your family.  We are your community experts!

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Christmas Tree Pickups

Christmas Tree

Christmas is over and it’s time to take down all your decorations and Christmas tree.  What do you do with your Christmas tree now?  Here are some local town pickup days and times.

Mattapoisett – Christmas trees will be picked up from January 2-12th.  Christmas trees should be placed curbside by 7:00am on the day of your regularly scheduled rubbish pick-up.  Trees are also accepted at the Transfer Station on Tinkham Hill Rd.  Trees in plastic bags or with ornaments will not be picked up.  Questions-contact the Mattapoisett Highway Department at 508-758-4181.

Marion– Christmas tree pick is scheduled for the week of January 8-12th.  Christmas trees should be placed curbside by 7:00am on the day of your regularly scheduled rubbish pick-up.  Trees are also accepted at the Transfer Station on Benson Brook Rd.  Please be sure trees are free of all ornaments and tinsel. Questions- Call the DPW Office at 508-748-3540 ext. 101.

Fairhaven–  Christmas tree pickup will be between January 9th-12th.  Christmas trees will be picked up one day after your regular rubbish pick up.

Monday Pick up day– Christmas trees will be picked up Tuesday, January 9th

Tuesday Pick up day– Christmas trees will be picked up Wednesday, January 10th

Wednesday Pick up day– Christmas trees will be picked up Thursday, January 11th

Thursday Pick up day– Christmas trees will be picked up Friday, January 12th.

Missed trees may be dropped off at the gate at the Recycle Center, 5 Arsene St.


New Bedford– Christmas trees will be picked up the week of January 8th-12th.  Put your trees curbside on the weekday after your trash and recycling collection.  This is the ONLY WEEK for curbside pickup of Christmas trees.  If your usual trash/recycling day is Friday, your Christmas tree will be collected on Monday, January 8th, etc.

If you miss curbside pickup, you can drop off your tree at 3 locations:

  1. East Rodney French Blvd. beach parking lot, between Hudson St. and Seymour St., December 26th to January 11th.
  2. Brooklawn Park, near Pon League Field, enter at Irvington Street, ends January 11th.
  3. Shawmut Avenue Transfer Station, 1103 Shawmut Ave.  Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 12pm-5:00pm and Saturday, 7:30am to 3:00pm.                                                                                                                                               Don’t delay,  get your trees out there for pickup.   Visit and meet our team of community experts.  Find the magic in your BOLDtown.BOLDtown




Rochester is Winter Wonderland


The storm is over but the cold and the wind are still here.  Looking around at all the trees, they really look beautiful with all the snow still stuck to them.  The sun is out but is pretty ineffective at warming the day up and the wind chills today and especially tonight will be brutal.

Take advantage of the day with the kids to have a little fun, catch up on work, play a few games, or even get out in the snow for brief amounts of time.  A cozy fire and a warm drink can warm up the day.

Just another day in our BOLDtown!  BOLD Moves Real Estate is ready and willing to help you with all your real estate needs whether buying or selling a home.  The cold weather does not stop us!  

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Prepare for Winter Weather

winter weatherPrepare Investment Properties for Winter Weather

Prepare Investment Properties for Winter Weather

By Cameron, The Home Depot

Every smart property owner knows how important it is to protect their investments, especially from damage due to harsh Winter weather. Whether you are gearing up for the Winter months ahead or have already experienced your first snowfall, you need to make sure your property is prepared. Here are a few tips to reduce power bills and ensure protection on investment properties to make life easier during the Winter months.

Avoid water damage

Check pipes at your properties to ensure they are insulated and not showing any gaps. In addition to reducing the frequency of burst pipes, insulation also reduces heat loss and prevents moisture buildup during warmer months. If a pipe does rupture, new quick repair products from brands like SharkBite can speed up repairs and minimize damage if plumbers aren’t immediately available.

Make a conscious effort to observe areas prone to water damage. If leaks are caught in a timely manner, you can save tens of thousands of dollars in repair costs. Install WiFi connected water-sensing devices so you and your Tenants can track leaks in real time. Water leak detectors can also alert you to temperatures that may freeze pipes and humidity that could cause long-term damage.

Another important step in Winterization your investment property is to clean gutters periodically. Incorrectly channeled water can cause severe damage over time, including to the foundation and sheetrock inside. If it is not immediately  addressed, water damage can also lead to mold growth, which is ia health hazard to Tenants.

Also be sure that your “top” weather barrier is in mint condition. Inspect the roof, soffits and fascia boards of your property and check for damage to shingles, nail pops and wood rot.

Keep drafts out

Inspect doors, windows and siding for cracks and holes in your property. Weather stripping and caulking are easy solutions to fill air seals and insulate small gaps. Adding weather seal to doors is a great way to keep the cold air flow out by blocking drafts and dust. Drafts can significantly increase utility bills, so let Tenants know how to identify a problem and tell them to alert you for needed repairs.

Installing attic insulation is a project that pays for itself and is a simple space to improve the comfort and energy efficiency during colder months. Update our property by adding additional insulation with an easy-to-use system that will help significantly reduce heat loss.

Monitor with smart technology

Installing programmable thermostats help save money all year long. WiFi enabled thermostats offer a handy experienced by letting owners and Tenants control the temperature from their smart phones. Smart thermostats can also learn resident patterns  and be programmed  to send updates on extreme temperature alerts and filter changes. These updates will help you make your investment property modern and sustainable, which will impact the bottom dollar in the long run.

Stock up on snow removal tools

Check your snow removal machinery and make sure it is working properly before Winter weather hits. If the blower is outdated or having difficulties, invest in a new one like the EGO 56 Volt Snow Blower, which is quiet and will avoid bothering Tenants and neighbors. Also stock up on snow removal products such as salt and ice melt early in the season as store supplies run low as well as a sturdy and ergonomic shovel to keep walkways safe.

It is imperative to do inspections on your investments regularly. Check for leaks, cracks or insulation problems now, because once Winter weather arrives, property maintenance can be challenging and expensive to fix.

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Blizzard Warning for Southeastern Massachusetts

blizzardSnow is in the cards for our area tomorrow.
The biggest storm of the season is expected tomorrow.  In the last 24 hours, the nor’easter has trended closer and stronger… That means some hefty snow totals and possible blizzard conditions Thursday.

Most of New England will see snow.  The Cape and Islands will start with rain tomorrow morning then flip to snow in the afternoon too, with the risk of a flash freeze when that happens.  This will be an all-day storm with heavy precipitation at times, particularly 7 AM – 7 PM.

Eastern MA is under a BLIZZARD WARNING where 10″+ snow is expected along with gusts 50+ mph.  Visibility will be terrible.  If you have the option of staying home and limiting travel Thursday, that’s the safest choice.  Snow will be heavier and stickier in southeastern MA in the morning where temperatures will be in the lower 30s.  There will likely be power outages from the combination of snow load and strong gusts.

A widespread 6-10″ is the forecast now from central MA to southern NH.  Temperatures there will be colder and the snow will be lighter and fluffier.  That doesn’t mean you’ll pass on power loss… Winds will still gusts 40-50 mph at times.

Stock up on food and water.  Have bottled water on hand and food to last a few days.

Have an emergency medicine bag. Think ahead about which medications you and your family members will need, and which medications you should have on hand in case of emergency. Double check any drugs needed to treat a chronic condition, such as insulin or statins, to make sure you’re not in need of a refill. It’s also smart to keep an emergency kit stocked with acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and Benadryl. Stores could be closed for a day or two.

Stay indoors.  Weather experts recommend you stay inside if at all possible. Driving can be treacherous, and roads may shut down. Stay off the roads so the road crews can plow and keep the roads cleared especially for emergency vehicles.

Watch for frostbite. If you do have to go outside, dress properly. Dress in layers.  Even the warmest clothing becomes ineffective if it gets too damp from absorbing sweat. Be sure to wear a hat and gloves, as the parts of the body most vulnerable to frostbite are the ears, earlobes, tip of the nose, cheeks, fingers, and toes since they’re at the edges of blood circulation. If you experience tingling or numbness, get inside and put the affected area in warm, not hot, water.

Know the signs of hypothermia. If the body’s core temperature dips below 95 degrees, hypothermia could begin to set in. It’s usually marked by shivering, pale skin, and nails turning blue.  Check on your elderly family members and neighbors.

Clear snow carefully. Dress in layers and wear your hat and gloves.  Take frequent breaks and watch your back.  A snowblower may be a good investment.

Power outages are a good possibility.  Investing in a generator may be a good idea.  Fill the tub with water for toilet flushing and dishwater if you rely on a well for your water supply.  Consider having a backup heat source f0r when the power goes out.

Lastly hunker down and enjoy the time indoors to catch up on reading or play some family games.  It will all be over in a day or so.

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What Are Your New Year’s Resolutions?

New Year's5 simple New Year’s resolutions every real estate agent should make

Make sure this year’s goals stick by simplifying them.

Let’s be honest with ourselves. As January approaches, we have every intention of making good on our resolutions. But by February, we’re so buried by the to-do list that reaching our New Year’s resolutions seems about as attainable as riding a unicorn.

Don’t feel bad. Real estate agents are humans like everyone else. Which means there’s a 92 percent chance you’ll epically fail at meeting your New Year’s resolutions.

But this year is going to be different. You’re gaining experience as a real estate agent, you’re crushing your previous sales numbers, and now, you know the secret to making your resolutions a reality — keep it super simple.

The first rule of resolutions is they need to be attainable. The easier a resolution is, the more likely we are to reach it, which makes us feel good about ourselves. And everyone knows confident agents sell more homes.

Get your year off to a productive start by making a ridiculously easy resolutions. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Turn off your smart phone for at least 5 minutes a day

It’s for your own sanity really. For just five minutes a day, whenever you want, turn your phone off — all the way off. Use that five minutes to recall simpler times when only Zach Morris had a cell phone.

2. Get one new lead each week

You don’t have to become a lead machine overnight, but you do need to actively gain leads to grow your business. Any agent with an active Instagramaccount can pick up 52 new followers a year.

3. Post once a week on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

No matter how little value social media has in your personal life, it serves a professional purpose. See above.

4. Get your CE done at least one week before it’s due

Continuing education is a part of the real estate gig. Save yourself stress by getting it done early this year.

Online continuing education courses are now available on all devices. You can work on getting your CE knocked out while waiting on a buyer to tour the same house for the third time.

5. Turn your car into a true mobile office

Practically everywhere is an office when you’re a real estate agent. Your car is basically your mobile office.

Because you already have a mobile plan with unlimited data and hot spotting (right?), make your vehicle even more functional with a laptop steering wheel desk, mobile printer, solar recharger for all the devices and the Handpresso auto espresso machine. Don’t forget to save the receipts for a tax deduction.

As you think about what you want to accomplish in the coming year, go big with your long-term goals, but be realistic about the steps it will take to get there.

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Mattapoisett Town Beach Christmas Polar Plunge

Swimmers brave ice, snowstorm for charity

By Andrea Ray | Dec 25, 2017


Photo by: Andrea Ray A mad dash for the beach after jumping into the December ocean at Helping Hands and Hooves’ annual Christmas Swim.

MATTAPOISETT — It was a frigid Christmas morning, marked by a short but strong snowstorm. The downed trees and choppy waters left several families undaunted, however, as they dove headfirst into the waters at Mattapoisett’s Town Beach for charity.

The 26 swimmers arrived at Town Beach wrapped in down jackets, wool hats and scarves, bathrobes, blankets and towels, often all at once. They paid a $15 fee to swim, the proceeds of which benefited Mattapoisett equine therapy center, Helping Hands and Hooves.

The swimmers agreed that the swim didn’t count unless the swimmer’s hair was wet. Dry hair meant another trek into the ocean.

The air temperature on the beach was a frosty 29 degrees, and the younger group participants shivered as they stripped down to their swimwear and posed for a group photo. Several other swimmers—those out of their teen years—kept their blankets and bathrobes on until the last possible moment.

When the whistle blew, there was a mad dash for the icy waters, followed by shrieks as the cold set quickly in. Almost as quickly as it began, the swim was over and the swimmers scrambled for the shore, only one participant pausing to take a leisurely swim.

Swimmers were met on the beach by friends and family with blankets and hot water bottles—and Santa, who was recovering from a night of delivering presents by handing out warm cider to those emerging from the ocean.

Posing for photos with a hot water bottle and a bathrobe before the swim. (Photo by: Andrea Ray)

The chance to jump into the water is just seconds away—but darn, the air is cold! (Photo by: Andrea Ray)

A smile of relief from one swimmer after finding a warm blanket. (Photo by: Andrea Ray)

(Photo by: Andrea Ray)

Some chilled swimmers, next to a few well-bundled spectators. (Photo by: Andrea Ray)
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